Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani

Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani

Honest Shankarnath, even though employed in a supervisory capacity, nets only Rs.630/-, and is unable to accede to any of the demands placed by his three school-going children, Ravi, Roopa,...

Honest Shankarnath, even though employed in a supervisory capacity, nets only Rs.630/-, and is unable to accede to any of the demands placed by his three school-going children, Ravi, Roopa,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Coralie P (ca) wrote: It started off good thought it would be great but as it went along it ran out of energy and all the same storylines came out . watchable

Jonathan B (au) wrote: Pretty good movie with some good actors, but I am not sure what type of film this was trying to be. It was too light hearted to be serious, but had too many dark scenes to be a comedy. Some of the side characters were just thrown in for connivence sake and did not feel like they belonged. Most of the dialogue revolved around being Jewish, so you probably would enjoy it more if you are a member of the tribe.

Melissa D (kr) wrote: Not as good as the first but still good plot line. Love how they kept Jess and Jim. Buts its a good movie, rent it.

Madhuri A (ag) wrote: Miracle in Milan is an ideal movie for Christmas. Even though there is nothing religious about it, it reaffirms an optimism and faith in general well-being. Coming from De Sica, this is surprising, as I had come to see him as a chronicler of misery and reality.

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