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Michael Caine is Jack Carter, a small-time hood working in London. When word reaches him of his brothers death, he travels to Newcastle to attend the funeral. Refusing to accept the police report of suicide, Carter seeks out his brother’s friends and acquaintances to learn who murdered his sibling and why. Tough gangster film with grim humour.

A vicious London gangster, Jack Carter, travels to Newcastle for his brother's funeral. He begins to suspect that his brother's death was not an accident and sets out to follow a complex trail of lies, deceit, cover-ups and backhanders through Newcastle's underworld, leading, he hopes, to the man who ordered his brother killed. Because of his ruthlessness Carter exhibits all the unstopability of the android in Terminator, or Walker in Point Blank, and he and the other characters in the film are prone to sudden, brutal acts of violence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rogga F (ca) wrote: Really enjoyed it but not as much as KiDULTHOOD.

Adam P (jp) wrote: Brian Regan is the funniest!

Jose D (gb) wrote: An absolutely stunning movie performed by one if not, the greatest actor of all time! #denzelwashington

Jack W (kr) wrote: An awesome, kick-ass horror movie with a great cast, funny and interesting characters and good background story for the villain Victor Crowley who is vicious, evil and cool enough to be instantly put up there as one of the best horror movie villains, with the likes of Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees. The over the top gory kills within this movie will satisfy any gore hound but some bad/cheesy dialogue and an ending too sudden, let this movie down.

Rodney E (br) wrote: What a joke. DeNiro is sleepwalking through this mess as he helps out a couple clone their dead son. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the clone kid isn't going to work out.

Siriporn P (us) wrote: A lesson for Internet-ordered wife.

Tyler S (au) wrote: Pretty good film that leaves the viewer feeling absolute despair for the situation the lead characters get in. Kate Beckinsale and Claire Danes play best friends vacationing across the country when they get framed for having drugs in their bags at the airport. They get thrown in a tai prison where the conditions are beyond horrible. Who I liked was Bill Pullman as the lawer defending them. Just when it looks like he is giving up he keeps fighting for the girls. What blew it for me was the ending....thought it really sucked. Overall though a decent movie.

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Keenan S (gb) wrote: Though proudly touted as an erotic film, Last Tango In Paris is more of a very moody drama with the occasional sex scene thrown in. Nowadays, the infamous sex scenes are now pretty tame and I don't know why the film is still rated NC-17 (Maybe the butter lubricant scene has something to do with it, but even that scene is fairly tame now). Regardless of the fact the film's sex scenes are fairly tame nowadays, Last Tango In Paris is still a superb drama about two people nameless to each other who engage in a series of sexual escapades, while having many bizarre philosophical and life discussions. It's a fascinating film that really delves into the lives of the two broken souls and their constant struggles. It has a great storyline, superb acting, solid sex scenes, interesting discussions about life, some moments of funny humor, and even very well done moments of heartbreaking drama. There's a lot more to this film than the infamous sex scenes that people still bitch about for some reason, it's a film about life and its problems. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good art house film.

Peter W (us) wrote: Historically accurate reconstruction of Napoleon's last stand. A superb cast of renowned actors (outstanding Rod Steiger as Napoleon) and thousands of Soviet army extras bring the Napoleonic Wars to life.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Interesting character drama about Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney's 12-year relationship beginning to deteriorate as the two recollect their relationship from when they first met. Director Stanley Donen starts the film with two two acting rather distant in a French airpot and from there flashes backward and forward recounting the past and present of their relationship ups and downs. Picturesquely filmed in France, the film in many ways reminded me of Jacques Demy's "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" in that the film's opening first love romantic moments are so wonderful that you just don't want them to end and for that to be the entire film, but it's the tragic and realistic relationships moments that follow which make this film so memorable and special. It's the same case here with Donen's tragic and romantic tale, though told here through sincere performances rather than through song. And speaking of music and song, this film features a wonderful score by Henry Mancini, which he's stated is one of his personal favorites. Overall, this is a gorgeous film, with beautiful locations, terrific leads, a terrific score, a smart script. I think my only complaint is that at the films heart it's a sappy melodrama, but it's a pretty darn good one.

James H (it) wrote: Not a bad western, it has good sets, costumes and decent cinematography. It's a bit slow at times but overall it was entertaining. Good leads, well made.

Matthew C (fr) wrote: When the US government tries to cover up an emanate comet strike that will end all of human life, a reporter finds out the secret and forces the president to announce it. NASA sends astronauts into space to destroy the comet, meanwhile everyone on Earth must prepare for the worst. Deep Impact actually has good visual effects, and is an intelligent film, but it doesn't have very interesting characters.

Simon B (jp) wrote: A sweet film that is set against literally the end of the world. It didn't do itself much favours when it marketed itself as a comedy. Crowds were expecting something completely different. Especially when Steve Carell is the leading man.Here he is the strangely named Dodger. A meek, unassuming guy who just exists. He's not a stupid person but is utterly unaware of what is going on around him. He's not aware his wife is having an affair, or that others see she's so unhappy when she's with him. He even says at one point "I don't know what I want". And you truly believe him. He's downbeat, but not a depressive. He's looking for that certain spark, which he thinks is his ex, but turns out to be a more extroverted neighbour that he's never really met before, played by Keira Knightley. They set off on a sort of quasi road trip to find Olivia, his high school sweetheart who sent him a letter (that through a small setup) he only just received that tells him she's divorced and she considers him the love of her life, just as he's trying to figure out how these last 3 weeks of humanity should play out for him.Knightley character, Penny, has also gone through her own romantic issues by breaking up with her boyfriend, causing her to miss the last opportunity to return back to the UK and spend humanity's remaining hours and days with her family. Hence the road trip is born.The writing is sharp, although a little cliched in parts. While the actors have genuine chemistry, and there are some really tender, and poetic dialogue spoken between them, which explains their characters, and their motivations - Dodger's in particular and his monologue about what happened between him and Olivia. Quite moving.There are some nice little cameo moments. Martin Sheen as Dodger's long estranged father (which is never really played up in as tense-a-way as you might have expected having not seen each other in 25 years. Also William Petersen as a suicidal, lonely truck driver. Both are in it for brief periods, and Martin Sheen's screen time does allow for the overly used rom-com cliche of laughing around a dinner table with saccharine music playing, but you get the feeling that any actors could have played either of these roles.But the lead duo are certainly the centre and driving force of this movie. Quite a unique genre: rom-com, road-trip with the end of the world in just days time. The most sweet moment arguably is when Penny has her phone conversation with her family on the phone. Again, just a short scene but a lot is conveyed through the dialogue and Knightley's reactions. Very well done.However tender and heart-felt the movie is in parts, it does feel like it's lacking something. Maybe a more earnest representation of the upcoming apocalypse. You never really feel like there's a threat apart from the odd on-screen countdown. For my take, you never truly believe it when he tells her near the end that SHE is the love of his life. It just doesn't ring too true. Too convenient, and if they were to try and have a relationship without the apocalypse backdrop, you feel it wouldn't last more than 6 months. They're just too different as characters go. Overall, a charming film with a heavy finish, that does show that love can show up as and when you might not look for it, but this is not the kind of film that will stay with you much after you've finished watching it.