Set in contemporary Rome, the film shows through a series of encounters with “ancient” Romans, how the economic and political manipulation by ancient Roman society led to Caesar’s dictatorship. - British Film Institute . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Geschichtsunterricht torrent reviews

John P (ru) wrote: was an ok movie. took awhile to get going. good story. low budget. full moon movies rock. EVIL BONG still hasnt been beaten yet!!!

David J (gb) wrote: A light comedy of manners, told with the utmost delicacy.

Adam L D (us) wrote: Awful, filmed in Canada explotion Bronson looks tired and weary and tracks down a goofy mob boss that killed his clothing designer girlfriend. Not any where as good as the othe rmovies in the series or any other type of revenge flick.

Jessica H (us) wrote: Pitt is a little too good at being crazy.

Rose A (ca) wrote: Stone moves into a Manhattan apartment but doesn't know about it's history of mysterious deaths. Baldwin and Berenger fight for the fetching stone's affection...but which one of them is the Killer? stylish mix of voyeurism, mystery and sleek contemporary art direction make it memorable.........

Robert G (jp) wrote: Robert Mitchum. That's about all you need. If you need more, watch it!!

Jeff Z (ru) wrote: Holmes and Watson are in Canada this time (one of the few places Charlie Chan never visited!) when Holmes recieves a message from a woman asking for help. But by the time they get the message, the woman is already dead, her throat ripped out savagly. For the first time, Holmes has a corpse for a client! The local villagers think a monster is responsible--perhaps a lupe-garou (though they never say the word)! However Holmes suspects a more human monster. This one is shot well but the story depends a little too much on disguises for my taste. Holmes and Watson have a lot of scenes together early on, but then Watson disappears for a good part of the middle of the film, but then reappears to save Holmes and track the killer through the foggy marshes.

Dena S (fr) wrote: A nice light romantic comedy about a girl looking for love with 30 exs before her sister wedding prove something to her family.

Aman A (ru) wrote: Lot of things worked for this movie. The ideology, while deep, was not tough to grasp as it was explained well. The twists were good and unexpected. It worked as a great rom com while being a deeply rooted scifi movie. It didn't need special effects which itself is a great thing. The acting was spot on. By the first twenty minutes, you were immersed in this weird yet believable world. What didn't work was the ending explanation and some other theories that were too strong to actually constantly follow throughout the movie. Such as , you will always be in the wrong place so how did he actually end up in the right place at any time? All in all, I'd recommend this movie definitely but it's not an easy, quick watch.

Amber L (kr) wrote: When Toni Colette is in a movie, I have much higher expectation.... But with Cameron Diaz I should've known better... This was too long!

Mo B (it) wrote: Rating: 68%Though arguably ruined by a dumb twist and a rehashed storyline, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is still a lightly entertaining throwback to its vastly superior predecessors.

Josh K (ag) wrote: havent even seen it but i knw alread its THE WORST MOVIE EVERRRR

Jack H (fr) wrote: Most underrated movie of this century. Brilliant, clever and funny.

Mark P (us) wrote: creepy thriller worth a watch