Ghost of Mae Nak

Ghost of Mae Nak

Mak and Nak are a young couple who have just moved into their first home as a married couple. But the house they own has a history much older than them and spirits who won't rest until they get what they want. And this time, love won't conquer all!

A young couple reawaken the spirit of a famous old Thai legend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ghost of Mae Nak torrent reviews

Ryan R (ag) wrote: Super cute, much better than I expected.

Charles M (it) wrote: Moving, well worth watching.

Donna C (gb) wrote: Hilarious but I still think I might have a nightmare about spiders!

Daniel P (ca) wrote: Sometimes visually striking, virtually dialogue free piece with some memorable moments and a committed, if over-egged, performance from Vincent Gallo. The symbolism becomes wearying however, and Jerry Skolimowski doesn't have the even hand of Gus Van Sant's "Gerry" or Terrence Malick's "The Thin Red Line", which explore similar themes.

Daniel P (ag) wrote: All I'll say for the moment is: "Could have been so much better." Full review forthcoming.

Steven Mogi (br) wrote: A very sad and touching story.

Ashley T (nl) wrote: So bad it was actually kind of good!

Filippo V (jp) wrote: Even though it's quite long i was never bored, the link between the movie and the viewer was never cut off. David Fincher always surprises me.

Karina B (us) wrote: Sweet, in that Canadian way.

Josiah S (es) wrote: This movie sucked altogether. The plot was horrible, the script was written by a two year old, the cinematography was put together by a drunk guy, the CG was a high school student trying out some things and the acting shouldn't have made any money. If you can help it, don't see this movie!

Mark W (ca) wrote: I really hated this in reality... Josh was fat here, but he was also really little... Odd because it wasn't much later when he done Drake & Josh... Another dumb movie where kid's try to save the day by taking on two dumb-asses... Basically Home Alone in the snow... Generally predictable family "fun"... Although there really wasn't much fun to be had... Definitely pass on this one...

Mason S (fr) wrote: Very much for fans only.

Ryan K (jp) wrote: Good time to watch this one!