Ghost from the Machine

Ghost from the Machine

Wildly grief-stricken over the accidental death of his parents, young techno-geek Cody (Sasha Andreev) cobbles together an electrical device that he hopes will bring the spirits of mom and dad back from beyond the grave. But the machine's power and Cody's deepening obsession threaten the safety of his only remaining family: his younger brother, James (Max Hauser). Matt Osterman directs this ghostly sci-fi thriller that also stars Matthew Feeney.

After his parents are killed in a car accident, Cody is left dealing with enormous guilt, caring for his younger brother and the persistent thought of how to bring his parents back to life.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon V (it) wrote: i was almost eaten by a moth once

Cade H (au) wrote: The original Van Wilder was an amazing movie so I thought that one would be a joke and simply play off the first movie and have nothing original. I was very wrong for the most part although some of jokes from the first movie were re-done in this one. The actor who played the younger Van Wilder was pretty good and the host of characters around him was not bad either. There were some classic funny moments but also some stupid ones to go along with them. If you enjoyed the first Val Wilder you owe it to yourself to check this one out to get a little of the backstory behind the wild and crazy party animal, Van Wilder.

David G (ag) wrote: The bigger the plot, the worse the film.

Evan D (jp) wrote: The characters were believable and not too overly exaggerated. The soundtrack, if you can call it that was trite and monotone. I thought the writing was good, but then again I just watched Push so anything would look good. The movie isn't for everyone, but I enjoyed it.

Alehee N (mx) wrote: Pretty boring movie. That's all I have to say about this. Rent it and fall asleep while trying to watch it. Mark my words.

Daniel S (ru) wrote: Hard to believe it took me this long to finally see this, tho i had been wanting to for a while, i love the concept and the story, classic sci fi/horror, a la alien or predator, i liked the characters, especially riddick, and pretty much everywhere the story went, i will say tho, the effects are pretty laughable bad, like a big studio film should not have effects that crappy, and some of the character decisions later on i didnt agree with, still it delivers for the most part and i was satisfied with it

JoEy M (ru) wrote: I like snake movies...they're cool!

Dean S (de) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen. I am a big MK fan but this movie is an insult to everything that is MK. And why did Johnny Cage get killed off in the first 5 minutes like?.

Laurelyn K (ru) wrote: Can we really live without money?Of course we can, but when you have the opportunity to have a safe home and job, throwing it away can only be silly.

Lloyd H (fr) wrote: This is Steven Seagal's third outing and is quite different to his previous two films. Its absolutely ridiculous though. The plot is so bad, but it is bizarrely entertaining none the less. The aikido sequences are great as expected and the violence and action is thick and fast. Plus theres a great cameo from Danny Trejo in the opening sequence. This is typical Seagal and is a good 90 mins of fun. It's not to be taken seriously and delivers as a good action film.

Troy F (de) wrote: Short Circuit 2 does retain some of the same goofiness as the first film, but feels a bit inconsistent. Ben Jahvi returns with no sign of Guttenberg and the other female, as he strikes a deal to make toy versions of Johnny 5, and is aided by Johnny 5 who is sent by Guttenberg (who somehow knew Ben was in trouble and needed him according to the note sent). Johnny 5 gets naive and explores urban Philadelphia (clearly Toronto) and is fooled into a bank vault break-in scheme. The lack of Guttenberg and the girl is unfortunate as Ben goes from side character to main character in this film, meaning more screen time for his goofy but ridiculously stereotypical Indian mannerisms. While Johnny 5's quest to learn more and be human is explored with some difficulty that furthers his character, we do also get a lot of him shooting out loads of movie one-liners and pop culture references which seem oddly more irritating here than they did in the first film. He still has a child-like behaviour that seems to appeal to children who see this film, yet the film otherwise feels awfully PG-13 with some foul language (it's PG). Not that I mind as an older viewer but I mention it for the sake of the film's target audience. It's an 80's thing, I guess.I recommend Short Circuit 2 if you just want to see more of Johnny 5 in action with his goofiness and gadgets, and to be fair the urban setting is more interesting grounds for Johnny 5 to be in as it challenges who he is and to face acceptance into society. That's perhaps why some people like this one better than the first. I do however stand by the fact that the human plot is a bit weaker and and the whole bank robbery deal is cliche, making the film weaker overall, but the film holds enough in action and silliness to be a follow-up worth watching.

James R (mx) wrote: This film features some good action scenes!

Daniel K (ag) wrote: A solid early British heist caper (from 1960, rather than 1959 as listed on RT) starring the great Jack Hawkins. The humour may be a little subtle and the pace a bit stately for some modern audiences, but if you're a fan of old fashioned British stiff upper lip and daring-do, then this will be up your street. The tone is surprisingly dark in places and there are more sexual references than you might expect from the period, including a gay character, who is treated broadly sympathetically, but whose sexuality is treated here as a guilty secret (male gay sex was illegal in the UK until 1967). The main cast is strong, particularly Hawkins and Patrick, who share most of the best lines between them. It also features a brief and very camp bit-part from a young and then unknown Oliver Reed. Certainly worth a couple of hours of your time.

Anders A (nl) wrote: Denzel is strong here, so full of confidence its almost too much. Harsling with the bad-corrupt narc-life, right and wrongs gets mixed up and equality fades into forgotten truths.