Gettin' In

Gettin' In

A trio of clueless minors embark on a quest to get into the local bar, in the hopes of scoring with the opposite sex.

A trio of clueless minors embark on a quest to get into the local bar, in the hopes of scoring with the opposite sex. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ethan R (es) wrote: This film changed everything for me. The actors really sold this film for me. It was honestly the greatest disaster apocalyptic movie in the genre. The chemistry between Italian and Asian (Dr. Sparks, may I add) was absolutely believable. The special effects were superb and beyond perfect. The most emotional tipping point in this film were the two sexual tension men who sacrificed their lives for nothing. By the way, isn't a Super Cyclone just a really big tornado and not a tsunami? I'll have to ask Dr. Sparks, who happens to know how to fly a plane, helicopter, navigate a ship, and a highly experience meteorologist. The only thing that kept me from giving this film five stars was the absence of Shane van Dyke in this character driven, beautiful narrative based on the cataclysmic events that made me cry. Literally. This movie gave me hope. I liked the tornadoes.

Betty T (us) wrote: I love this movie. Sean Penn is amazing...I love Cheyanne's sheepish laugh, his/her non-reactive reactions, and idiosynchrosies of the character. This movie is really about overcoming and I admire overcomers in life and the movies.

Pam T (fr) wrote: It was entertaining. But overall i'm disappointed with the movie. From a scale of 1-10 I'll rate the casting to a 9. It could have been a big hit but it has a poor storyline. A lot of things should have been highlighted like the challenges katie parker and his love interest should have, a clear crazy competition between her best friend, harder challenges before they steal the cup and the true spirit of kappa winning over delta. This was worst than a child's storybook. It's like everything is all easy to the main character. One point of good movies is making the audience feel the right emotion. I just felt i'm watching a reenactment.

Ryan B (nl) wrote: The much-adored but maligned quintessential fag hag takes centre stage in this delightful film about finding love, self and the mythical fag stag. Though at times contrived and uneven, fruit fly Violet's story is still an enjoyable romp due largely to Mindy Cohn's sweet and endearing portrayal; a role which suits her perfectly. Vivid cinematography and a fun soundtrack rounds off a 100 minutes of harmless entertainment.

Private U (fr) wrote: It's cute and at times pretty screwball, but all in all it's mostly forgettable.

Sue B (fr) wrote: "You don't have to live forever. You just have to live."

Lucila G (it) wrote: una pelcula que llega al alma... una maravilla!

Regena L (de) wrote: love it, one those movies you never get tired watchinbut...

Glenda Marie A (mx) wrote: Realistic and moving. The pace of the story made it seem genuine. It wasn't too hasty nor too dragging.

Zehra P (ca) wrote: The story of Lady Jane Grey, better known as the 9 day queen. Being forced into becoming Queen of England in the Tudor period she stood her ground on her beliefs with passion but this story does come to a heartbreaking tragic end when Bloody Mary is forced into executing her own family to win the love of the man she loved. Interesting and beautiful film. I have a passion for the Tudor era so I did absolutely love this film. I did cringe at Helena Bonham Carter's portrayal of this young queen but you have to remember how young she was when this film was made. Otherwise a very good period film.

Francisco S (nl) wrote: Unoriginal with a lot of cliches since the beginning until the end, every thrilling scene is predictable what makes it not scary and the soundtrack is not good enough to help make this movie more scary,

Arthur R (au) wrote: Gritty, gritty, gritty... Thats about as much as there is to say. The storyline is pretty standard, but the violence is rather extreme. Still, its worth watching.

Faith M (gb) wrote: Peeps are such haters! This movie is awesome. The characters are fun and it makes hacking, which is extremely tedious, look fun and exciting. The movie has great costuming and great music. If you were between your tweens and your late teens when you saw this movie for the first time, it's pretty much a sure thing you love it. This movie should (or does) have cult status. Plus it's just fun that a movie about computers used models instead of cg.

Cameron J (ca) wrote: Of all the early talkies I've seen, this is probably the best one (so far). The performances by Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert are superb, and possibly the first truly deserving Oscar wins, even by today's standards. The story, directed effectively by the legendary Frank Capra, is an entertaining one - she's a wealthy socialite who runs away from her father to marry a slimy rich dude, and he's a charismatic reporter who keeps her under his protection so she won't get caught by the media circus searching for her. There are tons of funny and obviously influential moments, from the train scene where Colbert sits next to an obnoxious guy and Gable pretends to be her husband so the guy will go away, to the hitchhiking scene where she flashes her leg so a car will pick them up. The story, while admittedly a bit bloated at times, is full of witty dialogue and powerful symbolism, with the "Walls of Jericho" metaphor being the most obvious and potent one. It was the first film (and the only for about 40 years) to win all 5 top Oscars (picture, director, actress, actor, adapted screenplay), and for its time there was hardly a more deserving film.