Quiet Tarkovskian drama about an old man who lives alone on a deserted island which the Soviet fighter planes use for nighttime target practicing. A young mute boy is sent from the mainland to keep him company. Both are haunted by memories, the boy about his mother and the old man about his younger days as a missionary in Africa.

Quiet Tarkovskian drama about an old man who lives alone on a deserted island which the Soviet fighter planes use for nighttime target practicing. A young mute boy is sent from the mainland... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew H (de) wrote: An amazingly directed action film that features stunning martial arts choreography that will keep you on the edge of your chair

John O (us) wrote: Movie number nine Great plot and this time different again two students go on a ride trip to Mexico with their video camera to record their adventures and find a guy who sells them the puzzle box and then they disappear their video camera is returned to their family who have no idea what happened to them Now the family's are living through their teenagers nightmares Great visual effects and creature makeup again Great plot a bit like Blair witch project I Enjoyed this it was more like a nightmare on elm street type of movie worthwhile watching

Rob S (de) wrote: A fantastic documentary from an Israeli filmmaker about anti-Semitism in the world today that challenged a lot of beliefs that I take for granted. It takes a critical look at what anti-Semitism is now and whether, as a belief, if anti-Semitism is important at all. I don't agree with some arguments that are made in the film, and I certainly don't agree with certain interviewees, but I can understand their points now, even if I think they're wrong. If you're willing to sit through it (and I have to admit, a few times I turned it off because I couldn't stand to hear what was being said), it is incredibly thought provoking.

Gus E (ag) wrote: if I could rate this a zero out of spite, I would. really sad he plays up the hometown hero card in this, and then..the actions he pulled in June of 2010 were the most villain-esque ever.

Denise (it) wrote: If you never seen this you missing out!!! You have to find out yourself!!

Budge B (de) wrote: The screenplay was famously written by Kurosawa, adopted from a couple of notable Japanese short stories, but it languished, unmade, until after the maestro's death. Translating Kurosawa's notes and storyboard into a finished film became something of an article of faith for many of Japan's filmmakers. The result, "The Sea is Watching", is a flawed but enchanting story set in Tokyo's red light district in the mid-19th century.As a costume drama, it is elegantly and elegiacally shot. You are led into a computer-generated model village, cut off from the more respectable quarters of the city by a river - if you wished to sin in the 19th century, you had to cross a bridge, symbolically leaving behind the moral restraints of normative society! Within this self-contained but still male-dominated community, the girls aggressively tout for business on the streets, or, in quiet times, sit listening to one of their number read from a romantic novel, dreaming of a different world.O-Shin (Nagiko Tohno) is the youngest, most romantic girl in her brothel. She yearns for love. Two men enter her life - the one a disgraced young samurai, the other a mere peasant who feels his life has been a failure. Finally, wind, rain, and sea will transform O-Shin's life."The Sea is Watching" is a study of moral and social boundaries. The rich, the poor, men and women, all have prescribed and proscribed lifestyles. Change is conceivable, within limits - O-Shin is told she can regain her purity by ceasing to work. But change is easier in fantasy, in dreams, or in romantic novels than it is in real life. In the real world, a dramatic sea change is needed to transform life - and then, only with the destruction of the old, and no little personal sacrifice."The Sea is Watching" echoes many of Kurosawa's themes, yet paradoxically stands in contrast to them. His historical epics are about males - this is about women. There is posturing and aggression, but the one fight in the film portrays the antagonists as incompetent and not as the professionally adept samurai whose fighting skills are more usually beautifully choreographed. And, while Kurosawa often made use of the natural phenomena of wind and rain, here the sea is a quiet onlooker, until the storm breaks and it is revealed as an irresistible force ... like morality and social structure."The Sea is Watching" is a charming, thoroughly engaging and highly watchable film, beautifully shot and neatly realised. The DVD offers an informative extra on the making of the film and insight into Kurosawa's intent. But, overall, you are left feeling just a little dissatisfied ... feeling that there is some missing ingredient which might have made this a superb film. The missing ingredient, of course, is Kurosawa's genius. Nevertheless, a film which deserved to be made, and a film which is well worth watching, as an absorbing piece of drama and as a visual spectacle.

Matt N (kr) wrote: one of my favourites

Chris C (jp) wrote: Where the movie faults is made up for by seeing Swayze and Snipes go diva and do it amazingly well.The supporting cast is great as well and the 'fish out of water' aspect makes it such a great watch.

Joseph M (es) wrote: A very safe and overall middling tale. It's colorful and has some good moments, but doesn't have the expected punch of most Batman narratives.

Justin Z (it) wrote: This movie was so bad. It was very boring and very poorly executed. Honestly, it's much worse than even Law and Order on television. Breathing for 101 minutes would have been a better use of your time.

Tara T (br) wrote: even though its old it looks okay.

Patrick F (it) wrote: Not as horrible as its reputation, but not ridiculous enough to be "so bad it's good."

Adam D (es) wrote: this 1935 movie still packs a punch f.b.i. officers were called G Men James Cagney made this movie along with Margaret Lindsay and a very good supporting cast.

Jose Diego D (au) wrote: Another failed attempt to remake a masterpiece.