Underdog baseball team wins 6 games and loses 17 games in the regular season. In a magical way, the team wins 8 games in a row to become the first high school baseball team, in any state, to win a state championship with a losing record.

Underdog baseball team wins 6 games and loses 17 games in the regular season. In a magical way, the team wins 8 games in a row to become the first high school baseball team, in any state, to win a state championship with a losing record. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon W (br) wrote: Zero Dark Thirty is directed by Kathryn Bigelow, and it stars Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, and Mark Strong in a thriller film about the search for Bin Laden in many years until it finally lead to his defeat. When director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal created this film, I remember being excited for the first time, and loved it when I first saw it, even if it wasn't what I expected of it. Since I reviewed The Hurt Locker, which was better than I remembered it, I figured that I should watch this again to see if the opinion is the same, or if it's very overrated, but since you already saw the score that I got, you already know what I thought of it. This was the first film that I've seen of Jessica Chastain, and she was fantastic in it, and so is Jason Clarke, whom I also never seen until now. The plot is really good and it takes advantage of its long running time with great dialogue from Mark Boal's script. The characters are good, even though I would've like to know more about the characters as I barely know anything about them besides of their optimism to get Osama Bin Laden. There are a lot of well known cast members in here, and they all give a great performance here. The movie does a good job of portraying how tired and irritating it is that they can't find the guy until many years later when they found them. When it gets to the last 20 minutes of it, the movie gets really tense, it's smart of what the soldiers have to do, and the action is realistically tense to watch. Even though Zero Dark Thirty has more problems that I come up with than The Hurt Locker, I enjoyed it just as much as that and I would love to see another film from the same director and same writer.

Movie K (ca) wrote: Still old old funny comedy sequel. At least it hit the funny buttons at just right dose. Rowan Atkinson has been training in a remote monastery after a failed ops in Mozambique. He is recall by new MI7 director Gillian Anderson to investigate an attempt to assassinate the Chinese premier. A former CIA agent Richard Schiff plan to whistle blow. Young agent Daniel Kaluuya is assign to follow Rowan. Rosamund Pike is an expert in reading body & facial language. In HK to meet the agent, the guy die in the casino. Richard tell Rowan an assassin group call Vortex was set up by him and 2 others and he is holding one part of the key. He dies by the snipe shot from old woman killer Lim Pik Sen dressing as a cleaner. Another baddie steal a key from Richard and Rowan chase him smartly. Finally ending up in a platform at sea, they fight and Rowan show some slick moves. On board the plane, an agent stole the key and Rowan is embarrassed in front of Gillian and the prime minister of the empty suitcase. Investigating and on to another Vortex member. He too was kill by Lim at the golf course. He tell Rowan the 3rd member is from MI7 before dead. Rowan consult best friend and fellow agent Dominic West who could be the mole. Daniel hack into the computer and found a photo of Dominic and the 2nd member. Rowan dismiss his claim and even hand the key over. Turns out Dominic is really the mole. Rowan screw up the mission in Mozambique when he is lure by a beautiful agent to shower and the assassin kill the president. Dominic lie that Rowan is the mole agent and MI7 go after him and he manage to escape. He seek help from Rosamund who believe him because she check the Mozambique CCTV footage and found the killer having some seizure before becoming zombie like. He kill the president upon hearing some instruction and then he die moments later. The viral drug is created by CIA and order to destroy. Richard is in-charge and so that's how it ended up in the Vortex hands. Dominic know Rowan is hiding at her home. He get all 3 key parts to combine as 1 to unleash the viral. Rowan get Daniel help to stop the assassination. Their plan is to drug Gillian and while in the meeting she will kill the premier. Rowan barge in and drink the beverage. He become the zombie but through his years of meditation he is fighting himself. The PA system reveal Dominic is the mastermind giving instruction. The attempt fail and Rowan is dead but Rosamund kiss him and he wakes up. He goes after Dominic in the cable car and blow it to bits. At he palace, Lim impersonate the queen and try to kill Rowan. He caught the real queen and smash her head and Lim was caught by the others. That's totally funny and embarrassing.

CJ C (gb) wrote: I so didn't like the female leads in this flick.

Larissa C (fr) wrote: a great movie about self-acceptance.

