An adaptation of Émile Zola’s 1877 masterpiece L’assommoir, the film is an uncompromising depiction of a lowly laundress’s struggles to deal with an alcoholic husband while running her own business.

Gervaise Macquart, a young lame laundress, is left by her lover Auguste Lantier with two boys... She manages to make it, and a few years later she marries Coupeau, a roofer. After working ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kennson W (au) wrote: The director choose to show a lot of naked skin and the female actors are not shy to show it. But it doesn't help the level. The sex scene are just to artificial to look at. Maybe the post production editing have damage the movie. If you are look for a fascinating erotic thriller rent "Basic Instinct" or "Eyes Wide Shut".

Cain L (us) wrote: It analyzes capital punishment and holocaust denial, and Auschwitz in a interesting manner.

StarrySparkles (de) wrote: not a movie you wanna watch with your mom! unless you're gross as hell.

David E (gb) wrote: Based off the SNL sketch, "Coneheads" is a fair comedy film. The acting & character development lacked at times (not constantly, just scarcely), but I found this film quite funny; at first, I was not really appeased (but that was 7-8 years ago). "Coneheads" can be quite enjoyable to some; it was pretty good & funny.

Terri H (kr) wrote: TV series was good, but this sounds like a bad, predictable movie.

Jos M (de) wrote: Alan Parker's Bugsy Malone is well-acted, smartly realised, and completely enjoyable, presenting some really catchy musical moments from its talented all-child cast.

John D (de) wrote: Horrifically disturbing

Bill T (kr) wrote: Not a very good Carry On. The budget looks to be showng, not a lot of members present and just rather uninteresting throughout.

Diane M (jp) wrote: Loved it! A feel good, cheer you up film, they rarely make them like this anymore! Reminds me of being a chalet girl!

Ryan C (es) wrote: A very good movie that felt like a mix between a redneck Hellraiser and Halloween. It's a great 80's horror movie that's loads of fun and entertainment.