Ghost of Hanging in Utusunomiya

Ghost of Hanging in Utusunomiya


Ryutaro is a spy employed by the shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu, who is the target of assassination attempts that aim to hand power over to his younger brother Tadanaga. Before learning of these plots, Ryutaro discovers himself in a predicament of his own when he rushes to the defence of a local girl who is caught between her boyfriend and a greedy businessman. The situation results in many violent one-on-one skirmishes between Ryutaro and the businessman’s many samurai defendants, one of whom enigmatically refuses to reveal his face or use more than just the one hand. Before long, Ryutaro’s top priority is not protecting Iemitsu as it should be, but rather unearthing the true identity of the mystery samurai. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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May W (es) wrote: i rarely watch thai films, but i heard good things about this one so i decided to give it a shot. not really my kind of movie and a bit slow, but i really liked the cinematography. also fell asleep towards the end lol.. damnit what happened?

Avid C (it) wrote: It's a drama told in a simple way. Good acting. The script is unsurprising though and is weak when it comes to everything surrounding the fact that the girl isn't deaf. I still recommend seeing it, if you're in the mood for a some simple drama, with nothing overdone.

movie fan a (fr) wrote: one of my fave movies as a child!! wikd songs!!

Nadia C (kr) wrote: Unbelievable story, especially since it's based on a true story. This couple is just so crazy that I can't believe there are people like them. But also it is was a pretty hilarious movie.

Charles C (us) wrote: Ron Howard's beginning film must be seen. It was so action packed and hysterical.

Cory T (it) wrote: A block of 80's schlock with jump scares (which bombard the viewers with Dennis Michael Tenney's blaring synthesizer score) and sance-summoning atmosphere aplenty, Night of the Demons is a spooky, enjoyably kitschy B-movie ripe for rediscovery. The ghostly opening- credits animation of Hull House is an old-fashioned, matte-painting throwback to 'Fantasia's Night on Bald Mountain. The acting range within the film scuttles from wooden to unintentionally hammy (the choice of a Frank Welker mimic for the lip-synched demon is consequently riotous since visions of Megatron and Doctor Claw materialize). The soon-to-be-osmotically-possessed-via-kiss teenagers (who could be 30-year-olds) begin as sexist, repulsive hedonists guzzling Coors and coveting intercourse but a trio of them eventually evolves into amiable characters worthy of rescue. Sal Romero (William Gallo) is the Fonz of the picture who is the sex-starved Italian until he chivalrously sacrifices himself for Judy Cassidy (Cathy Podewell who monotones her lines like Farrah Fawcett with a frontal-lobe lobotomy), the virtuous heroine. In a novel contortion on conventions, Roger (Alvin Alexis), the token African-American isn't the first victim. The sensual highlight is Angela Franklin's (Amelia Kinkade) otherworldly, callisthenic dance choreography in a black veil with a strobe light in the background. Her lithe movements are simultaneously erotic and unsettling. The countdown to a body count is a long fuse but it compensates in dividends of bodice-ripper nudity (the coquettish, tutu-wearing Linnea Quigley usually disrobes on a whim) and flesh-tearing mutilation.

Jim S (us) wrote: Good movie. Not so much 'horror' as much as it is a thriller/ghost story. Although there are 'scary' moments it's not a creepfest like most horror types. Basically, this is about an American family living in India where the grieving mother (played very well BTW by the lead), who cannot shake the guilt of having to abandon her son to save their daughter from drowning in a car accident. She thinks she has found a way to alleviate the episodic breakdowns of her loss. Approached by their Indian maid, she is told how to make amends with her dead son and how to correct the self-inflicted mental wounds and accidental mistake of allowing him to die. The only caveat is to follow just 1 rule - no matter what, do not open the door. Well guess what - she opens the door. Now it 's on! Spirits and demons and natives bring all hell to earth. Including her not so sweet son. I enjoyed this film...good acting, great setting and cinematography and a somewhat predictable ending made for an entertaining ghost story.... Recommended for fans of this genre'. BTW - some over the top, pretentious reviewers seem to think every film produced demands to be an Oscar's a newsflash: Not every Oscar nominee is a good film and not every good film is an Oscar nominee.Get over yourselves and write a review that actually informs instead of just posting to see your name online.