Cody M (au) wrote: An underrated, beautiful animated film that has more show, then tell in its story.

Shane D (ag) wrote: In reality the only things of value in this film are a rare look at pre-Chappelle Show Dave and the always welcome appearance from Harland Williams. Everything else is probably only enjoyable to the stoners who've made this a cult classic.

Skye B (es) wrote: Absolute early LaBruce genius. Rough around the edges, unapologetic and in no way aiming to please anyone, it feature one of the most disturbingly beautiful sex scenes ever to be caught on film. It also stirs up the same question aimed usually at LaBruce - is it art, or is it porn? But not in a crass way. This is undoubtably not porn, but rather underground visual art from back when underground still meant underground, and had nothing to do with Hipsters and 'clean' kids. Also, shockingly accurate, and a celebration of what some perceive as being dark. Refreshing. Still as relevant as ever!

cli o (de) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

William H (br) wrote: Not the best movie to watch. It was made in 1987 and graphics are poor quality so they make it look pretty silly. Couldnt watch more than half of the movie before turning it off. To painfull to watch.

Dylan W (us) wrote: A nearly perfect Frankenstein movie. I can't find any proof that Roy Ward Baker directed this besides the listing on facebook. It seems a bit weird for a Fisher movie but it flows like the best of his movies. This is a nutso story about corpses again (after the Golem like departure of the Evil of Frankenstein). It has great bad guys. I realized that this is the one connection of all the Frankenstein Hammer films (besides Cushing), they all have this weird clash between stupid authority and genius. It comes up over and over again as a motivation for all the drama. Created Woman is really beautifully filmed by Arthur Grant who shot some of the best Hammer films. This is so close to being 5 stars for me but misses it by just a tiny bit.

Timothy T (ru) wrote: I fail to see how people can blame Elvis for his movies. He doesn't write the scripts and his manager had more say then he did. That said Viva Las Vegas was not a cimematic masterpiece but is very entertaining due to the chemistry between Elvis and Ann and the fact that they are both great entertainers in their own right. A showcase for both.

Lianne T (kr) wrote: Jerry Lewis cracks me up.

Matthew D (br) wrote: The oddest entry in a very odd franchise, the first half is almost a beat-for-beat retread of the first film with a less interesting protagonist. Brent is bland variation on the hero that Taylor mocks in his first outing (whereas Taylor and his fellow travellers could be distinguished within moments by their strong, well-defined traits) and there are far too many conveniences the audience has to grant in his adventure. The second half, when the action moves Beneath the planet of the apes, feels very much like an episode of the original Star Trek (complete with good guys battling each other against their wills) and feels just as silly. It does have to be commended for trying build on what had been established and make bold strides away from it in the latter half as well as for daring such an ending, but the new things are not well developed enough and none of it is as compelling as it could be.

Galen M (de) wrote: Great western. Great direction. Great acting. Great shootout! Loses half a star because it goes on just a bit long at the end.

Connor D (mx) wrote: "Shallow Hal" is the odd story of a man who you could say only goes for women that are physically out of his league. One day, however, he meets a man and gets "hypnotized" to look at women for their inner beauty and not just their looks. He then starts to date a woman that he only sees attractive. As time goes on, we learn that not only is this a film to make us laugh, but it also tries to tell a great moral story of what beauty truly is.I really wish the filmmakers tried to make this a great film throughout. What I mean by that is that this film, for me, could have easily been at LEAST a three-and-a-half star movie. Heck, it could have probably been four stars, but it seemed that as the film was approaching its last 30 minutes, it fell quick. It followed a cliche that many comedies fall victim of: It got TOO SERIOUS. Don't get me wrong, I like some of my comedies to have heart, but the thing is this film did have heart from the beginning. It just got too sappy. It seemed to try way too hard to be something it isn't. Nevertheless, this film still is a good time for the most part. The laughs aren't consistent throughout, which didn't bother me because after the first few minutes I knew that this was going to be more of a dramedy. So if you're going for a comedy with a great moral story (which did get a little too sappy), then I would recommend giving this film a chance. If you're looking for gut busting humor, look past this one. 6.0/10

Kendall C (nl) wrote: Beautiful cinematography and solid performances can't save this bland pretentious dud.

