A young man and his girlfriend move into an old mansion home, where he becomes possessed by a desire to control ancient demons.

The movie centers on Jonathan Graves, who moves into a man's old mansion home, and calls up Hell's most mischievous and murderous minions, the Ghoulies, who will terrorize everyone participating in the ritual. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ghoulies torrent reviews

Jake C (us) wrote: Knowing his style, Nicolas Winding Refn strikes back with another over-the-top, bloody fest. But that's what makes it one hell of a ride and another fantastic entry from Mr. Refn.

Manoj V (nl) wrote: Eff it, I'll make any piece-of-crap Mallick makes.

Andy W (us) wrote: Sparse, intimate art-house fare which is all about the central performance from Paul Dano. The photography is beautiful, but the deadbeat story is hard to warm to.

Kemi D (fr) wrote: Perhaps the most detailed description of awkward human relations and emotions ever to grace the big screen. Bravo to Claire, it was thoroughly enjoyed!

Greg P (br) wrote: Good movie about 13 year old Jasira as she comes of age sexually while living with her very oppressive father. This movie tackles a couple important issues, such as racism, sexual abuse, and love. The acting is very well-done in this movie. I felt that Aaron Eckhart did an exeptionally good job as the neighbor that abuses Jasira.

Rob L (ca) wrote: Pretty good movie, just couldn't help but think it could be better. Ryan Reynolds does a great job with drama and comedy though.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Want to see at some point in the future! A treat !

Kamil G (us) wrote: Overall a dreadful movie with a really poor plot. I did not find a single thing funny. I would say its a movie that you watch when you want to kill some time.

Senor C (it) wrote: For about the first 20 minutes I didn't know if I was going to stick w/ Twice Dead. It didn't look like it was going to amount to anything & was kinda a mashing of movies I had seen like The New Kids w/ a haunted house theme. I was thinking where the hell is Jame Spader when you need him. Had actually sought it out because I wanted to see how Todd Bridges career had bottomed out. Even though it's pacing is out of wack it does improve & the last half an hour actually delivers. It's too bad that you have to put up w/ the bad/mediocre first hour. Maybe if I had seen the VHS of this that is that is supposed to be riddled w/ boom mics. I love when boom mics make specially guest appearances like Chained Heat & Silent Night Deadly Night 2. Stick w/ it though because it does get better. An extra 1/2 * for the electrocution while fucking & Todd Bridges being hit by a car

Vincent P (it) wrote: There's some good stuff in this re-telling of the first tale that's for sure... but the whiplash-inducing editing undoes a lot of it (the good cinematography, the gore). That meltdown/transformation near the climax is the real standout of the whole thing. I'll say one thing: after the horrific Part 3, this cheapie was a treat!

Orlok W (au) wrote: A hard, uncomfortable look at racism in America--Ralph Bakshi's Coonskin is indeed a movie that would "offend EVERYBODY"...!!

Nikolaos S (nl) wrote: Love it or hate it stuff..A litle corny looking now but I bet it influenced the right people..I didn't even bother me that the sound was obviously post production.Although the DVD has a good alternative soundtrack I guess

Charles P (ag) wrote: Director Paul Schrader's efforts to create a cultured, dramatic study of sinful desires and human immorality result in an overambitious horror misfire, suffering from unsuccessful psychological suspense, weak CGI, and a poor script.

LukeNukem M (nl) wrote: This is the worst film I've ever seen!

Matt G (it) wrote: Nearly as forgettable as it is well-intentioned, Singer's loving ode to the 70s films is both its crutch and its charm. The timeline is crazy (5 years later...except its clearly set in the 2000s?), Routh never quite fills the red and blue tights (McAvoy's right there! Let him do it!), and Luthor is still wrong. However, given the Snyder-verse Superman we're stuck with now, Singer's uncomplicated and unique action mixed with its comic-y optimism make this ho-hum superhero entry almost look great...almost.

Marco P (jp) wrote: Donno why but it is a kind of a cult to me this movie, it is a strange story and waterworld reminds me of it.It is a bad nightmare I think. But the reality I think its not that far from this. A lot of sequel from other plot and stories that copied this movie came out. This is why the vote is "high" respect to your opinion."The survival of the fittest"... yes