Giant of the 20th Century

Giant of the 20th Century


A yeti gets loose in downtown Toronto. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Giant of the 20th Century torrent reviews

Tracy M (de) wrote: Very funny and dumb!

daniel f (nl) wrote: haha i watch this on scfi the other day lol

Private U (fr) wrote: Easily one of the least funny 'comedies' ever made. Not even the likes of Michael Caine and Jon Lovitz can save this shit-heap. James Belushi is arguably the least funny man ever born, right up there with Jack Kevorkian, Adolf Hitler, and Paul Reiser.

Adam R (us) wrote: A fun movie that is the perfect mix of science fiction and comedy. Martin Short and Dennis Quaid are entertaining together, and make a good team. (First and only full viewing - In my early twenties)

Liam M (ag) wrote: This is the best biopic I've seen in time.

Brandon S (au) wrote: Nunsploitation from Japan that is totally over the top with an overwealming sense of style and some aspects that this subgenre has never seen before. A young woman decides to investigate the events and place surrounding her mother's death so she goes and gets herself into the convent school where her mother was. Once there she encounters an archbishop that does whatever he wants, lots of torture invovling thorns, nonstop run-ins with lesbian nuns, and of course the tyrannical control of the evil lesbian Mother Superior. Of course this film will not be for eveyone, actually not for many at all, but the hardcore fans of exploitation cinema will be all over it.

Ethan A (ag) wrote: Part thrilling look at westward expansion, part revenge thriller; all through the eyes of the greatest western director of all time; Once Upon a Time in the West is the most magnificent western I've ever seen and is a crowning achievement for director Sergio Leone.

Randy B (it) wrote: Its sits with you almost as easily as remembering the name of the movie. Spectacular performances by all, but in particular, Roberts and Streep. Riveting in the drama of it all, the dysfunctional nature of the family and longstanding problems will have you talking about the movie for days.

Matthew M (ru) wrote: Its either goofy or scary depending on how you view it