Cristina O (kr) wrote: The music is just breathtaking, the story is weird and for what I've read it's somewhat far from the truth but it's really interesting and well done

Kevin A (de) wrote: 5 stars from past views

Pamela D (ag) wrote: THE THEATRE BIZARRE (2011) WRITTEN BY: Zach Chassler, Richard Stanley, Scarlett Amaris, Emiliano Ranzani, Buddy Giovinazzo, John Esposito, Douglas Buck, Karim Hussain, David GregoryDIRECTED BY: Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory, Karim Hussain, Jeremy Kasten, Tom Savini, Richard Stanley FEATURING: Udo Kier, Andr Hennicke, Peg Poett, Virginia Newcomb, Enola Penny, Amanda Marquardt, Jeremy Gladen, Liberty Larson, Christopher Sachs, Nicole Fabbri GENRE: HORRORTAGS: anthology, gruesome, graphic violence, sex and nudityRATING: 7 PINTS OF BLOODPLOT: In a dilapidated old theater, a macabre human puppet hosts six Grand Guignol-style tales of terror in this arty, atypical thriller.COMMENTS: First rate makeup, eerie sets, props, and racy, gory stories, with unusual, unpredictable endings make The Theatre Bizarre a real standout in the genre of horror anthologies. When an emboldened patron of the dramatic arts (Virginia Newcomb) spots a door ajar to a decrepit told theater down a questionable back street, her curiosity gets the better of her. She enters, takes a seat, and is treated to a series of six sinister stories of sexual obsession and madness, hosted by an uncanny, animated human puppet (Udo Kier). Attempting to cultivate his patron's fear response, the puppet presents each demented segment like a circus ringmaster exhibiting a freak show of abominations, each tale more horribly harrowing and outrageous than the last. When they meet The Mother of Toads, an unwary student of anthropology touring the French countryside with his fiancee is lured to the lair of changeling witch with an offer of perusing rare books. Suffering from an unusual condition, she has an ulterior motive and a strange design in store for both of them. The socially inquisitive pair are in for the cultural shock of a lifetime.The psychological tension of unrequited love goes through the roof in I Love You, and reality bends and warps,when a smothering, obsessive, but inadequate lover plunges beyond the bounds of reason upon being confronted by the prospect of a break-up with the object of his affection.In Wet Dreams, George Romero's zombie movie makeup artist Tom Savinia (who also directs) plays a Freudian psychologist and marriage counselor who turns the tables on a philandering client when he helps a couple step to the other side of the mirror to realize their darkest fantasies. The Accident relates the story of a little girl learning the harsh, existential realities of death after witnessing the aftermath of fatal traffic accident. This serious effort is neither macabre nor racy, and stands out from the other stories in The Theatre Bizarre for its dreamlike filming style and quiet contemplative atmosphere. Vision Stains introduces a psychotic experience junkie who kills other women, drains the vitreous fluid from their eyes and injects it into her own to steal their memories. But when she chooses an "exceptional" victim, she takes a ride straight to hell.Their addiction to elaborate confections cements an uneasy alliance between an oddball beatnik couple in Sweets. The glutenous duo's precarious hold on their shaky union is challenged to the extreme when they join an exclusive club for twisted food perverts whose appetites are esoteric in the extreme.As a whole The Theatre Bizarre is a bit uneven. It's segments are divers and feature unique directorial and writing styles, but each terror tale is memorable, colorful and over-the-top without being campy or silly. The Theatre Bizarre is a portmanteau-style anthology in the tradition of Creepshow, Or Tales From The Crypt, but with adult themes and lots of nudity, it's definitely not a children's movie. Lurid, salacious, chilling, and bloody as hell, The Theatre Bizarre is the most memorable horror anthology I have seen to date.All of the directors have done prior work in horror cinema: Richard Stanley (Dust Devil, Hardware), Buddy Giovinazzo (Combat Shock, Life is Hot in Cracktown), Tom Savini (Night of the Living Dead 1990), Douglas Buck (Cutting Moments), David Gregory (Plague Town), and Karim Hussain (Subconscious Cruelty), and Jeremy Kasten (Wizard of Gore)