Summer 1863. The Confederacy pushes north into Pennsylvania. Union divisions converge to face them. The two great armies clash at Gettysburg, site of a theology school. For three days, through such legendary actions as Little Round Top and Pickett's Charge, the fate of "one nation, indivisible" hangs in the balance.

The three day battle that was a turning point in the Civil War is shown from the perspectives of both sides, highlighting the fight for Little Round Top, and Pickett's Charge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gettysburg torrent reviews

Thomas K (ca) wrote: His one complete failure but it's interesting to me because I can finally see what he CAN'T do.

Martin D (us) wrote: review to come......

Mohammad R (ca) wrote: For me the best Bollywood action movie of the 90's with splendid performances by Salman & Shahrukh Khan, the only film they done together in the 90's, great storyline fantastic music & brilliant directing by Rakesh Roshan but the one actor we all miss is the late Amrish Puri who gave us Mogambo ( Mr India ) and in this film the main bad guy Durjan Sing which he acted remarkably well. My only wish is for a 21st century remake of the1995 version.

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D M (gb) wrote: A Dracula wannabe (played by George Bluth) and his wife discover an old run-down house they have been searching for for ages. The house has a special book in it that cannot be removed from the premises. When they attempt to buy the adode, they learn it is no longer for sale. It was recently inherited by a young family who attempt to fix it up, but run across all sorts of strange things (such as monsters, which the house is full of). The family attribute the perceived oddities to a lack of curtains or owls. The Exterminator, Van Helsing, had the best lines. The final battle between he and George Bluth was amazing! definitely more a comedy than a horror, you should enjoy this if you enjoy spoofs like Dracula: Dead and Loving It, the Scary Movie series, Repossessed, etc.

Eliabeth V (es) wrote: They don't make movies quite like this classic drama anymore. If you want to watch a great story and superb acting by Orson Wells and Claudette Colbert, catch Tomorrow is Forever on TCM.

Jason V (us) wrote: One of the best Martial Art Films!! Blown away when I found out its loosely based on Bruce Lee's teacher!!! Freaking must see film!!!

David T (it) wrote: Too frightening and dreary for children and not frightening and dreary enough for adults. However it's storyline is original and stumbles upon the atmosphere we'd later read and see with "Lovely Bones". It's kind of a much darker "Drop Dead Fred" in a way, minus the genius humor of Rik Mayall.

Brendan C (ca) wrote: Brilliant performances by both Cruise and Hoffman.