Getting High in the Barrio

Getting High in the Barrio

Vato and Felipe are two free loaders whose only skills are to relax and have a good time. After Felipe impregnates a neighborhood girl, he decides to get a job taking Vato along for the ride. Tired of bouncing from job to job, they do what they know best and take the easy way out. Easier said than done, they won't kick old habits no matter how much trouble they get themselves into!

Vato and Felipe are two free loaders whose only skills are to relax and have a good time. After Felipe impregnates a neighborhood girl, he decides to get a job taking Vato along for the ride. Tired of bouncing from job to job, they do what they know best and take the easy way out. Easier said than done, they won't kick old habits no matter how much trouble they get themselves into! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hayden H (mx) wrote: I have the strangest feeling there aspects of this animated film that will be reflected into the upcoming Suicide Squid film. If so... I'm going to be more excited

pave m (nl) wrote: psycho. psycho people (with psycho friends) fall in love and get married. act crazy. craziness ensues.

Dave J (us) wrote: Monday, January 27, 2014 (2012) Being Flynn DRAMA This film is better watched at home than it to be watched at the theatre since it consists of people we see everyday all the time which is the disgruntled homeless. Co-written and directed by Paul Weitz from the memoirs of Nick Flynn. It stars Paul Dano playing yet again another writer with the other one called "Ruby Sparks"- in this one he plays Nick Flynn the author the movie is based on. The main theme of this film is really about discovering oneself despite discouraging obstacles in regarding the past. And part of Nick's psychological and successful journey is his eventual reunification with his estranged and eccentric dad by the name of Jonathan Flynn who still lives in the past unafraid to show his irrational behaviour. At the beginning, Jonathan (another difficult role played by Robert DeNiro) continues to maintain that he is one of the greatest writers aligning himself with Hemingway and Fitzgerald, but as viewers see he's just like any other delusional writer who imagines himself to be great rather than accepting for who he really is which is basically a nobody who can't seem to finish anything he started. If you haven't come across people who act like him on street corners somewhere along the downtown area or on college/university campuses than that that would mean that you haven't gone out much because I've come across people who act like this all the time where they rave about themselves very highly while holding a bottle of whisky. For, not all homeless people have been abused during their childhoods or are drug addicts, some are egotistical know-it-all's who take great comfort for what they think they have is great no one else doesn't. That is their only salvation and what keeps them going- it's that and whisky. Anyways, Nick is just an ambitious teenager who's struggling for a purpose in his life. While he want to become a writer, he remembers his mom (Julianne Moore) discouraging him to be one because of his delusional dad who was arrested and put in prison for falsifying bad checks. So while Nick remembers this, he then gets himself employed to work for the homeless, and it is there where he meets his dad which could have bring him down further in a downward spiral. The most interesting aspect about this film, is the fact that this film showcases an realistic practice in regarding taking care of the homeless, and to the rules the homeless have to follow upon being in one of those kind of homes for the movie says that they usually don't get any better but they sometimes get worse. Viewers are not often subjected to this kind of life since we often try to avoid it, and it's comforting to see that not all delusional homeless people are violent but are really misunderstood, that we prefer to see them from a safe distance like from a movie point of view rather than confronting them about their problems ourselves. 3 out of 4 stars

Stacy W (ru) wrote: Really beautiful movie...with a few themes...and wonderful cast..Billy Moses, Megan Fellows, Steven Curtis Chapman..A journalist who is trying to find his real biological past....he hits a few walls..but God gives him friends to aid in his quest....His marriage is at a crossroads...But that too will come together...when he finds his real grandfather...Beautiful theme about adopting children...Good special features...Steven Curtis Chapman's beautiful video of "When Love Finds You There'....The true meaning of Christmas comes together about birth of Christ...and the meaning of God's love for mankind...that He sent Jesus to go to the cross for us...because of our sins..and rose we could have eternal life...Super repentance story all around....

