Stefan invites his daughter, Jennifer, to travel to Romania for the funeral of his mother. His mystic girlfriend Liz travels with them to the cursed village of Pelosoara, where they are welcomed by Stefan's brother Vladimir, and Jennifer finds the locals are very peculiar people. Jennifer learns that she is the only woman from the bloodline of her father. At the funeral a stranger approaches and asks Jennifer to meet him in the square in one hour. When Jennifer arrives at the meeting place, she sees a creature devouring the man she was there to meet and is saved by Thomas. The man tells her that he is the last druid on Earth, protecting the world against the evil ancients. They were defeated by the druids in the past and banished to the spiritual world. That night, there was to be a reclamation ceremony where the evil queen possesses a vessel to open a vortex between the spiritual and the real world to bring the ancients back to Earth...

A college student returns with her father to his home country only to discover her family holds a dark secret that involves her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ghouls torrent reviews

tara (br) wrote: i was actually concerned w/the message mid movie but it got better..the message that is, the movie overall had potential but was definitely overcheesed. george couldn't even save this one for me and w/all the canadian going on how does olivia newton-john even fit?

Sandra B (gb) wrote: tro envie de le voir ce film avec Mr Gad Elmaleh !!!!!!!!!

Carrie B (au) wrote: 1st installment of the Paradise moves from the Robert Parker books. Tom Selleck seems most comfortable playing the unconventional new Chief of Police with a dicey past. Very heavy thinking required.

TheLords A (kr) wrote: Now when my mom said she and my brothers where going to watch this movie when I just came home from work a few hours ago, I eventually said I will too...I made a VERY good choice tonight. Plot: We start off with a boy playing with his toys. But then a bomb goes off scaring the boy but is rescued and taken to an Amphitheatre where we enter the story of Titus. Titus has just come home from a won battle at the cost of 21 of his sons. During this war, he also took the Queen of Goths, Tamora, her secret lover Aaron the Moor, and her three sons, and despite the queen's pleas, he sacrifices one of her sons during his sons' funerals. Later the emperor of Rome dies and so the people squabble over who will succeed him. The people choose Titus but he declines and so one of the emperor's sons, Saturninus becomes the next emperor. Eventually, Satuninus marries Tamora who secretly vows revenge against Titus. Later, Tamora's remaining sons Chiron and Demetrius reveal that they lust over Titus' daughter Lavinia. So Aaron devises a plan where with the help of Tamora, they kill Lavinia's husband, rape her, and frame two of Titus' sons for murdering her husband. To top it all, Chiron and Demtrius also cut off Lavinia's tongue and hands so she can't reveal who did all of this to her. When Titus finds out, he vows vengeance on whoever was responsible for what happened. In terms of story, this movie was very, very dark. I mean it gets bigger than what I said about the plot as the movie goes on. The visual design is where the movie becomes amazing but just as messed up. They keep throwing in locations, costumes and imagery from various periods and a lot of them just happen out of the blue. But it's not just artsy. Because the story all around to me was very complex in a very well done way. I mean it was dark, but it also had its funny moments, clever moments or just use of choreography and things like that to display the story that just were really well done. Actors/Characters: Anthony Hopkins/Titus: What do I have to say? It's Anthony Hopkins. He gave us this amazing complex character that's getting driven almost completely made at some points, over his desire for revenge and for everything that is happening to them. Titus is a sad yet entertaining character and Hopkins really pulled it off. Harry Lennix/Aaron the Moor: Good grief this guy was evil. I mean as the movie went on, this guy kept on shocking me on how he's twisted, clever, despicable, cold-hearted, and how to top it all, never regretted a shred of it up to the very end. At the end of the day, Lennix gave a villain that I could hardly stand at the fact that he truly was that evil. Osheen Jones/Young Lucius: I liked how he started off as just being some kid that's observing all these events while turning out to have a part in it. And I really liked how that changed with the part where he killed that fly and then all of the sudden he's an actual character while we find out all of the sudden with his dialogue with Hopkins that follows. Music: Just as messed up and the movie itself. I mean one moment you're listening to some normal dramatic music, the next you might hear punk rock or something like that. Editing: I liked a lot of the editing. There wasn't any cuts or transitions that really stood out, but I think they displayed the story with the editing very well. And that's my review for Titus. Out of the Shakespeare play, we get an awesome movie with wonderful acting, amazing visual effects, and a story that just messes you up.

