Ghosts Never Sleep

Ghosts Never Sleep

Jared, a struggling writer, is haunted by a tragic past. Fact and fiction explosively collide when he writes of a dark family secret that his wife can't understand and that his mother has vowed to keep hidden at all costs. This gripping psycho-drama is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat! Featuring star performances from Faye Dunaway, Sean Young and Tony Goldwyn

The story revolves around Jared, a struggling writer haunted by a tragic past, who is pushed to the breaking point with fatal consequences. Fact and fiction explosively collide when he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick B (ag) wrote: Where are my dragons!Dominika Juillet was awesome in this.

Erica T (us) wrote: This is my favorite film by Joe Swanberg so far. There seems to be more of a story to this film than in his previous works. I found the film to be really funny, and loved the scenes with the two sisters. My favorite scene was when the sisters did their little song, it was hilarious. I am looking forward to seeing Nights and Weekends.

Gwynne E (fr) wrote: I thought it was hilarious!

Brad S (kr) wrote: - I had seen this before and enjoyed it, but was distracted by the CGI blood. This time I just really enjoyed it as an action film. The opening shot pulled me in and I was with the movie the whole time. When I saw it before, I hadn't yet seen Fassbender as "Magneto" or many other roles so it was nice seeing it being more familiar with him now. Same for Imogen Poots. The cinematography is gorgeous. Definitely recommended!- I really wanted to like this one, had a cool premise with interesting actors and decent genre director, but it just didn't fully work for me. One major issue I had with it was the excessive use of CGI blood, it was very violent with the CGI blood flying everywhere and it always pulled me out of the film. Fassbender was good in his role, can't wait to see him as "Magneto"!

Courtney K (gb) wrote: I love this movie because it shows how through war life does change. The basic training part shows the truth of what we go through. thought it was eerie how Dorie got progressivly sick in the movie.

Columbcille D (ru) wrote: a GREAT sci-fi horror that was perfect timing in its release and the boom of cell phone use!

alan j (gb) wrote: A decent follow-up to Airport 5 years earlier. Charlton Heston and Karen Black are the feature stars here, and the storyline provides a fair amont of suspense and thrills with believable acting. George Kennedy returns to provide continuity to the series and provides decent support. The series should have stopped right here, but the mid 70's were littered with disaster movies such as towering inferno and earthquake, and while this movie is not on such a grand scale, is a worthy entry. Recommended.