Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

After discovering a passenger ship missing since 1962 floating adrift on the Bering Sea, salvagers claim the vessel as their own. Once they begin towing the ghost ship towards harbor, a series of bizarre occurrences happen and the group becomes trapped inside the ship, which they soon learn is inhabited by a demonic creature.

After discovering a passenger ship missing since 1962 floating adrift on the Bering Sea, salvagers claim the vessel as their own. As they prepare to tow it back to land, that "strange things" happen... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javier S (es) wrote: Una pelcula de terror de factora, Historia de un hurfano que a los 18 aos descubre que es Adoptado y que su padre mat a toda su familia.De ah en adelante decide quedarse en la casa de su familia que acaba de Heredar y una serie de eventos super naturales empiezan a ocurrir llevndolo a conocer el negro pasado de su familia

Ryan M (us) wrote: Friday night, staying in bed. I stumbled upon this docu, 'A Lawyer Walks Into a Bar...' It follows 6 bar candidates as they prepare and sit for the CA bar. Very, very interesting. And you bet, tons of lawyer jokes in it. It brought back the memories of my own Bar experience in the Philippines. And it made me contemplate about my plans to sit for the CA bar. It's inspiring, but at the same time, it made me ask... Do i really want to go through that again? :D The Bar is definitely not a joke. (There's the understatement of the evening!) One guy, Donald Baumeister, took the CA bar 41 times! Not 4, not 14, but 41! I think it's 43 now 'cause he didn't pass the Bar 2x in this docu. I wanted a relaxing movie, and here I am all jittery. I could feel the anxiety and excitement going on.On that note, good luck again to those taking the Bar exams in the Philippines this month. In just a couple of weeks, after the last exam, you'll wake up at 6 am, automatically, and wonder what you'll do for the rest of the day. Yes.... you'll discover again how it feels like to sleep in. Believe me, the Bar month does end. :D Some of my favorite quotes and stats in the docu:"9 out of 10 people despise lawyers. But 10 out of those 10 would want their kids to become lawyers."speech at law grad ceremony "law schools are populated by neurotics... which means most of you are perfectionists, and control freaks, in addition to being workaholics.." ouch!"the US already has 800,000 lawyers.. 4 X more than all the other lawyers in the world"a law school dean, 2 governors and a mayor have failed the CA bar multiple times..."lawyers suffer from alcohol and substance abuse at almost twice the national average..." is this true?"we have a system of justice that is designed to ensure that innocent people are never convicted. And we pay a cost. And that is that guilty people sometimes do and will go free.."New Jersey. Man falls out of bed. Sues bed company. Judgment: $179KColorado: Man gets glued to Home Depot toilet seat. Sues for $3MWest Virginia. Woman injured opening pickle bar. Judgment: $2.7MNew Mexico. Woman spills McDo coffee on her lap. Judgment: $2.9M (you know this one)As a result of lawsuits, there is an abundance of labels and warnings on products. e.g. on a baby stroller, "please remove child before folding..."Finally, how to sum up the Bar: "The nerves really build up. Frankly it's a survival contest. How do you keep all the information in your head and be ready to vomit it out on the day of the Bar exam?" Well, there's a more positive way of summing it up, which my friend shared with me before I took the Bar: 'Think of your brain/memory as consisting of different cabinets, each cabinet representing a Bar subject. The knowledge is all in there, neatly divided into those cabinets. You may not remember everything instantly, but on the day of the Bar, you'll open each cabinet as needed, and be pleasantly surprised to find out, that somehow, the bits of information are still neatly filed in there." :D hope that helps. Ok, i'm going to bed. I've had too much fun tonight already. Haha.

Marc M (gb) wrote: Not bad for a video game movie! Jon Foo does a good job as Jin. It's a shame that they mispronounce the main character's name throughout the entire film, but that's more of a pet-peeve than anything else. It's also too bad that they portray Kazuya as an evil bastard, but since the movie stays fairly down-to-Earth for a dystopian future setting, I doubt they wanted to bring in Kazuya's whole possession and duality plot-line. Especially since the film focuses on Jin as the main character. They wouldn't have had time to develop Kazuya properly if they had used his story from the game. This movie is some-what reminiscent of an 80's style martial-arts tournament film. It doesn't really try to go over the top with the action and fight scenes. It's just a good old-fashion martial-arts film, with a decent plot and just enough modernization to keep the style from feeling dated. So if you like that type of movie or the Tekken games, then this is worth watching. Just don't expect to be blown away or anything.

Alan H (kr) wrote: Iron Jawed Angels depicts the final stages of the battle for the women's right to vote. This is an excellent HBO production, and it plays more like a big-screen release than a made-for-TV production (as HBO is known to do). The centerpiece of this film is the work of Alice Paul (Hillary Swank) and Lucy Burns. These sufferagettes met in England and brought their passion home to the United States in 1912. They attracted a group of young, dedicated, educated women that went to work in Washington, D.C.,to lobby for the vote. This is the same year Woodrow Wilson took office. Their decision to picket the White House, even during the early days of WWI brought down the ire of many people upon them, and even resulted in their unlawful arrests and imprisonment. Alice Paul was the heart and soul of this effort and, though she was a relative latecomer to the fight, provided the spark that inspired women to take up the challenge. The treatment of the sufferagettes in prison was eye-opening. The cast is amazing, and there is not a weak performance among them. You will see many familiar faces among the cast. The film is of high quality and deserves to be seen. There are a few disjointed scenes here and there, like Swank in the bathtub, but all in all, it is an excellent period piece dramatizing actual events. Watching a film like this makes me ashamed about the times I have taken for granted the right to vote, and inspired me to be a better-informed voter and citizen. 5 stars, whithout a doubt.

Mike F (ca) wrote: Good little David Mamet adaptation. The performances are great, but, like some Mamet gone OK, there's too much talk and too little resolve.

Markus M (fr) wrote: Slow moving and plainly told story about two siblings illegally entering the US in the early 80s.

Jeffrey W (fr) wrote: It was OK, did not follow the actual events. Very vintage movie from 1945.

Sami V (ag) wrote: Woah! In my DVD-cover, there's Charles Bronson with a bazooka... what more could you possibly want?!? The answer is: a lot. The plot is just stupid, acting is from ass (according to the title... twice), music is terrible (real 80's), dialogue awkward and even the action scenes are lousy and idiotic (water-jets, motorbikes, bazookas etc.)... oh my.Even though late mr. Bronson is one of my all time favourite stone faces, I found this film to be a waste of time. Too bad.

Nguyen Thuy H (de) wrote: How Now, Voyager the ultimate chick-flick turns from one of the most ridiculous romance into some kind of grand proto-feminist, psychodynamic statement is simply glorious. I didn't manage to control my laughter but couldn't deny that the film has its substance.

Paul O (fr) wrote: Might be interested in seeing

Amber G (kr) wrote: It is a modernized tale of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It has a few scenes that are similar to Disney's Beauty and The Beast. it is about a girl, a beauty, who sees underneath the beast, and sees the man who he truly is. It is about looking underneath looks, i.e. seeing a person for who he truly is. The saying "Beauty is only skin deep" is explained in the movie. Beauty sees the beast for who he is on the inside, beside his appearance.