Get Smart

Get Smart

When the identities of secret agents from Control are compromised, the Chief promotes hapless but eager analyst Maxwell Smart and teams him with stylish, capable Agent 99, the only spy whose cover remains intact. Can they work together to thwart the evil plans of KAOS and its crafty operative?

In order to preventĀ a terrorist attack from a Russian spy agency, the Chief has to promote his highly intellectual but socially awkward analyst named Maxwell "Max" SmartĀ to field agent. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Get Smart torrent reviews

Gabriel K (ru) wrote: Visually a stunningly beautiful movie (the setting as well as the actresses), but very light on the story, and I the chemistry between the lead characters didn't feel authentic.

Chris K (br) wrote: After 6 years I finally decided to watch this awful movie. I should have stuck to my guns and never watched it. Spike Lee should never be allowed to direct again.

Michelle R (ca) wrote: A good luck at life on a res.

Regina B (us) wrote: now one of my best favourite movies. luv it.

Shawn W (it) wrote: I rented this because I remembered that I saw it as a kid and that it deeply disturbed me. And you know what? It still does. The thing is though, I'm not really sure that that's what it was going for. It's directed like it's some sort of whimsical Spielbergesque children's fantasy, but it really has some pretty disturbing undertones. And a scary looking evil ventriloquist dummy, which alone will automatically add a scare factor to any movie. Thanks for a lifetime of nightmares, Roland Emmerich, You sick bastard!

Afal S (us) wrote: It would have been so easy to have vulgarised the subject of Poliakoff's best film, but Poliakoff somehow makes this tale of incest tender, funny and uses it as a metaphor for the approach of twenty first century London through its subplot concerning the regeneration of the Docklands in the 1980's. Alot of this is down to great acting, all three leads are wonderful, Clive Owen particularly.

Mark W (kr) wrote: Chopping Mall is perfectly average in every single way... Hell it reeks of the 80's! However, the 80's slasher scene was more over-saturated than you could imagine, so bringing killer robots into a mall was a fun and smart step to take! So unless you're a slasher fanatic I can't say you'll find much to like with this one, but if you do it's a must check out movie!

Carlos I (ru) wrote: Cool little slow burning detective thriller. Great cast and sense of dread. The kills are a little over the top though, and the end was a bit lame...

Jeff N (es) wrote: One of the great American films. Period.

Zach M (it) wrote: A fairly decent horror/suspense movie about a cruise ship that sinks due to a ghost tanker ship and they board the tanker to find no crew and strange things.It is a slow burn movie that is very interesting and creepy.George Kennedy and Richard Crenna are good, with Kennedy being a little creepy.

Daisuke T (mx) wrote: Charles Bronson is my man!

Jonathan S (de) wrote: Hope and Crosby share a magical chemstry.

Maple C (mx) wrote: Fast-paced while overly disgusting

Brett B (us) wrote: An incredibly effective slow-burn mystery from Otto Preminger that culminates in an ending that is surprising and unsettling in a way that legitimately blind-sided me. Lynley does some excellent work in a role that could easily have been played over-the-top, and Olivier provides a strong center to identify with, but it's the well-executed screenplay that is really the star; it instills a strong sense of unease - a "something is very, very wrong" sort of flavor - that wonderfully foreshadows where the story is going without giving the whole game away. As evidenced by other reviews of this film, it clearly won't work for everybody, and those looking for a realistic drama should be advised that this isn't exactly that.

Nicolas M (ca) wrote: Un excellent Fritz Lang de guerre / espionnage (/ propagande anti-nazie) sur un episode de la guerre moins connue (les represailles nazies sur la Tchequoslovaquie apres l'assassinat par la resistance d'un dignitaire nazi).

Yania E (fr) wrote: This Is A Classic Movie And I Still Luv It

David W (nl) wrote: Seven Psychopaths is a weird and wonderful piece of fiction, Martin McDonagh managed to hone an individual level of darkness and created characters that resemble the occupants of an insane asylum, more than the dwellers of the real world. However this is where the mastery lies, the progressive tone is schizophrenic, there is a mystery to these personalities and their sanity, which allowed the talented acting ensemble to let loose. Each performance had its own uniqueness, be it touching, disturbing, weird, narcissistic and sometimes all of these things at once. As you would expect, the characters collided like a car crash and despite all that, this mesh of madness was hilarious. Shockingly, I felt as if I was caught in the cross fire of their lives, but never have I been so comfortable in being unaware of how a film was going to play out. Seven Psychopaths is a true piece of comedy relief and if I had to describe it in one sentence, I would call it; "an organised mess of total comedy".

Camden N (jp) wrote: Above average giallo from the reliable Massimo Dallamano (who unfortunately died in a car accident before he was able to complete the third in his trilogy of schoolgirl giallos; the series is comprised of this, What Have They Done to Your Daughters?, and Red Rings of Fear, which was directed instead by some other guy whose name I forget). The best thing about the film may be Ennio Morricone's score, which lends the film much of its poignancy. Not to take anything away from Dallamano, he manages to make the audience squirm without showing anything (the murders, for instance, are largely unseen except for the aftermath). The flashback near the end where we find out what was done to Solange is especially sad and disturbing. What sets this apart from other gialli is that it works not only as a mystery but as a strong drama. Fabio Testi is a little bland in his role (he's never really all that expressive) but it didn't really hurt the film. Not quite Argento-caliber, but definitely more tragic than anything he did (perhaps equalled only by the end of Four Flies on Grey Velvet). Watch it...or else.