Two friends named Gerry become lost in the desert after taking a wrong turn. Their attempts to find their way home only lead them into further trouble.

Friends Gerry (Casey Affleck) and Gerry (Matt Damon) hike into Death Valley, but they stray so far from the trail that they have no idea how to get back. Then their friendship is tested when they realize there is no water or food with them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aeron B (de) wrote: Possibly the worst movie ever. Certainly the worst I have ever watched.Bad everything. The superhero is played by sean connery's son. sounds good, right? Well forget it, he certainly does not look like a hero. For one thing, he's in his mid forties. The acting was as fake as... Well, homeless people off the streets could do better. Which brings me to the next point: the superhero on the dvd box or poster is not what you get. Instead you have a wannabee in blue hockey pads, fighting a lizard man. And the lizard man was equally laughable. If you ask me why I don't know the fine details of the story, well that's simple. The first 5 or 10 minutes are incomprehensible, as it shows a swat team going into some building, and the lizard guy is there as well. And every scene is broken up almost every two seconds by a switch to a different camera angle!! It was wretched!There's some sort of romance in the movie as well... And it's really out of place, since the hockey blue fast guy need to take down the evil lizard man who for no reason at all wants to cause havoc. There might have been an effort to make a movie here.. But it's so..... terrible. Watch if you want to se one of the worst movies ever.. Otherwise, stan lee betrayed you.

Ryan L (au) wrote: Paul Thomas Anderson's has created yet another cinematic masterpiece with There Will Be Blood. His fourth and second best film follows the story of Daniel Plainview, brilliantly played by Daniel Day Lewis, a successful oil man trying to drill oil from land that he purchased from religious fanatic Eli, played by Paul Dano. This film is great on so many levels! First of all it looks astonishing. It is a beautiful film for the eyes to look at. Secondly, the performances in this film are all oscar worthy. Daniel Day Lewis sold his character so well that I forgot that it was him halfway through the film. Also a great understated performance from Paul Dano. Lastly the story that is told is so simple and complex at the same time that it is mesmerizing, though provoking, and terrifying all at the same time. There Will Be Blood is a great movie to PTA fans like myself. It has the same disturbing subtleties too it that draws the story to a sudden climax that both puzzles and shocks. If you do not like PTA movies you will more than likely not like this movie. One of the most wonderful things about this film is how intense it is. Like many of PTA's films he uses a technique of eliminating all sound except for the dialogue and objects being used by those who are talking. And this adds an intensity that makes you pay attention because you are genuinely nervous I what will happen next. In conclusion, There Will Be Blood is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It has some of the best performances I've ever seen, a story that is enticing, and a score that fits the scenes so well and adds to the intenseness if the film.

HungYa L (kr) wrote: Have to say music in the movie is brilliant.

Tim G (kr) wrote: This is a good movie... I'm a fan of Richard Gere. The scary thing about this movie is when traveling in other countries you can be charged with murder, not given a choice as to legal council (similar to the Amanda Knox case) and in some countries executed without getting a fair trial.

Andry S (gb) wrote: nice story. well... a bit cheesy perhaps... and, i really don't like the ending.

Saeed A (kr) wrote: Rou pu tuan zhi tou qing bao jian (Sex and Zen

Bruce B (de) wrote: Another Mario Bava film, the last to review in the Mario Bava Volume 1 five movie box set, and like the rest an excellent old school horror film. Set in the Late 1800's - early 1900's a town has a curse over it. A Doctor is called to a town where people are dying to do an autopsy, while there people are dying and the inspector is also killed, a child in ledged is blamed for the killings. Pretty creepy for the time it was written. Micaela Esdra is most beautiful in this film, a shame she didn't show up more in films. Bava no less then 4 stars so far.

Kandy T (fr) wrote: I have loved this movie since I saw it around age 15 and I love it even more now that I'm a woman. Carmen is a role I know all too well :) Kamilah the Tease ;)

Markus B (nl) wrote: the Classic Alien the first film the alien Franchise Directed by Ridley Scott was a mixture of classic alien movies and horror movies smashed into one first time i watched it it was sending chills down my spine and its also what got me into the alien movies

Ryan W (jp) wrote: Wonderfully written and Anthony Perkins does Norman Bates the best.