Gettin' It

Gettin' It

When a rumor spreads through the neighborhood that he's got more to offer than most men, an awkward virgin becomes popular beyond his wildest fantasies. Strippers, housewives and the town's most gorgeous eligible women throw themselves at him.

Silver, a teenage boy desperate to score with his long time girlfriend Sheila is pursued by many women in the community when an erroneous rumor circulates about his prowess. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy N (kr) wrote: This lacks tremendously of what makes Jackie Chan fun to watch.... instead its mostly a hodgepodge story which was quite a bore.

Wahida K (ag) wrote: InTheBasketProgramI think this Movie has been misinterepted. The Message of the Movie so far I noticed was focused on the pollution in the ocean. I enjoyed to watch it. More Later

Don N (es) wrote: The good kind of insane.

Yunhee C (au) wrote: Was not as good as I thought.

Mike F (fr) wrote: Killer Clown with Brien Denahey was MUCH better!!

Spencer S (es) wrote: This is surely the easiest film to make fun of, in the Vin Diesel canon. It was the first starring vehicle for the "Fast and the Furious" alum, and there's a reason why there's only been one sequel. The dialogue is disgustingly corny, the action is ridiculous, it's super dated by its' technology choices onscreen, and its' villains are ludicrously weird and out of place. The entire film is trying to be a super-fast paced adrenaline ride, utilizing strange costuming, European metal bands in the background of every scene, and gross choices in lighting. Vin Diesel is rheumy eyed throughout, coming off as a dork that has been given the chance to live out their fantasy in an action film. There's absolutely nothing that sets this apart from other action films, except all its references to its time period. It talks about online episodes, anarchists in a politically crazed country, and its look, which is always trying to steal from bigger, better films. Watch the version with RiffTrax, otherwise you won't enjoy any part of this dull, weird mishmash.

Japheth R (mx) wrote: A personal look into the mind of a serial killer in this surrealist horror by director Jorg Buttgereit (of Nekromantik fame). No amount of showers will make you feel clean again after this one.

Michael D (kr) wrote: Rob freaking Schneider. That's really the first thing wrong with this movie. The endless cliches (sassy dinosaurs, an annoying little sister, a skateboard with *shudder* rocket boosters) manage to finish the simple task of doing this movie in. I would not recommend this movie to anyone I like.

Marianina S (fr) wrote: really bad scenario and acting