Ghoulies II

Ghoulies II

The Ghoulies wreak havoc at an amusement park, disposing of those who mistake them for mere fairground attractions.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:occult,   magic,   alcoholism,  

Ghoulies II picks up a short time after the first movie, a few of the little nasties stow away on an amusement park ride and bring big bucks to a dying fair. The creatures are mad after an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ghoulies II torrent reviews

Kartik J (au) wrote: The first half was fun. Songs are peppy. The leading duo are not that great. The 3 ladies who are out to con the conman, put in a terrific performance; especially the girl who plays the Delhi babe. Anushka Sharma is ok, Ranveer Singh is wooden and terrible. The climax was a letdown. Passable fare and quite enjoyable in parts...

DA Z (us) wrote: A somewhat cliche plot is overcome with an A+ cast and mostly hilarious script.

Clay H (de) wrote: Plenty of action, but if you are over 12, the story leaves a lot to be desired.

Fatima A (ag) wrote: amazing and wonderful 3ngd wow wow ......................(y)

Yasir S (kr) wrote: An example of how good material is wasted on the hands of bad director and actors

Josh A (nl) wrote: Certainly less interesting than King of Kong, but moderately entertaining

Jason C (fr) wrote: I'll give them credit for paying attention to the first one and for the characters having a memory of the events, but I can't give them credit for the movie itself. They try to expand upon the mythology and end up with sucha confusing mess that even I had trouble keeping up with what the hell was going on. Now we not only have one ghost killer, we have two and ahhh to hell with it, I can't even begin to make heads or tailsa it so let's just call it a day ha.

Evan L (kr) wrote: A very good thriller for the first half, terrrible second half.

diana w (fr) wrote: feels like i'm watching another version of "BIG" minus tom hanks. it's a pretty good film with solid casts. i don't really like mary stuart masterson though. she doesn't quite hit the notch here. ryan o'neal is ryan o'neal, he's pretty much reprising his role in 'love story' (devoted lover minus the tears); alas not much to say. the one who's carrying this show is definitely cybill shepherd. i've never really cared much for her but she's definitely a looker in this film, regardless of her age. she also has that talent of drawing people in with her smile (a widow has never looked sexier). the character corinne jeffries definitely fits her. she has the knack of making the audience sympathize with her with just little effort on her part, and she can also make us understand why she makes that 'choice' in the end. robert downey is a bit over the top here, but i guess we can forego that since it is a COMEDY after all... overall, worth watching! and the ost 'after all' is definitely enchanting!

CJ C (gb) wrote: A lesser Altman, bit dated, but funny. AND CGuests character is hilarious!!

Janette R (ru) wrote: Only watched an hour of it, not too exciting so far. Some symbolism.

Sam W (gb) wrote: A portrait of L.A. before phones had cameras. Pfeiffer makes jeans look dangerous. A wonderful movie with a fast paced heart.

Richard D (it) wrote: Burt Lancaster stars as a reclusive retired professor who is bullied into renting the unused top floor of his palazzo to a brash aristocrat (Silvana Mangano). She intends to use the apartment for her young, kept lover (Helmut Berger). Lancaster's life is continually disrupted by Berger and Mangano's daughter and her boyfriend. This makes it sound like an art film take on "Pacific Heights", but Visconti has different things on his mind. The crass, loud young folks reawaken Lancaster and connect him back to the world he has cast aside, but they also eventually reveal his hypocrisy and inability to act on his noble intentions.

Jennifer B (de) wrote: Ava sings a really gorgeous song in this movie :)

Mackenie S (ag) wrote: Bette Davis hated this film with a passion, but I thought she was good. She does say one of the great lines in film history. "What a dump"

David W (es) wrote: Not much happens, but hey lot of money means more of this....ha....

Scott C (es) wrote: These types of films rarely work. It was great seeing Gillian Anderson though, one of the most appealing and underused actors out there.

Anne F (mx) wrote: Surprisingly exciting tale of a wouldbe croupier whosedrug-dealing husband turns up with her pregnant sister (his baby) and stolen illegal drugs (not his).

Robert I (it) wrote: Flipping weird, but at least a good example of a woman director doing a good job.