Giants and Toys

Giants and Toys

Nishi is an advertising executive for a caramel company that is planning to launch a new product, in fierce competition with two other companies.

Nishi is an advertising executive for a caramel company that is planning to launch a new product, in fierce competition with two other companies. His boss builds up Kyoko, a vivacious girl ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Olly H (kr) wrote: ein ernstes thema zu voyeuristisch umgesetzt um ersntgenommen zu werden...muss man nicht sehen

Nathan M (ca) wrote: With powerful performances and subtle and skilled direction, Middle of Nowhere is a moving portrait of what the prison system does to families. It's a film about strong women, by strong women. With its dulled color palate, director Ava DuVernay wants to remind audiences this isn't just a film, this is so close to reality. And the performances elevate the material to that level as well.

Simon R (br) wrote: Good action and comedy.It is a little fake but still good scenes and good comedy. Overall, a pretty entertaining movie that deserves to be watched.

Antti Q (fr) wrote: A lifelike story of a 13 year-old girl who has to substitute a teacher in a small rural village where nobody else agrees to teach. A poor village where the real teacher of the single class 28 students from 1st to 4th grade hasn't been paid in 6 month and he has to ration even the chalks. One of the students has to escape to the city to work to pay his family debt and the girl goes looking for him to bring back to school..A story of poverty, determination and diligence, where the people play themselves using their real name and real job, a story where for once I liked the happy ending.

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Jean Marie C (kr) wrote: love this Christmas special. I look forward to it every year.

Remo B (fr) wrote: I saw this film at NYC's Quad Cinema in 1997. I was floored by the performance of Giulietta Masina's performance. The final 10 minutes will both break your heart and give you hope for the human spirit.

Gary R (gb) wrote: WOW! How unfunny this movie delivered

Federico F (mx) wrote: films become stupid, exaggerated with delusions of grandeur for a character from which you'd expect something more, and much more as it gets in merchandise Marvel

Lanky Man P (es) wrote: A film that can hit home for anyone.

Rangan R (de) wrote: When a bunch of lazy office employees fate changed.I watched this because it sounded like another 'Midnight Son'. But I did not find anything like that, in fact, I'm disappointed. It is a B movie and showing our displeasure is definitely not worth. Because I went for it knowing what kind of film it is, so expecting a miracle was a foolishness. Honestly, I enjoyed watching this film, but did not like. Though the effort, including the production quality and performances were laudable.I don't know many of these actors, that's how a film like this works, but they did their best. The entire film was shot inside an office. The tale takes place nearly two or maybe three days, but the narration stayed in the office and built a story out of it. It is the story of a bunch of lazy office employees who always plays games in their computer placing bets. But when their new manager arrives, he demands a good result for the company to grow. So overloaded with works, employees begin to act strangely, but couple of them comes to know the reason and decides to fight against it.I think some people would like it, but to find out you are one of those, you have to take a chance on this. The film had potential, but was not fully utilised to make it a classic like you say the one I mentioned in the very first line. Particularly the last few minutes were submerged with the usual horror-comedy stuffs, so boring. If it were clever in some parts, I would have personally recommended it. Overall a better screenplay would have saved the film, but believe me, still it is the worst film of the 2015 I have seen.4/10