Ghost Note

Ghost Note

An immortal blues musician terrorizes childhood sweethearts reunited over the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2017
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A rebellious teenage girl and her friend accidentally release the captured spirit of a murderous, immortal blues musician who had sold his soul to the devil. Now, they must figure out a way to stop him before it's too late. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin M W (au) wrote: A family man faces some familial life challenges ... with his family. That seems to be about the gist of the thing, cue the indie music score, cue some shots of sunlight sparkling over the surf. Heartfelt perhaps, but also markedly contrived, a Hallmark card of a film. My one beef with the work: whyzit every time the family is doing family things the Ma (Kate Hudson, effervescent) is never around? Wazzup with that?

Kyle C (mx) wrote: It's Halloween so it must be SAW, and guess what, this time next year, we'll be saying it again because we still aren't finished. Many people thought that this would be the last of the series but it opened up more of a story to continue, it is not the best nor the worst of the series, I personally thought that the story was good, a lot of people will not, and the gore was back for this one as well. I say that if you are a fan of the series you will like this, if you are not, you definitely will not.

Dann M (ag) wrote: An interesting noir thriller, The Girl from the Naked Eye has an impressive visual style but lacks a bit in storytelling. When a call girl is found murdered her driver sets out for revenge and turns on his bosses in order to find those responsible. It's a rather formulaic plot and the characters are the usual stereotypes. But this is made up for by the fight sequences, which bring a lot of energy to the film (though the fights start to become a little too choreographed). The Girl from the Naked Eye doesn't have much originality, but it's entertaining and has a creative aesthetic.

tomoko k (us) wrote: get smart is a great movie it actually gets the action comedy thing right you can get it on dvd for around three bucks so its worth it if your looking for a comedy but dont expect a crazy 007 in depth action movie. its downfalls are mainly the comedy kinda brings you out of the action.

Christian K (de) wrote: Hva skal man si.. Ikke min humor.. :p

Heather M (jp) wrote: This is a simplistic and strange story. I definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Wesley W (it) wrote: I remember getting this for Christmas on VHS back in 2000 and back then I liked it, but now after watching it, it was a really painful experience. The events happening in this I know have nothing to do with the show that this movie was based off of and even I don't remember a thing from the actual show because I was a toddler back then. I have never ever seen Peter Fonda act this bad in my whole life and Mara Wilson was terrible as well and Jesus Christ that guy playing Junior was really getting on my nerves. One of the worst movies of all time and its a good thing that I will never ever see this crapolafest ever again.

Dutch V (mx) wrote: Rare when a sequel is better then the first, rarer when a Seagal sequel is better than the first, and even rarer when the sequel is better than the first, but it still is a crappy movie. There's some cool action and some decent car chases which I enjoyed, which in fact is the only reason it is better than the first.

Lisa Michelle A (it) wrote: The only reason i'm even considering watching this is for Holly Marie Combs, my favorite actress.

Khurram A (us) wrote: Amitabh Bachchan was like Pacino in this movie. maybe even better...

Graeme H (br) wrote: Why do I care? I can't think of a reason. All I was impressed by was that Martin adapted Cyrano de Bergerac, much less finished it. By no means attrocious if uninteresting.

Jens S (mx) wrote: This action adventure was meant as start of a James Bond-esque franchise, but flopped at the cinemas back in the day. That doesn't mean this isn't an enjoyable film. It doesn't take itself too serious, has wonderful parts of humor, especially in the relation between Remo and his Asian master. That tongue-in-cheek attitude is necessary if you deliver a movie where people walk on water. The majority of the stunt work is good old-fashioned stuff, with actual people hanging from all kinds of high places. the highlight being a chase around the scaffolded statue of Liberty. Sure, the pace and filming of the film feels a bit dated today, but that doesn't lessen the enjoyment. Entertaining, likable action film that would have deserved a larger audience.

Alec B (br) wrote: Some of it hasn't aged well but despite being the film that jump started a genre, it still feels more raw and original that most of the "buddy-cop" stuff that followed it's release.

Tom C (nl) wrote: Equus is one of those ?director?s late period? movies which people tend to forget about, but which actually rank among the director?s finest work. Equus is the intensely Jungian night journey of Doctor Martin Dysart and his patient Alan Strang, committed to an institution after he blinded six horses under his care with a sickle. Carl Jung, psychoanalyst, believed that the process of ?healing? or ?counselling? is a two-way system ? by exploring the psyche of a patient you are also discovering things about yourself that you never knew, or simply revealing traits you often attempt to hide. This is certainly true of Doctor Martin Dysart ? a childless classicist who holidays in the Mediterranean, admiring photographs of Thermopylae and the Acropolis ? in stark contrast to Strang, the boy who creates his own passion in the wake of his mother?s evangelical fervor. Without giving too much away, the Christ image takes on a different form for the teenage protagonist after his father ? seemingly atheist and anti-religious comes to blows with his mother over her devout Christianity. Alan?s psyche is profoundly damaged. Tied together with multiple scenarios from his youth (many of them involving horses, and few of them pleasant) he transgresses into a deranged state of bestial fanaticism. Dr Dysart is tasked with curing him of his ?passion? (traditionally meaning, we are told, ?suffering?) and ending his pain. A theatrical, macabre experience which is frightening in its own strange way.

Hubert G (br) wrote: An interesting precursor to Alien. Some nice sequences, but ridiculous costumes even by my standards.

Jason T (ag) wrote: A decent little indie movie although the low budget feel does sink in too much at times. The performances were good even if some parts of the plot didn't seem realistic. An OK indie movie and nothing more.

David O (it) wrote: A suprisingly entertaining low budget sci-fi, that wisely doesn't take itself too seriously

Alyan H (us) wrote: a decent remake with a revamped image

TheScarlatescu R (ru) wrote: great story, great acting from Tupac