Ghosts... of the Civil Dead

Ghosts... of the Civil Dead

Prison gangs clash in a high-tech security jail where there are no rules.

Prison gangs clash in a high-tech security jail where there are no rules. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ghosts... of the Civil Dead torrent reviews

Joycelynn A (mx) wrote: My kids enjoyed it and watched it over a couple of times.

Lee M (au) wrote: A meager narrative is cynically doused in torture and cleavage shots, while any tension withers on an overlit set.

Carlos J (kr) wrote: La encontre de casualidad y me quede por Josh Radnor (como conoci a tu madre) y Kate Mara (House of cards)... Me encontre con un film independiente, cuidado y reflexivo para parejas de treinaypico en adelante.... Recomendable!

Brett R (ru) wrote: Two very good actors. The rest suck. The plot comes off. Some of the jokes don't. Half a star because I know guys who lie to get laid... realistic. Minus half a star because those kinds of people tick me off! Anyway, the women are whorish too, so who's to blame? Pretty good in spite of its shortcomings.

Martin P (au) wrote: Pretty predictable, but entertaining with the flying scenes.

Mythreyi M (ag) wrote: Just watched like for the Nth time...very youthful and lively,funny never overdoes it (not like much of hindi movie humor) and i actully like their acting which more like real conversations one can relate..all in all a fabulous movie!

Brian P (ru) wrote: Weak movie. VERY WEAK

jay n (us) wrote: Fine drama even if you're not a race fan. Jeff Bridges gives a customarily excellent performance strongly supported by Valerie Perrine, Geraldine Fitzgerald and Art Lund. An added plus is that the movie's theme song, I've Got a Name. a particularly fitting choice given the subject, is sung by Jim Croce.

John B (br) wrote: About halfway through, I was thinking "You know what this movie needs? Kung-fu." And then, as if on cue, the kung-fu fighting began.

Chase M (fr) wrote: A decent enough movie. The only reason I watched it was because I had to for a school project.

A L (br) wrote: Lousy in terms of characterization, production, and narrative prowess, Inkheart comes across as less of a magically engaging twist on the nature of fairy tales and more as a cheap retread of better book adaptations.

Blake E (kr) wrote: It's a privilege to be able to see DiCaprio's transformation as an actor, where he began, where he went and where he is now. If you watched this film back then you couldn't have guessed the success that was ahead of him. But you know something was bound to happen. What a talent. Love DeNiro's character is this: so over the top and child like that it's at times you can't help but find it comical. Also nice to see Tobey McGuire in his early days.

Greg W (de) wrote: awesome bio-doc michael & I were the same age so we came up together it was gr8 going down memory lane viewing this doc