George Washington

George Washington

A delicately told and deceptively simple story of a group of children in a depressed small town who band together to cover up a tragic mistake.

George and his friends grow up in a poor suburb where people must struggle for their life. One day, A tragedy occurs when one of George's friends becomes murderer and they make a decision to hide the body. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex H (us) wrote: Clearly the best of the Dr. Seuss adaptations within recent years. I wasn't expecting it to be a musical at all (and it surprisingly succeeds at it too).

Romn H (ru) wrote: Jajaja Una pelcula de soledad para los das de ausencia

Blake M (it) wrote: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!,!,!,!!

Michael W (it) wrote: Unapologetic one-woman avenging force against the connections who supplied the drugs that caused her sister's heroin addiction. Over the top and larger than life with Pam Grier able to back everything up. A tour de force of the blaxploitation genre.

Dan A (es) wrote: I remember there was a lot of controversy when this was released because people were saying it glorified the Iraq war and basically acted as American propaganda; I don't see that at all. However I do think the material is handled pretty sloppily, there doesn't seem to be any sizable weight behind anything. There are scenes that should deliver hard punches, but the film is erratically paced and cut together that we don't get the time to effectively process what we're seeing. The war segments feel unrealistic, and the PTSD element is an afterthought.

Fagatron P (jp) wrote: You can't go wrong with the stars, even the directing is good. It's just a horrible horrible story. Was it me or what did Jo Ann see in Nick, seriously. But still a good film that could have been great with just a few script changes.