Megan N (it) wrote: Really cute movie, lots of sing/dance. Too long though. <3 sharukh khan

bill s (mx) wrote: Ok little story but Newman's Long is just over the top goodness.....

Isabelle S (ca) wrote: J' aurais bien aim lire le livre. Je suis certaine que c' est encore meilleur.

Grant S (fr) wrote: Gritty WW2 movie.Focuses on a US unit during the early days of the US involvement in WW2. A small unit holds an important area in the US defenses, on the Bataan peninsular in the Philippines. Very gritty in that no punches are pulled in the depiction of the war. No superman-like heroics. All quite realistic.Being made in 1943, the film uses US weapons of the time of the battle, adding to the authenticity.Good performance by Robert Taylor in the lead role. Decent supporting performances, though that of Robert Walker, as the sailor, is particularly irritating.

William C (us) wrote: Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are back, and they are having to work together even though they kind of don't really like each other still. The movie basically is all about the bad guys and the good guys being Walker and Diesel where both of them have the old shared enemy thing going on and have to help each other to achieve their goal. The plot kind of plays out like a crime thriller but with lots of cars, in fact I even felt at times like the cars were not as important in this one as before, they don't talk about them as if they are humans like they have before. The reasons I think this movie is poor I will go into but first I must say if you haven't seen the one's before this then go and watch them or this will make no sense.Let's start with the actors and the star attractions to the show, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel return in the style they left us with last. The duo have a strange problem in which I felt was actually the director and writers fault, giving them lines that make them look really dumb and obvious although neither actor does that well in this. The film has a lot of poor acting throughout and though it definitely isn't really dislikeable, still just far from good enough in this already high grossing franchise. The thing is I didn't hate this movie far from it in fact it isn't actually bad, but for me it is too close to being bad for it to even break average, the whole story is pretty basic but the people behind the scenes are the one's who make it a let down.Justin Lin is the man in the directors chair and for me he is again poor, the vision he sets out is just too like I said before, obvious, and he turns some moments which could have been good into over the top action and acting. Chris Morgan writes again and the collaborating between Lin and Morgan just is not going well, the dialogue is messy and like I said the whole plot is set out in such a generic and basic way. This movie will try to draw you in with all its action and big chases and races but all of it is false things to make you excited and I refused to be won over by disappointing work behind the scenes. Now the fourth instalment is probably somewhere so far into the series around third in my rankings, just about better than Tokyo Drift but below the first two. If you're interested in the series and have maybe already really connected with certain characters then maybe you will enjoy this more than I did and although I didn't really not enjoy it, I just felt it too much of a mess to be a film I could look back on with positivity. What Justin Lin tries to create is a movie that is fast but sombre and contains a whole lot of one-liners to try and impress, some come off well but the majority do not and overall I didn't feel pleased enough by the lines.So The Fast and Furious marches on and although this does it fast and furious, they forgot to make it actually good. One weird thing I felt about this was that actors like Walker and Vin Diesel are getting better as their respective characters and for the first time in the series since the first maybe, I could feel a little connection with them if only in select points. Finally I would recommend this to of course fan's of the series but also those who like big stunts and a bit of action + fast cars too, it feels a bit like a movie that someone attached NOS too and then flung into a cinema screen full pelt.

Shane J (ag) wrote: Proof that anyone can make a movie with a cheap video camera, kurt angle is the best actor i this and he is terrible, i mean so bad that you couldnt believe anyone could be a worse actor until someone else in the film opens there mouth's. For some reason angle attempted to play a seriel killer killing and strangling lots of women.Why he though this could be an opening in hollywood i have no idea.You should be doing action roles at least if your gonna give it a try?? The only thing that does make this bareable to watch is its almost one of those films that are so bad its good.Its not quite that but its still quite funny to watch.

Joseph H (us) wrote: James Wan has proven to be a very effective director. Saw is cleverly twisted and the suspense is phenomenal with the scariest twist ending you will ever see!