Get the Gringo

Get the Gringo

A career criminal (Gibson) nabbed by Mexican authorities is placed in a tough prison where he learns to survive with the help of a 9-year-old boy.

The movie tells the story of a career criminal who finds new life in a Mexican jail where he learns to survive with the help of a young boy after getting caught at the border with $4 million dollars of Mobster money. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pablo G (br) wrote: 3.7/5Not the most cohesive or thought provoking of documentaries, but certainly a very informative and necesary one to document the story of what might as well be the future of currency.

Mark W (de) wrote: Although Paranormal Entity was a rip-off of Paranormal Activity which The Asylum has grown to be famous for... I can't really say its such a bad movie! Although the film didn't quite meet the standards of Paranormal Activity it was still an interesting movie and probably the sort of thing we would expect future sequels of PA series to churn out... But it was a fairly entertaining effort!

Tyler F (kr) wrote: Sure, it's a bit "arty" for a documentary, but Hoile's visuals match Wilson's music and message extremely well. It's also very informative. Great for fans.

Ryder S (nl) wrote: This movie was betrayed I thought it was an amazing movie, but I am disappointed that they didn't make a sequel.

Trent R (br) wrote: BTS delivers far more than one might expect at this budget, with Hemingway portraying a rather chaste lesbian Rambo of sorts. She doesn't use her chin as a weapon, but they throw a good variety of firearms and chase/trap/sniping scenarios our way in fairly quick order. The uncut version of this offers a rather awkward lesbian kiss, as her means to settle down the reporter love interest who has just made her first kill.

Torion O (nl) wrote: Generic concept, though still entertaining. The performances aren't that interesting either, though the film itself is strange enough to keep you engaged.

Chinmai R (nl) wrote: It's been at least five years since i've seen it, so I'd love to see it again. I remember it being a very nice story.

Javier F (ag) wrote: Que s, todo es muy bonito y lleno de color. Que s, que hay accin. Pero no, no hay mucho que decir de la historia, bsicamente por lo ridculamente simple que es.

Michaela R (fr) wrote: it's a strange country .)

Ulo M (ca) wrote: Three of the siblings in this adaptation of Ian McEwan's novel are played very well by non-actors, while the fourth is played superbly by Charlotte Gainsbourg. The story revolves around four children left to their own devices after the deaths of their parents. With their desire to stay together undisturbed by the outer world, and with a strong undercurrent of incestuous attraction running between the older brother and sister, it's a pretty good bet this won't be your standard 'kids coping with adversity' flick. Instead, they barely manage to cope with one another as they descend into a sort of domestic anarchy, and Jack and Julie move ever closer to making their desire for each other a reality.The DVD, currently out of production and commanding ridiculously high prices, is unfortunately of rather poor quality, looking as though it were made from a video copy. Still well worth watching if you can get a hold of a copy.

Benny W (ca) wrote: a heartbreaking story about a people at the edge of society but with a rich life. Emir Kusturicas stunning images and music will haunt you in your sleep

Elric K (au) wrote: Sublime personal film-making. Really exciting in its formal experimentation and memory like structure.

Angela A (ag) wrote: its cool,did you watch the movie?

Ben J (au) wrote: A Walter Matthau movie about a supreme court judge dealing with the first woman judge to join the group.

Robert F (au) wrote: It's like an American take on Jules and Jim.

Sunshine S (it) wrote: A young Police Academy graduate is assigned to an LA sheriff's office where he is the first and only black officer. Determined to fit in, he agrees to lie about the circumstances of a crime in which the prime suspect is black, but when he realizes th...