Sadie looks up to her older sister Georgia, a successful folk singer who's happily married with children, but can't break out of the bar-band circuit and hit the big time she desperately covets. It's in part due to her attraction to drugs and booze, and also to her own unwise choice in men. Finally, though, Sadie's Achilles heel is a rough, unlovely voice very different than her sister's crowd-pleasing singing.

Sadie is desperately looking up to her older sister Georgia who is a famous C&W artist. Sadie wants to be a famous artist like her sister, but is always doing everything wrong. Her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Georgia torrent reviews

Brendan M (au) wrote: Few movies haunt me. This is one. Watch both movies to fully experience the story of Chris and RJ.

Cheewai L (gb) wrote: I like "Johnny Mad Dog" better.

Kevin E (es) wrote: This I thought was a very poor film. The stories didnt link well. It had a good cast Tamer, Danny and ray but that didnt help. Seeing it had this lot in it I thought it would be good. If your going to get this because its got these people in it then its not worth it. Oh well all actors have to at least make one bad film in their career.

Al M (it) wrote: A few creepy images and decent cinematography do little to elevate Medium Raw. Badly written, poorly performed, and mostly boring, Medium Raw is a completely derivative, uninspired, and lame piece of serial killer cinema that makes great claims for itself and its aesthetic without ever being able to match them with any kind of substance.

Justin O (jp) wrote: One of De Niro's worst films.

William C (kr) wrote: Last Orders is a British set comedy drama about a bunch of friends who have been asked to scatter their late friend's ashes in the seaside town of Margate. The story is a sober but enjoyable one and although the film is maybe a little dull at times, it still manages to be one of reflection and humour that are very well mixed together. Starring such actors as Michael Caine, Helen Mirren, Bob Hoskins and Ray Winstone, this is one film with a real Crme de la crme of British talent and also one that for some people could be a real highlight.As said I did feel the plot plays out a little boring at moments but it never gets so dragged down in dullness that it becomes bad. The whole tone is never really happy even in the well, happiest of times, something always seems to come a long to make the moment a little sadder and this is one reason I couldn't ever love this film. Having said that all the sadness surrounding the passing of Michael Caine's character Jack and the spreading of his ashes is one of fine characters, each with unique personalities and back stories which interweave into each other's very nicely.I felt of all the acting on show here it is really Helen Mirren who shows off her talent and is just fantastic as Amy(Jack's widow) who is a depressed yet loveable character, caring for her intellectually disabled daughter who has never said a word to her in her life. It is all yet again rather sad but Amy has been created to be just used to it all, even Jack's death we see has bothered but not broken her, she is just a sad person but one who can still have a laugh now and again. Bob Hoskins is good as Ray who is Jack's best mate and he seems to bring a good presence to the screen alongside all the others. One more person to compliment is Ray Winstone as Jack's adopted son Vince, Winstone seems to work the character rather well, blending an honest man with a man who also has demons and anger, brought out a lot by the character of Lenny(David Hemmings).I couldn't help but feel this is a kind of movie that tried to maybe push for awards, and it did work, but maybe not on the level they really wanted. Sure Mirren deserved the credit but as a picture this is nothing special, the kind of movie that is alright don't get me wrong but just not good for numerous reasons. Fred Schepisi is not one of those reasons, I mean I didn't think either his directing or writing were great but importantly they are steady and make the picture one that is a close one, where you connect with the characters, Schepisi really tries to draw you in and make it as if these people are real.I think this movie is the kind of thing that sure, on a quiet Sunday lazing about, this is the kind of thing that may just be very enjoyable. I felt throughout the film goes for the sweet stuff from the first minute with heart and emotion everywhere trying to hit you hard so you too maybe shed a tear. For me this isn't strong enough a movie to make me sad but I do admit there are scenes in it(especially with Mirren in them) that make your heart drop, and the scenes to be fair with her daughter are both heartbreaking but also show us Mirren's complete talent.

Hillary M (kr) wrote: much better than i expected! i thought it would be average, but it surprised me! very heart warming!

Sexi D (it) wrote: lol dis movie crazy lol i like it

Zach E (jp) wrote: Bought the premise of a man trying to regain his life but finds out he's not fit to be a lawyer. Harrison Ford does not look interested throughout the whole film.

WS W (es) wrote: Acceptable, although over-simplifying.

Grant S (us) wrote: Outstanding documentary. The story of Shep Gordon, a man who, while a brilliant agent in the entertainment industry, is relatively unknown to most people, despite exerting incredible influence in the music and movie industries. Moreover, his personality goes against the image we have of agents, in that he is not just about the money but shows genuine compassion and friendship.The amount of stars in his sphere of influence, and as friends, is amazing.Incredibly well made by Mike Myers, in his directorial debut. He painstaking compiled stills and footage of Gordon for the movie. Some scenes are dramatized but these are generally very humurously done, giving the movie an (appropriate) light-hearted tone.Not just a story of a man, pretty much a "how to" manual on publicity. He was a genius at marketing.Surely one of the best documentaries ever made.

Wesley H (jp) wrote: Tarzan is one of the last few 2-d animated films from Disney. Watching it makes me wish there were more of them today in our CGI saturated movies.

Lee O (us) wrote: Enjoyable. Amy Adams is great. Good story.