Gettysburg: The Boys in Blue & Gray

Gettysburg: The Boys in Blue & Gray

This is the sweeping epic story of the Battle of Gettysburg as experienced by the soldiers who were there...

This is the sweeping epic story of the Battle of Gettysburg as experienced by the soldiers who were there. In mid-July 1863, Union Lieutenant Frank A. Haskell wrote a letter to his brother ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ken C (ru) wrote: Ken Loach's last year Palme d'Or winner, about the tragic ramifications of austerity, both personal and political. On one level, it is a polemical indictment of a faceless benefits bureaucracy that strips claimants of their humanity by reducing them to mere numbers. On another, it is a celebration of the decency and kinship of extraordinary people who look out for each other when the state abandons its duty of care. It is a masterclass in the kind of realist drama that, along with only a few others, Ken Loach has fathered, and become synonymous with.

Ole J (es) wrote: I really like John Cusack and some of the crazy parts he involves himself in, thats why I wanted to see this one, but it doesn't really come close to being the crazy parts he sometimes have and the rest of the actors are really not doing anything to support the film.There are some fun moments, but all in all it has very much emphasis on seeing the driver and the car handling even though we start out in a small getz, it's almost seem like a small commercial film like the ones Clive Owen did for BMW a long time ago, just not as cool :)

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Jesse O (gb) wrote: This is a decent flick with a good cast. The story is fairly simple, two families go to an open house and end up being stuck in that house for a long time because every time they try to leave, they end up right back at the house. The film does, surprisingly, focus on the characters and how their sanity starts to diminish as they're stuck in this house with each other, with no way of getting out, for over a month. The suspense focuses on how the tension between the two families build to the point where they start to get violent with each other, and that's where the suspense and mystery comes from. How things simply start to unravel between these two families. There is a mysterious person that is the one that guides them to the house, but he really doesn't control the events that happen in the house...he simply manipulates them. And that's another aspect of the film I liked, the film doesn't tell you what happened in this house and to the previous family that owned it, they give you hints here and there but nothing concrete and I think that was a smart decision to do it that way, since you end up focusing on the characters and their actions, rather than the supernatural being. I thought the acting, for what is clearly a very low-budget film, was definitely very solid. Victoria Vance, Leslie, was definitely the highlight of the film and her character's arc was the most interesting of all. The film is also very nicely shot and the cinematography looks excellent. The problem with the film is that it peaks too early, with *SPOILER* Leslie's death being the high point. The film, unfortunately, after that sort of treads water until the climax, where the film picks up steam again. I did like the ending, even though it's the typical 'you think it's over, but it's really not' type of thing you seen in horror films all the time, but actually in this case it came off well and it makes the story of the film even better because there's a cyclical nature to everything that's happening. And it will keep on happening, for as long as people keep going to this open house. I just like that idea a lot, the cyclical aspects of it. Still, I think the film could've used some editing, so the pacing would've been better. I just think that after Leslie's death, the film stands in place until the climax. Still, this is, despite the rating, a better movie than I was expecting. It's not anything all that unique, but it is a perfectly fine film.

Janet (it) wrote: I was told this movie wasn't to good so i watched it for myself and i enjoyed it.Jackie Chan always brings the action along with the funny side to movies.I thought it was very entertaining.

Sulamita D (it) wrote: This movie revolves much around the Indian heritage and belief. Each Indian received there token which the spirits pick out for each individual. Kenai one of three brother received his town as the best of love. To him he did not find it to well suit him but the spirits did pick the best of love for him for a reason. One day his oldest brother Sitka was killed by a bear while saving Kenai and his other brother. When this happened Kenai grew much anger towards his token since it was the best the representation. He grew anger and went after the bear that killed his brother. When he had a confrontation with the bear he ended up killing the bear. When it happened he woke up the spirits. He was able to see his brother Sitka's spirit but Sitka being the eagle of wisdom had other plans for his brother Kenai. He transformed him into the animal Kenai had so much anger towards which was a bear. Now being a bear he saw how the perspective changed from the human view of humans against animals to the struggle animals have against humans, since his only left living brother was out to get the bear who harmed both his brother in his view. But he does not know that the bear spirit is Kenai now. He met a small cub named Koda and grew very close to him. As they went on a retreat he found out that the bear he killed was Koda's mother and that's when he confessed to Koda what had happen, which was not at all easy for Kenai. Kenai learns the love towards animals and see and appreciate what each other has to offer. He was able to experience the other side which he was unable to see before until he was placed in the shoes of the animals itself. This goes well with the Indian spirit religion as they do believe that each living matter and being had a spirit and should be respected. Even those of the animals because they are their ancestors spirits. Each token is given to a person as their strength one just has to find it and that's exactly what Kenai did. The Indian religion revolves much around nature. The movie itself shows nature everywhere and how it looks very untouched as well since harming nature would be harming the spirit as well. This movie is a great representation of the spirits within this religion. Even though there are several kinds of Indians and different forms of worship but all value the spirits. This moving is especially touching because it shows how to love what we cannot understand. I would definitely give it a five star rating, great for children to learn basic life lessons as well.

Jasmin S (ru) wrote: Such a weird movie! Everybody loves Adam .. and Adam, well he has such a big heart and he loves everybody!

Ben K (ca) wrote: Just picked up a DVD copy of this baby at the White Elephant party! Can't wait to fire it up on the new flat screen!

Hannah D (us) wrote: I have not yet read Women in Love, but I have seen the 2011 BBC adaptation, which I much preferred to this. It was watchable, though, and I was intrigued by the relationship between Rupert and Gerald, which at times was bordering on homosexual! I think I might have enjoyed it more if I didn't get confused by the plot.

Johnny R (ca) wrote: The best basketball movie ever!! Samuel L. Jackson gives his best performance!!