While on his deathbed, the Emperor promises that his Senapati, Vikram Singh, will be treated like his son, and he will get married to a woman from a royal family. He also asks Vikram to obey every wish and whim of his wife, Ranimaa, to which Vikram agrees to. A few moments later the emperor passes away. After the formal mourning period is over, Ranimaa announces that she would like Vikram to marry Princess Priya. Vikram agrees to this, and soon Priya and he are married with great pomp and ceremony. After this marriage, Priya learns that Vikram really loves a prostitute named Kesarbai, and has only married her as he had promised to obey every wish and whim of Ranimaa. She also finds out that Kesar and Vikram had a baby girl as a result of this relationship.

While on his deathbed, the Emperor promises that his Senapati, Vikram Singh, will be treated like his son, and he will get married to a woman from a royal family. He also asks Vikram to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alfin N (ru) wrote: Quite successfully replicates everything from the mid-80's, EXCEPT for the girls. The real mid-80's girls were way much cuter than the ones we see here!

Eric H (au) wrote: Overall, I thought this picture was entertaining and enjoyable with good performances all around, especially by Julia Garner in one of her first feature film roles. However, there is something that needs to be pointed out. Evidently, there are a lot of people that don't understand the meaning of the term "Immaculate Conception". The term originates in the Catholic church and is a teaching referring to the birth of Mary - and that she was conceived and born free of original sin. That's all. It does NOT refer to the birth of Jesus or "virgin birth" and to use it in that sense is wrong. The term has a specific definition regardless of popular belief. Look it up.There's a reason that it seems like the same movies are made over and over again. They're familiar. And familiarity is comfortable. "Electrick Children" is uncomfortable. These filmmakers created something new and something unique. For the viewers who find themselves invested in the story, it will probably be unforgettable. But for the rest of us, we're left with nothing to take away from this awkward experience.

Lester F (fr) wrote: What I liked about this movie was that it fits in more than one genre, but isn't all over the place. I liked the music, direction, and acting, and the general plot in this movie. My only complaint of the movie is the story had some minor kinks and a little predictable.

BRADFORD Y (gb) wrote: One of the worst WWII movies ... but ... acclaimed because a Spielberg-Hanks collaboration. US troops give a pass to the same German SNIPER again and again ... until he makes this obomination worth watching ... by sniping Tom Hanks ... who is totally ms.cast as a combat officer.

Marcus W (br) wrote: It does try hard and I like the idea, but ultimately it doesn't work.

Jeremy W (mx) wrote: John Wayne's first cop flick, which actually seemed like quite simple on story and plot from what Dirty Harry was, but plenty of guff like he portrays in his western roles. It's one movie that I can never get adjusted to seeing him when doing a modern flick, that and his Green Berets. I mean it's decent 70's action, and you really can't go wrong with it that much when you're in the presence of the modern Duke.

Dan S (ru) wrote: While the movie had a decent story and some AWESOME shots, it was overshadowed by poor acting, terrible editing, and bad pacing. While there were some likable charters, and the final scenes were incredible looking, for the most part this movie is rather boring, worth a watch if your a Seijun Suzuki fan, but defiantly not his best work.

Grant S (kr) wrote: The year of release (1943) should give it away that this is going to contain a fair amount of WW2 propaganda. And it does. Still, it is pretty entertaining, and the jingoism doesn't get excessive. Goodish plot, solidly directed and acted. Some of the battle scenes and plots are quite unrealistic though. Still, the flying scenes are good fun.

Juli N (nl) wrote: Enough Glorified Gore and Carnage to make a maggot puke!