George of the Jungle 2

George of the Jungle 2

George and Ursula now have a son, George Junior, so Ursula's mother arrives to try and take them back to "civilization".

George, now a father, goes to Las Vegas with his own family, where he has to help out his brother. While they are in Las Vegas, Ursula's old beau, and her mother, conspire to keep her in "civilization," while engineering the destruction of George's jungle habitat. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


George of the Jungle 2 torrent reviews

Arivan G (es) wrote: Very smart take on real life events! Look out for the subtle references!

Victor A (de) wrote: O que o primeiro filme no teve, o segundo tem. A crtica contra o governo brasileiro fantstica e tudo que o filme mostra verdade, claro que com personagens fictcios, mas esta a realidade brasileira. Um filme mais maduro que o primeiro.

Louie V (ca) wrote: whats with all the hate? it was pretty good for what it is.. which isnt much :P

Kurt C (jp) wrote: Fun but predictable. I'm probably too old for this one anyway lol.

Sarah E (au) wrote: terrible! we're so self-focused, even a disaster in which over 150,000 lives were lost, the majority of which were not westerners, this movie is about the devastation only from the perspective of westerners. oh, and one token thai. i was really looking forward to this film, but was pretty disappointed.

Max C (jp) wrote: Excellent documentary.

Edgar C (ag) wrote: Watching a race of a snail competting against a plastic bag would have more excitement and more action sequences than this self-indiugent, preposterous drivel disguised as a vampire flick. 4/100

Mattias E (ca) wrote: Herman Yau's mysteriously delayed Rebellion finally surfaces, and while the wait in some ways was worthwile, the end result is however something of a letdown. For a movie that's been in the works for so long, Rebellion seems disappointingly hurriedly patched together, and features a suspiciously righteous stitched-on ending, puncturing the marvellously noirish build up. But thankfully there's a lot of good stuff on the way. Rebellion takes place during one night, a narrative devise that worked great in One Nite In Mongkok and PTU among others, and sets the mood rather effectively here too. Rebellion sadly loses some momentum about halfway through, but Yau soon picks it up for a great dark finale in blood. The setting is perhaps an all too familiar one, but Yau's spin on triad politics is entirely his own, and by employing the usual blend of veterans and fresh faced popstars in the cast, Yau makes these cartoon characters work.

Athena g (us) wrote: I love this moviehelena is so good

Stephen N (fr) wrote: "eat that vomit, dog!"

Leels L (br) wrote: I loved Hedy Lamarr and Judy Garland in this movie.

Juan S (mx) wrote: its still one of the best classic movies