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John W (kr) wrote: It?s difficult not to notice that most of the folks giving this film a bad review are considerably younger than the main character. I?m not quite as old as Mr. Morgan, but I?m old enough to appreciate his devastation at the death of his wife, his yearning for closure, and his attraction to the simple allure and call of youth. His boredom and fear are as natural and obvious as the creases on his face, and his confusion in response to his loss is a mere leitmotif of his avoidance of introspection. He?s the archetypical Dad who wants to be more than he is, but remains only marginally better than his own father, and accepts that limitation. For those who call this a downer film ? they?ve obviously not encountered the loss that age demands, nor the wonder that youth promotes when it unsettles the heavy dust that age allots. This is a wonderful film.

Daryl D (au) wrote: Being an atheist, anything about religion or Jesus really doesn't do it for me. This documentary, although sort of cheesy, had a great definitive message about commercialism and consumerism. Really never answered the question, but made you think about it.

Zach B (de) wrote: This movie's ending perversely celebrates Guerin's martyrdom for helping to make Ireland into even more of a police state with the creation of the Criminal Assets Bureau. Besides being deeply immoral, the movie is also aesthetically mediocre. Blanchett is the only reason to watch it.

Christopher S (au) wrote: James Mason is once again caught up with a young girl, this time it's Helen Mirren in one of her first major roles. One of director Michael Powell's later efforts, and not quite on the level of his earlier masterpieces, but his sharp cinematic sense is still in top form and the easygoing pacing is kept compelling by the beautiful location photography and well-drawn characters (including some fine comic relief by Jack MacGowran). The music is dated, and the ending not too satisfying, but a minor classic.

Carl M (gb) wrote: good film with some laughs. Don't care what anyone says these films are good.

Dia T (ru) wrote: Very subtle approach about the past one can never change, especially when everything went against you.. The characters of Cecile and Anne were extremely well painted.

Sam B (fr) wrote: Great story. Good acting all around. Well adapted screenplay from Paul Brickhill's book. This is just the story of Bader before and during the war. His exploits after the war are even more compelling. A life well lived. Highly recommended.

Wasabi Gonale (es) wrote: Garbo is fantastic as a crossdressing queen who manages to surrender everything for love

Derek C (ru) wrote: Thought provoking as it is thrilling. Jake Gyllenhaal puts on a wonderful performance of a slightly awkward, but strangely charismatic news videographer whose methods raise questions about his morality.

Matt G (ru) wrote: Rodriguez is such a respectfully weird maverick in popular film. Unfortunately he can't seem to get the cast on the same page here: the kids are taking things super-seriously while the adults clearly aren't. I really want to love this, with the fun cameos and cool concepts, but I just don't.

Andrew S (ag) wrote: Not one of Steven Spielberg's best films, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Hugo G (it) wrote: Very interesting re-telling of the Silk Road case and how it all went down, but the title was misleading because the movie it's only about the case and not necessarily the Deep Web. However, it was still entertaining and to me who I didn't know any of this information, it was good to learn it. It touches very important points about of freedom and the Internet and our government, that really makes you think and analyze how you view it. ~August 12, 2015~