A group of unlikely companions receive a radio call leading to a deserted house with a grisly past. After exploring the house, the group makes the foolish decision to split up, leading to a trail of death and destruction as the house unleashes its deadly past. Along the way expect severed heads, exploding light bulbs, demonic clown dolls, and creepy children.

A teenager and her boyfriend discover strange radio messages are screams from the future. They then trace the signal to an abandoned estate, only to be tormented by demonic spirits. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ghosthouse torrent reviews

Ahmed M (ru) wrote: Khiladi 786 has a very bad story, and it makes you realizes that the entire time you're watching the movie. It's pointless to even have Khiladi in the title, it was a poor try by the directors to bring in the audience by using a well-known franchise. Its mindless action doesn't help as well. But this movie doesn't take itself seriously at all, from the first opening scene to the last scene. If you like a "leave your brain" entertainer once in awhile, you might enjoy this.Other than that, avoid this

Tim M (ca) wrote: After his lackluster start Cashback, The Broken, Ellis really hits his stride here. It's a captivating and incredibly touching crime drama. Aside from a few oversights (Leaving the duct tape and cardboard, "Hey look! That criminal that got away didn't even bother to change his hair! Better walk towards him!") it's amazing.

Jv A (nl) wrote: A quick and so-so movie about young Thor. Movie can stand on it's own and does not connect to the Thor movie w/ Hemsworth

Alexia L (ag) wrote: es una cagada porque no la pude ver porque no me carga

Emily P (us) wrote: I love dance films and this is definitely a good one. The dancing isn't as good as other dance movies but the storyline in this film is what helps make it into the great film that it is.

Bryan W (fr) wrote: This may be the worst movie I've ever seen. This is perfect example of what not to do as a filmmaker.

Tareq J (kr) wrote: as great as always. almodovar never dissapoint me.

Denise J (jp) wrote: creepy...scared the hell out of me. Sam Rockwell is awesome.

Chase M (es) wrote: This is a childhood favorite of mine! I still love it!!

Angelina C (ag) wrote: I seen it 10 times, I still love it. Its sexy, funny and romantic.

Street J (mx) wrote: This movie just goes to show you that a "true horror" film" is about good pupeteering and acting, rather than CGI effects. A spider is far more terrifying than an alien design that may or may not exist and this movie allows you to suspend disbelief that a Tarantula could bring 160 pound White males to their knees.

Nathalie S (gb) wrote: Wooow... i don't know what to say. Very very beautiful, artistic and weird. Like many of his other movies.With lot's of beautiful women in it!

Walter M (br) wrote: In "Bitter Victory," General Paterson(Anthony Bushell) is in a bit of a pickle with a sudden dangerous mission to steal documents behind enemy lines in Benghazi requiring recruits. Major Brand(Curt Jurgens) is an obvious choice, especially considering his experience. Even though Captain Leith(Richard Burton) is very familiar with Libya, Paterson has doubts about him, especially about his being an intellectual...and Welsh. But that doesn't mean Brand and Leith have nothing in common, like say Brand's wife Jane(Ruth Roman). "Bitter Victory" is an offbeat war movie with some interesting casting(Jurgens playing a hero on dry land while Richard Burton is not yet Richard Burton) and very good use of location photography being the main points of interest. While Brand and Leith are outsiders(yes, I know Brand is a white South African but that's a conversation for another time), the movie attempts a psychological portrait of war. The fact that it takes the most cliched approach possible(of all the suicide missions in this war, you had to choose this one...) including a shaky resolution is a huge shame and lost opportunity.

Juliano K (us) wrote: dumb as any of the 80's should be, funny, non sense . great

Tim S (us) wrote: I can't say that I have much bad OR good to say about Humanoids From the Deep. If you want to look at it with critical eyes in the cold light of day then it's a pretty forgetful affair. However, if you're a B movie fan, in particular a fan of rubber suit monsters, then the movie will probably be for you. I actually like the look of the monsters and how disgusting their faces are. I also like it that they're mainly out to rape human females and reproduce. I also also like Vic Morrow being such an overt bad guy. The movie has a lot going for it, but it fails to really reach the epicness of bad charm like a lot of other Corman productions. If I had to sum it up in three films, I'd pick Jaws, The Creature From the Black Lagoon and Alien (even though Corman basically ripped off Alien more overtly with Galaxy of Terror a year later). The plot isn't complex, the acting is terrible, the story is questionable... well, most things are questionable. It's not great, but it's good for at least one late night watch.