Ghost Dad

Ghost Dad

Elliot Hopper is a widower with three children, he is currently working on a deal. It seems like his wife illness was very costly and this deal could put them out of the red. However he gets into a cab that is driven by a maniac, and Elliot crashes into a river. Elliot is sent back so that he could finish the deal and make sure that his children are taken care of.

Elliot Hopper is a widower with three children, he is currently working on a deal. It seems like his wife illness was very costly and this deal could put them out of the red. However he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy M (kr) wrote: A must see thrill ride from beginning to end. Great plot, amazing cast, jaw dropping twists. Great film that play games with your mind.

Parasite R (es) wrote: This Scandinavian horror-comedy surprises with astounding special effects and an entertaining story line. Playing on old Norwegian folklore of the menacing Troll, this film is well worth the watch - just don't expect anything in the form of true horror.The film follows a group of Norwegian students investigating the strange deaths of bears throughout the region. Their search soon leads them on the track of Hans, a secretive hunter whom appears to be the root cause of the mysterious deaths. Ever reluctant to aid the students, Hans finally gives in to their persistent requests and opens their eyes to the terrifying fairy tale.The mockumentary boasts breathtaking landscapes of Scandinavia throughout the search for the destructive trolls. Twisting and turning our way through forests and rivers, the superior special effects and natural landscapes never disappointed.Despite the mesmerizing visuals, the film does drag at points and many of the hints at proper Norwegian folklore will go over the heads of many Westerners (like myself). Without the necessary Norwegian perspective, the comedy can be a bit dry at times as well. Don't expect anything up to the standards of 'Tucker & Dale vs. Evil', but these trolls certainly toss any shark themed films out of the way with ease.

Joe W (jp) wrote: warm and lovely story, wonderful film.

Nicki M (gb) wrote: Extremely lame. Really expected more from Julie Delpy. I guess it's okay to watch once on tv, but sure wouldn't watch it again.

Jay K (fr) wrote: Star Wars and Star Trek fans will find the force in Fanboys, but general movie-goers may not see the funny.In the world of film geekdom it all comes down to one simple question, Star Wars or Star Trek? Personally, I'm a jedi kind of guy over those Starfleet folk. And as a "fanboy" myself, there's a ton to take away from this picture. It's the American Pie of Star Wars. Crude jokes, sci-fi references and stellar cameos ride the course of the movie, as four Star Wars geeks try to penetrate George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch. The year is 1998 and six months before Episode 1: The Phantom Menace is released; our four fanatics want to see a rough cut of the movie before anyone else.Fanboys is filled with the junk film buffs love: Mass quantities of inside jokes and hilarious cameos by cult heroes like Kevin Smith, Billy Dee Williams, Carrie Fisher and of course, William Shatner. But for those who waited in line for the midnight screening of The Phantom Menace (guilty), you'll be surprised to find something more poignant. You may find yourself laughing at just how silly it was to setup shop 24 hours before hand to grab tickets to a movie that is now hailed as the death of the franchise. And Fanboys is definitely something to share with that guy you hung out with in high school arguing over the forbidden love of Luke & Leia. And for the record, they didn't know they were brother and sister!I just moved into a new place with two ladies. Neither of them know anything about "Han shooting first" or the replacement of Sebastian Shaw in the re-mastered final "Jedi" scene. So while watching Fanboys, I remember how growing up sometimes means leaving behind things you love. My former roommate (Mark) and I would debate for hours how Yoda should've been able to take the Emperor in Revenge of the Sith. Or how Harrison Ford really was the best part of Star Wars and how Luke was a tool - well, until Jabba's palace. And it sucks that we have to move away from the good times in our lives, no matter how dorky, because they made us who we are. And yes, it matters to us.Mark and I are no longer roommates and I'm going to miss those times, but just like the movie will attest to, moving forward doesn't necessary have to mean you give up on your own "Death Star" (Luke's superlative moment in history). Mark's out doing that now and I'm here writing for you, piecing these moments together.Fanboys may not be the best movie, and it doesn't score as well as Road Trip, American Pie or even Tomcats but what you do take away from this corny romp will probably be something like I did. A film with really good intentions, and a fantastic message: Growing up doesn't mean you have to give up who you used to be.

Gabriel K (kr) wrote: The premise sounds a bit silly, but this is a surprisingly enjoyable movie about friendship between two teenage girls bored to death with their lives in British countryside. Superb acting, beautiful cinematography, and clever plot make it a captivating watch.

Vince T (fr) wrote: This movie portrays the conflict between a homosexual and political life. Poster Boy is a great movie to take to heart the difficulties gay men face in society, especially if they happen to be from a political family. The mainstay of the film is the portrayal of the addiction to politics. Politics can blindside a person's social life if immersed in it to an excessive amount. A life involving artificial issues only is a life very narrow. Politics may have great influence, but it is not the only influence that shapes the world.

Jason K (nl) wrote: rewatch proves that hollywood used to be obsessed with sub par ghost stories and annoying child actors

Keith C (nl) wrote: Cheesy, but kind of fun sci-fi flick.

Robert I (mx) wrote: H.G. Wells vs. Jack the Ripper! The prelude to Back to the Future. While dated as hell, this film is pretty excellent. Written and directed by the man who gave us "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan".

Matthew S (au) wrote: Vintage Norris. Filled with dumb action, bad acting and a by-the-numbers plots, but it's enjoyable and good for a cheap laugh or two.

Peter S (mx) wrote: Best classic of Disney!

Robert B (gb) wrote: Amusing and charming, Modern Times still entertains decades later. The set and prop design for the first act (the factory) are very good. The plot takes us through the many ups and downs (mostly downs) of the hero and heroine, and the way they handle it all is very endearing. The lead actress has great spirit and natural beauty. Modern Times isn't a must-see, but I would definitely recommend it.

Karen H (de) wrote: Watched for 2nd time 2016-09-16 (no date recorded for first time)

Nolan M (nl) wrote: Robin Williams gives a stunning performance as Sy, a lonely photo developer who becomes obsessed with a family.

Brandon M (nl) wrote: ok FIRST OFF NOT AS SCARY AS SOME PEOPLE MADE IT SEEM LIKE IT WOULD BE!! It had a FEW moments (like one or two) and the alternate ending on the DVD is creepy. This movie starts off VERY SLOWLY, but small things eventually happen. One thing that kept annoying me about the movie/characters was the couple's REFUSAL to turn on lights and just use the camera light; who does this, honestly? Also, for those of you that believe it THIS IS NOT A REAL MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! it even says at the end, and why would a real movie have 3 DIFFERENT ENDINGS!! I feel that Katie was the only one who had the most depth; Micah seemed like a jerk at times, and was poorly characterized and I just didn't feel that he was "real". Even the psychic was poorly developed (even though he was only in it like total of like 7 min). I do, however, like how they didn't actually show any ghosts, just what was happening; that gave it that extra edge and added a SLIGHT factor of creepiness. It was also cool to see the night shots and wonder what was going to happen, but sometimes disappointing when it was just simply a small noise. Some of the "tricks" are awesome editing/camera trickery and makes ya wonder how they were done (can't tell you without giving parts away). It also would have been little bit better to see more day shots, or see their breakdown more during the day (hard to explain what exactly I mean). All in all, DEFINITELY not the scariest movie, and not as scary as everyone made it out to be.