Ajay Mehra leaves for Bombay in order to train to become an international boxer. On his return to New Delhi he however found that his brother Ashok Mehra is missing, he decides to make complaints at the police station but this only leads to frustration. He decides to go and search for his brother himself but still does not find him. Later on Ashok's body is found and Ajay is accused of killing him as well as having an illicit relationship with his sister - in - law Indu Mehra. While in jail Ajay makes friends with some other hardcore convicts, who are good at heart. Then one day they escape the jail by overpowering the guards. But Ajay falls in love with Varsha a journalist who helped in showing Ajay the path to justice in killing the main villain Balwant Rai.

Ajay Mehra leaves for Bombay in order to train to become an international boxer. On his return to New Delhi he however found that his brother Ashok Mehra is missing, he decides to make ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ghayal torrent reviews

Aravind V (ca) wrote: Asusual commercial movie. Vijay less punch dialogues took movie to hit. I cant believe that harris can do this much worst songs in movie. Army concept is must appreciated. Vijay forming 12members to attack terrorist scene was impressed me lot. Allover movie is watchable

cli o (ru) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Andrew T (de) wrote: Utterly awful "politically incorrect comedy".

Lauri L (ru) wrote: This is an excellent documentary about how much we want to do for other people, how group of people set the goal to reach a mountain peak to proove that blind people can do most anything. This movie is very well scripted and it has just right proportions of backround and story.

Rebya M (us) wrote: This is a movie about overcoming obstacles. More specifically the inability to see and hear. The cinematography and color contrasts is beautiful and worth watching on its own right. Many Hollywood films attempt to portray disabilities in a bright light, but this film surely takes 'bright' into whole new spectrum. A disability such as the one portrayed on this film is about patience, tolerance, and most of all, commitment.

Filipa S (gb) wrote: Great animation movie, full of action and sci-fi.

Jon P (de) wrote: Loaded with outrageous sexual imagery and outlandish humour, Takashi Miike's tumultuous shocker is like a niche porno on acid. Miike revels remorselessly in deranged taboo and bizarre character motivations; his ventures into butchery, breast milk and bewildering plot-turns forcing the weird-o-meter of the scale. However, the film's nonsensical nature and pitch-black gags provide charming comic relief from its excessive oddities, rendering Miike's endeavours deliriously entertaining. Deliciously sordid shocker in true Japanese style.

Private U (au) wrote: The Single Greatest Movie I Have Ever Seen. Not to mention Ryan Merriman is a sexy, sexy man.

Michael F (ru) wrote: Not as good as 48 Hrs, but a good movie nonetheless.

Tasos L (fr) wrote: In my opinion, the best Rourke performance. In order to understand the whole feeling of this movie, yoy should read some of Bukowski's books first..

Nathan S (ca) wrote: Old-school fountain of youth film about a perverted divorce dad falling head over heels over a blond bombshell while trying to get acceptance from his child. Funny, but the story line is a bit on the random side. Still, for an classic snapshot at Dudley Moore at his comic peak and when Bo Derek was the ultimate babe. To be honest, it's average, so with a benefit of a doubt, I'd rather call this a 6.

Akbar K (au) wrote: One of my favourite movies,,, major reason why i adore movies from the 70's and 80's

Stephen M (jp) wrote: A priest who has witnessed a murder begins to receive threatening messages; his brother, a neurotic professor with a bad case of the flashbacks, investigates. I would only recommend this boring and utterly formulaic giallo to ardent admirers of Stefania Casini, who receives unusually high billing and a fair amount of screen time. A pity, then, that she's given nothing to do, and that some idiot thought it a good idea to straighten her wondrous red curls and dress her like a catalogue model for frumpy, middle-aged knitwear. The plot is ridiculous, the red herrings wouldn't fool an infant, the dialogue in the English language version is atrocious and the murder scenes lack flair. Although it smacks of filler, some of the wintry location photography around Venice is nice.

Vera Z (es) wrote: A film that portrays getting old as a new phase in life, when you can still have sex, fun and be amazed by what the everyday has to offer.

Emile H (ca) wrote: Not that the movie was the least bit irrelevant over time, but it may be the seasoning needed to wash the bad taste in the mouth of today. Mel Brooks brings up the realness of the Old West. Not only is the premise provocative, but so is it's humor. Everyone in the cast, from Brooks himself to Gene Wilder knocks it out of the ballpark with the delivery of their lines, and many of the gags tickle every funny bone imaginable in the human body. It's certain in its crazy and funny to the core.

Adam Z (jp) wrote: Expect this little-known film to appear on my upcoming list for the Best Films of the 1970's. Neil Diamond's soundtrack is almost epic, definately the best use of his music I've ever heard. Hall Bartlett's crafty direction and some brilliant Oscar-nominated editing & cinematography make this the one film that has most ever made me want to have the ability... to fly. My only complaint is that I wish it were 20 minutes longer.

Charis H (ca) wrote: Awesome movie so fun

Mohammed A (gb) wrote: It's good movie to watch