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Lee W (fr) wrote: With its militant chickens, hamsters with the voice of Johnny Vegas, fox masters of disguise and shell people, the Harry Hill Movie aims for the madcap vibe of Hill's classic Channel 4 show. Which would be great apart from the main problem: too much of the time, it's just not funny. It does raise the odd titter though, with Harry's public service announcements, a 'Blackpole' B&B randomly ran by The Magic Numbers and a spoof of Jurassic Park's kitchen scene, where the 'raptors are replaced with giant, carnivorous brains on legs.

Vasco M (gb) wrote: Batman Year One functions as another 'Batman Begins', and while Batman origin stories are too frequent nowadays, this one hold its own with its modern tint, fluid animation, and an interesting emphasis on Jim Gordon's story, who serves as the audience's proxy and is developed surprisingly well, taking up more screen time that the movie's namesake.

Stephane F (fr) wrote: You will never look at a roll of toilet paper the same way again. Fabulous thriller.

Marilena G (au) wrote: It works if you are looking for a predictable run-of-the mill romantic comedy. Other than that, it sort of fails to impress on almost any level.

Adam R (mx) wrote: I'm not really a fan of Dane Cook, but this was watchable and had its moments. (First viewing - Late 2006 in theaters)

Michael H (ag) wrote: Come on, this comes out ON MY BIRTHDAY! OF COURSE I'MA GO SEE IT!

Jonathan W (it) wrote: JESUS, will somebody put that f*cking dog down!!!

(fr) wrote: Horror-Black Comedy Style "Weird" and I'm Like This Film.

Sonny P (nl) wrote: pretty bad actors but the movie was not that bad :)

Allan C (ru) wrote: After seeing Gene Roddenberry's name in the credits as writer/producer, I'm surprised I never went out of my way to watch this film. Directed by Roger Vadim, this film is a sly black comedy about a series of murders on a high school campus of pretty young school girls during the hight of the sexual revolution. Rock Hudson plays coach/guidance counselor Michael "Tiger" McDrew, who charms all the women around him and also helps out one sexually frustrated student, mostly by playing matchmaker between him and hot young (and recently broken up) teacher Angie Dickinson. It's pretty fun to see the normally straight laced Hudson playing more of a sleazy lothario. Telly Savalas plays the detective investigating the murders and the cast of suspects also includes Roddy McDowall, Keenan Wynn and "Star Trek" alumni, James Doohan. Lalo Schifrin provided the lively score. It's not a classic, but it's a smart and twisted comedy that is also something of a period timecapsule.

Maurcio V (jp) wrote: Apesar de algum momento mais tenso e/ou criativo, 'Grave Encounters' al (C)m de copiar a frmula utilizada (muito melhor) em outros projetos e ser cheio de dilogos cansativos, tem atuaes irregulares, furos imperdoveis no roteiro e um desfecho ridculo.

Alexander B (de) wrote: Jurassic Park Three, isn't a good film and just ruins the Jurassic Park franchise for any Fans, but with great action scenes and great performance from Sam Neil, this film still was pretty much awful....

Joel S (br) wrote: A weak adaptation of one of what I consider to be Roald Dahl's lesser achievements.