Get Lamp

Get Lamp

GET LAMP is a documentary about interactive fiction (also known as text adventures) filmed by computer historian Jason Scott.

With limited sound, simple graphics, and tiny amounts of computing power, the first games on home computers would hardly raise an eyebrow in the modern era of photorealism and surround ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura F (ru) wrote: I loved this movie. I think it's hard when people might be expecting a documentary - maybe they know some facts that aren't shown in the movie or are changed using artistic license. This isn't a bio-pic, it is a movie showing the struggle of how one man deals with a father he never really knew. It does that beautifully. And oh the music!! So worth it if only for that.

Jerry S (gb) wrote: Beautifully horrible. A must for only the truest horror fan

lhan (kr) wrote: Very funny animation. Wath it if you wanna fun

Gavin S (ca) wrote: I'm surprised that the movie that won best film of 2008 in all of Indian cinema has so few ratings and no rotten tomato reviews. I saw this movie at the Adelaide International Film Festival and thought it brilliantly captures the villagers of India in the time of the British Raj. The emotional journey of a father, a silk weaver, trying to create a silk dress for his daughters wedding day and how alluring the ideals of communism could be were remarkable. This film is in stark contrast to all other Indian cinema, it was no wholesome film about song and dance of rich NRI, it was a heartfelt drama that most of the 1billion people of India can relate to.

Brad O (br) wrote: It was sort of a coming of age tale yet, not quite a stoner comedy. Either way, it's avoidable.

Prerna S (au) wrote: Javed Jaffery is fabulous..!! .."Chhharrliee Annna..." :D

Scott M (kr) wrote: One of the more intelligent haunted ship movies. I really liked the sets and the characters.

Ndreamer B (jp) wrote: The best thing about this movie is the conversations between Steve and Monica.

Harry T (ag) wrote: Heavy-handed melodrama that seems to be more about placing all the Douglas' on screen at the same time than actually endeavoring to make a good film. I felt embarrassed for Kirk Douglas, whose post-stroke articulations were painful to listen to, especially when the dialog was obviously whittled down to help him out. Waste of time.

Stacie (us) wrote: Not even a nuclear flowerpot could stop it....

Jennifer X (es) wrote: God, I just can't believe I've seen all these. I liked this one okay, but it was the worst because the musical numbers seemed completely off topic from the rest of the dialogue. And the story was actually kind of funny, too - but when it was time for the Big Show circa all Busby Berkeley productions - I just didn't care.

Nick M (de) wrote: A middle of the road Marx Brothers movie. Not the best, not the worst. Only their second feature film, you could tell that they were still not quite sure how to transfer their comedy to film. One of the big problems is just how many times there isn't a brother on screen. The other actors are stiff, their timing is very weak, and they almost seem to be struggling to remember their lines. Sure, the brothers are fun, especially when they share the screen. There are a few noteworthy bits including the famous, "Shot an elephant in my pajamas..." line. When it hits, it's fun, but it doesn't get to the level of Duck Soup or A Night at the Opera, nor is it as forgettable as Room Service or Monkey Business. Glad to say I've seen it, and glad to say their films got better.

Andy C (ag) wrote: Stoney's fists must smell like ham all the time.

Daniel Z (mx) wrote: This movie was great. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. When I got home I was terrified that even my house may've been haunted by evil spirits of those that lived there before me. The use of sound was great with the suspenseful scenes that ultimately struck you with fear. Overall it was a great movie and I highly recommend it.