Gharaonda (The Nest)

Gharaonda (The Nest)

A story young, middle-class urban working couple wanting to get married and their tribulations in finding a house in the city of Mumbai.

A story young, middle-class urban working couple wanting to get married and their tribulations in finding a house in the city of Mumbai. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Janis S (nl) wrote: should have been better.

Josiah C (br) wrote: Another vapid, mindless Disney channel film.

Kurtiss K (gb) wrote: Why can't people wrap their heads around making Philip K. Dick's stories into the thought provoking films they deserve to be, rather than just using them as a background for a forgettable action film :P

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Mo B (ag) wrote: Rating: 57%Funny, well-cast, ridiculous, and over-the-top, Jingle All the Way is a well-meaning holiday comedy whose uneven script and goofy characters can be passed on as just kiddy humor.

Owen C (mx) wrote: One of my favorites. So much gangster plot and action going on. Yet with no Hollywood pacing, it feels like a naturalistic meditation on family. Tony Leung proves again he is the greatest living leading man. He can play anything. Dynamic visuals and textured editing.

Andrew B (br) wrote: I rarely review films I have not seen all the way through (and thus I won't dignify this with a star rating) - but I must say this is comparable to using dull-colored crayons to paint a beautifully stenciled Iandscape. Being that it was done by Mamoru Oshii, anime master who created Angel's Egg (my favorite anime film ever) and the Ghost in the Shell movies I had high hopes. Based on the 20 minutes I saw...there were some fantastic visuals matching a pretty cool concept, but also some incredibly cheesy, over-glossy sequences proving that a master of animation can't always transpose his style into something live-action and make it work. The drab, lackluster, blurry style used (despite some great cinematography otherwise) made the film unbearable to watch since I could only think of how much cooler it would have been had Oshii stuck with the pencil. Maybe you can consider this a failed experiment...I just think it's a waste of talent.

Rob M (es) wrote: Not a great movie by any means, but it had some funny scenes. It's amusing how Clint's character Tommy Nowak can totally out smart 100s of rednecks with machine guns.

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Wayne K (nl) wrote: The swansong of comedy giant Peter Sellers, Being There would be far more compelling and far less boring if it had about 20 minutes cut out of it, preferably in the middle, where a very leisurely pace almost brings the movie to a halt. It becomes quite repetitive as it nears it's end, saying the same things over and over again, but it's definitely worth watching for the first act. Sellers is restrained and believable, gliding gracefully from scene to scene with his eternal expression of mild fascination. The movie explores what it's like to be an outsider, to be lost in a world one should be familiar in, and the interactions he has with the other characters change him enough that he appears to be coming out of his shell, but not so much that he becomes a different person altogether. I wouldn't watch it again in a hurry, as I believe the pacing would become more and more infuriating each time you watched it, but's its more than worth it for the central performance, it's quirkiness and genuine niceties.

Antonius B (fr) wrote: In watching 'Coquette', you have to cut it some slack for having been made in 1929, when acting was generally hammy and plots were a little thin. Mary Pickford does her share of over-emoting, but she also has a couple of brilliant scenes while grieving, really letting go, and showing she was ahead of her time as an actor. At 37, she also pulls off the look of a young flapper, and is so cute with her short hair and standing 5'1". John St. Polis plays the part of her father well, the Southern gentleman who must look out for the family's honor, and who detests her love interest, played by Johnny Mack Brown. The two of them also have some powerful scenes as emotions overheat. I also loved the snippets of dancing scenes we get to see, they are so energetic and really convey what we think of about the 1920's. At the beginning of the film, I was put off by its slow start and the spotty quality of the film after all these years, particularly when it was hard to understand the dialogue. If you feel the same, I would recommend sticking with it. It's flawed and not going to be your favorite film of all time or anything, but it's worth spending the 75 minutes to watch Pickford and the rest of this cast.

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Robert B (fr) wrote: Sorry bad movie. The plot (drama / psychologic triller) is about two missing kids in the Australian backcountry, in a family with past problems...the actings are normal (even Kidman doesn't stand up), the plot really is sort of empty when we look back, and I've totally hated the daugther of them in the end (no empaty). Only the photography is something nice. 4,5 / 10,0

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