Ghosts Don't Exist

Ghosts Don't Exist

A renowned television ghost hunter loses faith in what he believes and is about to retire; when he agrees to take one last case from a client who guarantees he'll provide the proof he's looking for.

A ghost hunter's final case before retiring leads him down a dark and potentially deadly path. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Denise L (mx) wrote: There is one gaping hole that the film maker does not use in order to prove several of his points. He does not go to PETA to get their views on the agriculture industry. He could have used their many resources to develop his narrative with stronger adversaries and access to the many representatives that belong to PETA. However this does not make this film any less informative since it is told from the film makers point of view and his long journey into discovering just how much is being hidden from the public. They delve into the main causes of global warming, which is unfortunately effected in large part by the North American diet of meat, meat and more meat. They also uncover the fact that foundations like Greenpeace which have been developed to try to shed light, minimize and deter pollution are ignoring this factor and are scared to react. Not many people past the age of 40 will bother to watch this movie, because of a pre-disposition to habits which they have formed that they refuse to change, even if it means it will make them healthier. However these are the people that I encourage the most to watch this film and other films like these. Ignorance does not look good on anyone. Learn for life and for the lives of future generations.

Ricardo B (de) wrote: It was entertaining and funny in some parts overall it's not the greatest movie but it is nice family entertainment.

Collin c (kr) wrote: Good movie... not A FILM though... a movie. The laughs were fairly original and the chemistry between the characters was awesome to watch

Natalie O (ca) wrote: Should have been way shorter and not a good film by far. But, I did enjoy it more than I thought I would and it is going to keep me thinking for a while

Christine B (jp) wrote: good action movie with a superior lead actor!

Andy D (ru) wrote: This film is long, drawn out and completely void of anything vaugly entertaining.

Alison O (de) wrote: Best in Show: Edie Falco One for the future: Edie Falco Stand-out scene: Holding breath scene Brainer or no-brainer: Brainer Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: Repeated DVD commentary any good?: John Sayles - insightful and informative DVD John Sayles can always be relied upon to spin an absorbing tale and here he gives us an Altman-esque ensemble piece set in a sleepy beach resort in Northern Florida. Its residents provide a multi-threaded yarn that leaves you intrigued for its duration (just over 2 hours). The Real Estate developers are sniffing around the area buying up land and properties, much to the chagrin of many of the residents whose stories are laid bare here. Amongst the populace are an unfulfilled restaurant manager (Edie Falco) and her Dad (Ralph Waite; the Dad in the Waltons) an ex-resident who left the town in disgrace visiting her mum (Angela Bassett) and an uptight organiser of a town festival (Mary Mastrantonio) whose hubbie is suicidal (Gordon Clapp). The relationship between Falco's character and an employee of the developers (Timothy Hutton) makes for the most affecting story of the lot, but it's an indicator of how multi-layered the screenplay is that that relationship forms only a small percentage of screentime. The DVD commentary from John Sayles was outstanding on this as I can think of only one other (from George Huang on Swimming with Sharks) that gives such a detailed description of the process of making movies, occasionally emerging like the Wizard of Oz from behind the heavy burgundy curtain to reveal the mundanities of what many envisage as a glamourous process. The description of the film's one special effect scene (right at the end, involving a golf ball) shows just how the sparing use of special effects can be the making of a movie (and evoked great memories of Lawn Dogs for me). More please, Mr Sayles.

Jairo A (de) wrote: I don't actually recall falling asleep in too many movies, this one did it! The acting was pretty lame...definitely my least of the the series (Rob Zombie ones not included).The biggest mistake with this movie is that Laurie is only in it for the first 15 minutes or so...from there it goes downhill and quick!2/5 OR 4/10

Denise A (kr) wrote: A sweet sad movie :(

Alex r (mx) wrote: Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a phenomenal career as an actor with Eraser; he delivers yet another entertaining performance, one that I find to be a bit underrated. The film is not too original, but it's one that is thoroughly entertaining, and is sure to please Schwarzenegger fans looking for an action packed thrill ride. The film has its flaws, but the direction by director Chuck Russell keeps it together, and he has made pretty good films, and he tackles the material well. Although not his best work, Eraser is a pleasant action film, and he directs it with confidence and gives it an edge to really make it engaging. Some scenes are thoroughly entertaining, and there are many memorable scenes, but this isn't Schwarzenegger's best film either. Eraser is worth seeing, and it is a well crafted affair. If you enjoy mindless action pictures, give this one a shot, it may not be a standout Schwarzenegger vehicle, but it still possesses enough entertainment value to appeal to action film buffs who want a pleasant time waster to watch. Eraser may not win any points for originality, but it's a well crafted affair, and in away a forgotten picture from Schwarzenegger's body of work, due to the fact that he has starred in far superior pictures over the course of his career. Despite its imperfections, it's far from his worst, and like The 6th Day, is one of his most underrated films, and it's worth a second look if you enjoy his work. Sure, there are aspects that could have been improved upon, and Eraser does fall short of what it could have been, but for the most part, it's a well executed actioner that is better than what most people have said about it.

melodie p (nl) wrote: Omg it's been a long time since i've seene this movie with the oreo cookies loll and the hole that will lead to china and the little boy that falls in it lol it was one of the best movie when i was a kid i just love that movie

Adam P (nl) wrote: Movies about dogs shouldn't have hyphens in the title.

sfgsgsdg f (nl) wrote: Yeah. You don't really care what's going on, but you try to and the more you try to the more it becomes hard to which if you're reading this can give anyone a severe headache.

Adam R (ru) wrote: A great blend of an adventurous story with Canadian nature footage. It's an excellent Disney movie that many people haven't heard of. (First and only full viewing - 11/17/2009)

Indira S (us) wrote: storyline nya ternyata lucu and enak diikutin + oma audrey cantik :)

Paul C (us) wrote: Bob Hope given free-reign to machine-gun one liners was almost peerless and this is one of his best vehicles. Russell adds the glamour and Rogers the stunts and musical numbers - but rightly it's Hope playing his usual vain, yet cowardly fish out of water who makes the film his own. It's just a shame that there will be scores of people who dont get to appreciate films like this anymore.

Denise B (br) wrote: Gives you a sense of wonder at the beauty, danger and force that is Antarctica, and the people and dogs who must survive in that habitat.

Michael R (kr) wrote: Old School Goodness....!