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Gestation torrent reviews

Tyler S (nl) wrote: An abosute total waste of a great cast. The circumstances were pretty stupid, and the tense, effective moments were few. I think Cuask did a really good job, but the messy plot couldn't save it. A somewhat surprise ending did give a little boost, but it was just so sloppy and silly. It was a stupid B-movie, that you couldn't wait for to be over. Predictable, and nonsensical I am disappointed that Deniro has sunk to this kind of film.

Jamie C (it) wrote: Brilliant film, Very claustrophobic, Ryan Reynolds does excellent to keep us hooked, And he does well to say he's in a wooden box all through the film, Easily one of his best acted films.

Holley R (es) wrote: I get pretty mad when movies imply that actors have a big part in the movie. Jesse Eisenberg was only in the first three minutes of the film. But I was willing to forgive their lies if it wasn't for the fact that this movie wasn't at all scary. In some ways, this movie was somewhat laughable because of it's concept.

AJ T (fr) wrote: Pretentious zombie movie that actually seems to nail the concept in cheese in both philosophy AND horror. I never thought I could enjoy an intellectual movie without any substance, but this is definitely several noses ahead of Romero's past couple of crapshoots.

Daniel R (br) wrote: An outstanding story! This movie was non-stop excitement but what the director did so well was that you make a connection to some of the characters so you actually feel for them. I would recommend this film in a second. A must see!!!

Jacob O (gb) wrote: Babylon is an underrated masterpiece centering around the lives of a group of West Indian youths living in Brixton. The performances from the group of young unknowns are incredibly realistic, as is the perplexing Rastafarian slang they use. It's a compelling story as the group of men face tribulations at home and on the streets as racism segregates them from their own turf. Although the ending is perhaps a little too ambiguous as to seem rushed, the reggae soundtrack is quintessential for that age.

Cooper C (es) wrote: The humans get the most attention, which sucks, but that final monster fight near the end makes it all worth it.

Travis L (es) wrote: This is a great movie.

Patrick M (de) wrote: Possibly the best comedy of the decade