A mother and daughter create bitterness, hatred, acrimony and discord in a wealthy family.

A mother and daughter create bitterness, hatred, acrimony and discord in a wealthy family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Giorgos T (es) wrote: An enjoyable movie, with good balance between comedy and drama and well-acted.

Gina W (mx) wrote: A group of Iranian friends vacationing at the Caspian Sea, there's a mystery. Elly has either drowned or left the villa. Based on a few simple lies, this leads up to tragedy between the friends.

Al M (mx) wrote: Zenovich's documentary is a compelling and poignant portrait of the infamous director that never exonerates Polanski of the crime of rape but does portray the flawed nature of the justice system when it comes to dealing with celebrities. However, while the film doesn't forgive Polanski of his crime, it does make an implicit argument for offering him a sort of pardon now due to the illegal nature of the judge's actions during the trial. A fascinating look into our justice system's inability to deal with certain individuals, Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired is not only an insightful look into the director's traumatic and traumatizing life but also devasting critique of the United States judicial system and its tendency towards corruption.

Cole B (fr) wrote: For an extremely low-budget independent film, "Imprint" is a solid, often effective film that is an excellent addition to the nurturing and growth of American Indian cinema. Linn, who did most of the work on the film, has a good eye. The dialogue was rough at times, but is expected from low-budgets, most of the time.

Justin B (us) wrote: Ineptly staged romantic comedy content to simply go through the motions, offering nothing that we haven't already seen a million times before.

Benjamin W (de) wrote: This film works in extremes. There is no middle ground. It's too quiet and too loud. It's incredibly subtle but also incredibly overt. As a result, there feels like there's no substance here and the whole thing is just a banal waste of 90 minutes.

Kenneth B (nl) wrote: Brighton Rock is, at times, a surprisingly sinister film however it is the character of Pinky seemingly the only one without redemption. An effective performance from Richard Attenborough as Pinky holds this enjoyable British mob-flick together.

Joel R (nl) wrote: One of my favorite WWII flicks. I saw this movie when I was a kid (no, I was NOT a kid in 1943.) I recently purchased it, just so I could watch it again. This movie does have the sentimental plot line characteristic of this genre, but most of the movie centers around a generous amount of great WWII song and dance numbers. If you enjoy this classic form of entertainment like I do, then buy this movie real cheap on Amazon.

Jon H (ca) wrote: Gimme Shelter is one of those "great movies of all time" that I've always heard about and always meant to see but never got around to. I can't say I've seen a ton of music docs in general. Most of my connection the Stones come from when my parents listened to them when I was a kid, too, which meant my motivation was slightly low.Having seen it, now, I can see how silly waiting has been. I doubt there's much I could add that hasn't already been said at this point, other than to say I thought it was fascinating and incredibly well done. It also reminded me of how fantastic some of their songs were. And it made me wish they'd captured all of Ike and Tina's performance because that was mesmerizing.

Michael H (kr) wrote: Much copied; seldom equaled. Capra established the template for romantic comedies with IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT and did it better than most anyone since. The energy of the movie ebbs and flows between quiet, reflective scenes and manic energy as Colbert and Gable gradually transition from finding each other useful, to finding each other indispensable. Until their budding relationship is undone through misunderstandings that throw them back into old patterns.The couple isn't separate from their environment, but lives in a populated world where people interact (for good or ill) and we see how people lived and traveled in depression era America. The dialog is sharp. The mores perhaps a bit more nuanced and less black and white than we might expect looking back with what we believe are more sophisticated eyes. All in all; a delightful movie that sneaks in a few jabs at society.

Annamarie G (ru) wrote: Worst movie ever. Makes British people look bad. Completely ruined random movie night.

Jack W (ru) wrote: Favorite Pixar film ever hands down. Absolutely breathtaking animation, lovable characters, and soulful story.

Oscar T (it) wrote: This is the movie Ive been searching long time ago, I remind, I saw this movie when I was a little child, and I want to watch it now!!!