Get Mean

Get Mean

The film begins when escorting a Spanish princess back to her homeland, a wisecracking gunfighter does battle with such foes as Vikings, Moors, barbarians, evil spirits, a raging bull, and a maniacal Shakespeare-quoting hunchback. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elijah D (au) wrote: with cutscenes from the game put into one spectacular and funny movie, what a great idea

Leigh R (es) wrote: It was an alright film. Nothing to get too excited over though.

Jordon J (mx) wrote: It's not a great film at all it has a weak premise and the acting isn't great even from the leads,and it doesn't leave you much at the end,i didn't care for it i would say skip this film.

Patrick F (br) wrote: It's not the worst of the Tom and Jerry films, but it still doesn't fully grasp the Tom and Jerry humor I saw in the shorts. Not to mention that the extra characters weren't funny or interesting.

Peter L (de) wrote: A short, nonstop action power pack that's great fun in both smart and dumb respects.

Feri B (ru) wrote: I miss so much this cute & romantic.......

mike h (fr) wrote: cool freaky movie with willis and nolte and some colorful characters, very under rated. not for everyone, i love freaky shit.

Simon S (de) wrote: Good lord, does Steven Seagal make anything original? Who is paying money to watch these films?

Rudinixon B (gb) wrote: Excelente filme de drama-comedia com uma licao de vida que deve ser compartilhada.

Charles P (ag) wrote: The film is an endurance test, leaning nearly completely on Dunaway's overacting to drive a story that lacks intelligible drama or any insight into Joan Crawford's life. It all feels sabotaged.

Marie E (nl) wrote: Taught Satyricon (the dinner scene) this semester. Fellini's artistic interpretation of the whole story is excellent. One of my fav directors!!

Demir B (nl) wrote: "I think I know why Byron eats like that: He has to keep himself stuffed to prevent his brain from slipping down his throat into his stomach". That line alone adds one star to my initial half one.

Taylor M (gb) wrote: Hahahah This movier always makes me laugh.

Carlos I (ag) wrote: Lol. This is more fun than it has any right to be. And how can you not love the Bond opening. haha

Fran P (ca) wrote: I love comedies that stick close to real life--source of hilarities that can happen to me any day. This film is just like that. There's no fancy, trying-too-hard feel to it. Instead of solving all of the characters' problems in a span of an hour and forty minutes, it surpassed all of those problems so that it could be solved later on when the camera isn't running any longer. Although most people may see that as an imperfection, I see it as a nice touch. After all, the picture is called "Dan in Real Life" not "Dan in Dreamland." I very much enjoyed Steve Carell's performance here. He proved to me that he's not a one-time comedy sketch. There are a lot of moments where I felt what he had felt and I think that's hard to do considering I'm not exactly the kind of filmgoer that easily feels for the character. This is a one smart, down-to-earth, original comedy.

Jamie C (mx) wrote: The only reason I wanted to watch this was because I love Seth Rogan, But don't expect it to be a regular Rogan film because you will be very dissapointed, It's a cute movie that has very few laughs but grows on you, Seth and Barbra play their parts well and gel almost instantly, It's a comedy you could watch with your mum just don't expect allot of laughs, It's as good as it was ever going to be with some harmless fun to be had.

Alexa C (kr) wrote: This movie was funny, and had an awesome love story to it! Miles Teller is amazing, as well as Analeigh Tipton. Must watch!

Blais E (de) wrote: One of the many truly classic horror movies released by the great English studio, Hammer Films--a breakthrough role for then up-and-comer Oliver Reed as Leon, the misfortunate recipient of the well-worn "Curse of the Full Moon" chestnut, transforming him into a burly, blonde & bushy, bloody-lipped moon-bayer with a severe misanthropic attitude who enjoys making Alpo out of the clueless residents of a small Spanish Town. As usual, Hammer makes the most of a limited budget, & the production values are opulent, & Reed gives a great performance as the tortured Leon.