Ghost Sweepers

Ghost Sweepers

Chan-young (Kang Ye-won), a young journalist, is sent to investigate a village which has supposedly been possessed by demons. The incidents taking place have been so strange and terrifying that local shamans and other religious leaders have simply given up, abandoning the town. But upon her arrival, Chan-young discovers that an all-star team of supernaturally-inclined heroes has assembled to rid the village of evil. This team includes Mr. PARK the exorcist (Kim Soo-ro), Shi-min the monk, Wol-gwang the clairvoyant, Seung-hee the tarot master, and Seok-hyeon, an engineer (Lee Je-hoon). Chan-young follows the heroes as they prepare for an epic battle against the village’s evil forces.

The village of Uljinri has been plagued by evil for decades. When mysterious accidents and events keep happening without avail, shamans from all over the country went there, and Chan-young, a young reporter is sent to cover the story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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