Ghost Warrior

Ghost Warrior

A deep-frozen 400-year-old samurai is shipped to Los Angeles, where he comes back to life.

A deep-frozen 400-year-old samurai is shipped to Los Angeles, where he comes back to life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert C (ru) wrote: Sad movie that makes you think.

Rebecca C (it) wrote: The title caught my eye and sat down not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. Offbeat, a little bit funny and a little bit romantic, and a little bit sad. Good film to see on a Sunday arvo.

Kevin R (fr) wrote: Let the orgy commence Two tourists traveling on a painful tour of the Middle East are participating in some biblical site seeing. They stray off the beaten path and wander into a cave. Within the cave they come across a scroll that tells the tale of a biblical character called Hershel whose life ran parallel to Moses. Hershel also spoke to god and felt he was the chosen one; unfortunately, Moses steals his thunder. "That god is all powerful, you witless ass." Gary Weis, director of Young Lust, Things we did Last Summer, and a Jimmy Hendrix and Beach Boys documentary, delivers Wholly Moses! The storyline for this picture may have been trying to capitalize on the success of such films as Time Bandits and the Monty Python pictures. Unfortunately, this film's brand of humor was dry and produced few laughs. The acting was solid for this genre of film and contained Dudley Moore, Richard Pryor, Dom DeLuise, Laraine Newman, and James Coco. "Shouldn't you be in chains?" My wife came across this movie while flicking through the channels and decided to give it a shot. While my score doesn't reflect it, I did enjoy watching this movie and seeing the plot unfold. Unfortunately, this was a non-funny comedy that doesn't live up to its potential or measure up well to other films in this genre. This is worth seeing when it airs on cable but isn't worth going out of your way to catch. "This is my first orgy." Grade: C

Michael W (ru) wrote: A very strange film, one of the strangest I've have ever seen, plus it's an erotica. Weird scenes that include, if I can recall with my mind already repressing the vision of it, only moments ago- a boiled egg being forced into and then pooped out of a virgina, period blood finger licking, rape, a little kid getting his penis pulled by a weird woman, oh yeah, almost forgot, a man's penis being lopped of with a kitchen knife then his balls for equal measure. Accompanied by, "by the way this is based on actual people."A young prostitute is being loaned to a respected hotel like house (brouffle maybe). Because of his un-payable debts, there she meets a married that is equally fiendish sexually, a lot older man who envies her youth, they fall into a deep sex driven relationship expected from a erotica film, although this film does not always go for the most sexiest flavors, you can probably tell from my list of gross ingredients. The more and more they have sex the more intense and rough it has to become for the both of them to reach blissful fulfillment in there sexual desire for each other. Making the woman sex crazy, she become's jealous of the man's original wife, while the older man neither cares or likes that she is still a whore for her original master, but is to transfixed on finding that wall and over coming it.I heard from a list on IMDb that this is one of the greatest erotica films ever made, while I am quite armature on the genre I see many more weird fetishism type of films following, an extremely weird film- that will either be leaving you with a shameful semi or dreadfully disgusted. An okay film, that's the way I am gonna put it. To weird to be great and to different to be neglected.

Aichatou H (us) wrote: After graduating college, Gandhi became an attorney and was working for a firm in South Africa where one day as he was riding a train, there was a white man who claimed that Gandhi was not allowed on the train because of his color. That event made Gandhi furious, which caused him to want to lead a non-violent protests for the rights of the colored people. The living in South Africa was not so pleasant, so he decided to take the matter in hand and joined the Natal Indian congress that was a political movement in South Africa. He was fighting the racial segregation using the non-violence protest. But segregation in South Africa wasn't the only conflict Gandhi had to deal with, Muslims and Hindus were also having problems in India, the British were taking rights from the Indians by oppressing them, and they were also making them pay unnecessary taxes. He then decided to move back to India and take care of the issue. Gandhi had to come up with a way to resolve the conflicts in India. With the help of Nehru and Jinnah, he came up with the idea to lead peaceful protests in India and also show photographs to the world so that other countries would be aware of the conflicts. Islam and Hinduism were also arguing over who had more power. They taught that the ideas to resolve the conflict between the major religious groups was to split India into two sections. Pakistan was divided from India for the Muslims and India was for the Hindus. Gandhi was still skeptical about the idea because he wanted for the two groups to be united but instead they were divided. He always opt for the peace in the country by uniting all religions but it was unsuccessful. A few moment after this event, Gandhi was killed.

Barry H (nl) wrote: I wouldn't say a bad film but I would say that if you read the book you'll not be as taken with the film.