Baurushan J (kr) wrote: The story is about Ryan Billings played by the underrated Jesse James who is 12 years old and yet suffering from a 100% fear of the dark. His older brother Dale played by Kevin Zegers thinks his phobia is childish and crazy. When their parents Eric and Sandy played by Charles Powell and Linda Purl go out to dinner, the boys are left home alone and when the electricity goes out, Dale begins to uncover Ryan's truth and realise that he wasn't crazy the whole time along with the help of Dale's girlfriend Heather Fontaine played by Rachel Skarsten. When I first discovered the DVD of this movie in my garden shed, I was freaked out by the front cover and watching the movie freaked me out even more. This independent horror movie is sure worthy of truly adult 18 fun, a generational classic and will not bore for the 1990s/2000s generation. The acting in this movie is very good. All actors turn in a very believable performance. The problem is that we don't get to establish them very well; the only two we get to establish are the two brothers Dale and Ryan. Ryan keeps going on and on about how there are things in the dark that scares him and although it's a little bit repetitive, it's actually quite believable because people who are scared of something either don't want to talk about it or go on and on about why and how it's scary. Dale on the other hand is known because his name is screamed every time Ryan is in trouble. I guess this is really nit-picky but I'm letting it loose. And by the way, the man who played the tall, cloaked villain; his real name was Derrick Damon Reeve and he's the one featured on the front cover and boy did he turn in a badass performance. Fear Of The Dark gets a honorable 9.6/10.

Morbious Fod (es) wrote: William Shatner browsing porn...nuff said.

Logan M (jp) wrote: It's not as thrilling as it should be.

corey j (fr) wrote: smart. realistic. great movie!

TTT C (nl) wrote: (**): Thumbs Down I like the lead actors but there are way too many absurd moments here, especially the performance from the usually reliable Scott Glenn (his performance is beyond over-the-top).

Derrick B (us) wrote: Funny and uneven, this film shows Spike adapting to the Hollywood system but still trying to maintain his artistic integrity. The result is a movie that deals with a lot of the racial issues of the day, but can't decide if it wants to satirical or straightforward. Good entertainment nonetheless.

Brian W (ca) wrote: Some funny moments, but this movie is so dated.

Christian del Piero L (it) wrote: Seven (1995) Calificacin: 8.7/10

kkl10 a (br) wrote: 3 Women (1977) - 9 Willie, Millie, Pinky. Willie is asocial and bitter, a mysterious woman who runs a bar where Millie and Pinky hang out with cops. She spends most of her time alienated in her intriguing and unsettling mural paintings which seem to fascinate Pinky. Willie is pregnant. Millie is a fulfilled young woman working at an health spa for the elderly and living in a small apartment rented to Willie. She is extremely confident of her attractiveness towards men and is strangely outgoing and communicative despite the fact that others severely neglect her. Pinky resembles a teenager, she displays almost childlike naivety and impulsiveness. Admitted as a new worker in the spa, she develops a very strong affection for Millie as the older employee guides Pinky through her new job. Pinky willingly becomes Millie's roommate. The roles and relationships between these three women will undergo a metamorphosis as the events unravel and a final hierarchy will be reached. Reality will change as well, a certain degree of abnormality is visible in human relations. Hilarious, heartbreaking and disturbing social dichotomies coexist with all naturality, things that hardly fit within the frame of a real and concrete world. The absurdist aura omnipresent since the beginning intensifies until the movie truly assumes it's dreamylike nature that leaves us perplexed in the end. The thing is, the relationship between the three women is the reality of the film. The bleak landscape of a small desert city somewhere in California can either morph into a poetically beautiful window or into a crude stage of a surreal psychological Thriller/Drama of great emotional power. Top-notch (in large part improvised!) interpretations from Shelley Duvall (the director's muse) and Sissy Spacek, as good as the brilliant camera, photography and sound work. This fascinating and mysterious movie was literally born from a Robert Altman dream and it shows the talent of this great master of cinema. A beautiful cult film, I think it deserves more attention. I loved it and highly recommend it!

Adam U (jp) wrote: absolfuckinglutely LOVED this movie. This movie is one that you just sit and enjoy the violence and action those people that have to critique movies are fucked in the head.

Nathaniel B (de) wrote: Great cinematography, acting, and direction. Story live was a bit slow until the last half hour, when it becomes almost edge-of-your-seat excitement, all leading up to a fittingly tragic end.

Official C (gb) wrote: An incredible drama film that delivers marvellous performances from a young cast, and contains one of the most moving endings ever put to film.

Tehe T (ca) wrote: Got quite corny and sappy at points. The fighting scenes weren't bad, but nothing new. Disappointing in the story of pilots in World War 1. 6.5/10

Heather M (us) wrote: Funny and quirky and just right for some easy entertainment.