Get On Up

Get On Up

A chronicle of James Brown's rise from extreme poverty to become one of the most influential musicians in history.

';s rise from extreme poverty, abandonment, abuse and jail . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chayc (fr) wrote: Violent, bleak, and well-acted.

Jonathan D (ag) wrote: This movie is bad. A pair of girls start a killing spree because one of them one was raped. The viewer is fine for her seeking revenge on the guy that raped her, but to kill a bunch of guys that had nothing to do with the assault. Hard to understand. Not worth the time. Avoid this one.

Facebook U (es) wrote: There have been far worse water creature movies, but Shark Night is far too tame to provide any real entertainment.

Ian C (nl) wrote: I enjoyed this a lot more on the second viewing. A great opening scene. Cruise is the balls as the maverick ex MP, who comes across as mix of David Banner in Lonely Man mode and the Littlest Hobo. It is bread and butter action, loved the bathroom fight and the ending was quality. Duvall is off the hook and Herzog is a nasty cunt.

Alex r (us) wrote: Third film in this series is a sign that the franchise should have ended after the second flick. However that wasn't to be. Here we have a violent film with little emphasis on story, or effective sci fi horror elements that made the first film a good popcorn flick. This film has little interesting elements to make this film a good, entertaining flick. Species III is a flawed picture that uses the same old tired ideas that don't work. This third entry suffers and you can easily see why. Usually in a series, by the third entry, filmmakers are struggling with ideas to try and make their film interesting, exciting and fun. However, this film plays out like a tired out rehash of the first two films, with no new refreshing ideas. The film is pointless and is a film that lacks an effective story to really make it a watchable film. The film may deliver on gore content, but has really bad special effects at the same time, not to mention it lacks any depth and substance, which could have made the film much better. Unfortunately, The underdeveloped script makes this film unwatchable, and not a worthy entry in the series. The film will most likely disappoint die-hard fans of the original film, and you may ask yourself if it's actually worth your time. The answer is no, this film uses old ideas, that are tiresome to see this time around. Species III is a bad film, and really isn't worth your time.

Petros K (es) wrote: Really enjoyable and smart film. The story's good and the actors are really convicing -Leticia Bredice's impressive presence is a show stealer. One could argue that the everyday life that's portrayed throughout the film depicts exactly why Argentina went broke as an economy and a state but I guess that would've been a high-level thought. Anyway, nice movie, you'd better watch it 'till the end.

Stacy M (de) wrote: This is a Spike Lee masterpiece. Comparing the past views of slavery to images presented in today's culture was a great way to present how many of the messages presented within culture have yet to change.

Doctor S (gb) wrote: It's all Brandy Davis, all the time in this top-drawer offering of softcore entertainment. OK, there's plenty of Lorissa McComas too if you prefer artificial sweetener over sugar. However Brandy is the star attraction in this show and delivers her most playfully uninhibited performance ever which is a joy to behold. Unfortunately that only lasts during the first half as the darker thriller elements emerge, but still she can act a little bit and if you're a fan this is a must-see.

Roy C (es) wrote: Too many scatological jokes.

James F (br) wrote: I've seen awful student movies better than 3 Geezers. Absolutely horrible. I was expecting a outro by Leonard Pinth Garnell. That's a lie, I couldn't sit through 3 Geezers.

Joseph S (mx) wrote: Just terrible. Worth a watch.

Matthew D (it) wrote: Not Sharlto Copley ' s best performance, but it is an engaging story nevertheless.

swathi r (br) wrote: Loved the plot and idea but it cud have been shelved even better.

Jeffery C (br) wrote: Wow...I didn't realize how bad ConAir was until I watched it again after several years. Cage's accent...the bad timers (and some just hilariously bad)...the "witty" dialogue..the mediocre/repetitive soundtrack...BUT THE CAGE ACCENT!?! Oh the 90s.

ian b (fr) wrote: we are watching this movie right now. it seems ok so far. probably not good though. well, we're only part way into the film. there is a good bit of inner monologues.