Giddh: The Vulture

Giddh: The Vulture

Starring Om Puri, Smita Patil, and Nana Patekar

In a remote rural town in India, live a young woman named Ahnami and her husband, Bhashya. Bhashya is a laborer who earns a daily wage, drinks alcohol with part of it, and gives the rest to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (jp) wrote: I remember seeing the trailer for this movie and thinking that it would be pretty good. Now having seen it I'm left thinking how much better it could have been. In trailer form this seemed like a role tailor-made for Katie Holmes (who also executive produces), but as time went on the magic seemed to wear off and she seemed too mature to be playing a person who possibly just passing as someone much younger than she appears. For this kind of story to work, you have to believe in the main character and the situations she is put in and for me the believability wore off rather quickly. I never believed that Katie Holmes was as nice as her character was supposed to be and it always seemed like she was putting on a show rather than being a genuine person. It also didn't help that her acting (and the rest of the cast) wasn't great either. It had a great opening scene (which was in the trailer) but it was all downhill from there. The characters and story didn't go to any unexpected or interesting places either. Everything in the story was fairly predictable, and it also never manages to have a consistent tone or attitude toward its characters. Still, for what little vigilante justice was doled out by the titular Miss Meadows, it wasn't too bad in that regard. This was a movie that would have worked better in short form than the 88 minutes which already felt like it was stretching the concept thin. If you're a diehard Katie Holmes fan (what few of you there may be), then this might be worth a rental. For everyone else, if you've seen the trailer, you've already seen the best parts. Just skip it.

Alexson P (es) wrote: Velayudham is probably one of the best tamil superhero films but that doesn't mean it's anything amazing. It's got all the makings of a typical tamil action flick but it actually does go a bit beyond being average. The first half is just full of fun while the second half is rather melodramatic and extremely badly edited and overlong but features some impressive action scenes that I would not expect from a tamil film. It's definitely a crowd pleaser film. It's got tons of comedic scenes, decent songs, great action scenes, heart, and a decent story to keep it from falling to being the average film. In acting terms, Vijay has definitely improved but after "Kaavalan", where he took a lighter role, you kind of expect him to stick to movies that are more serious. I mean in this movie, he was acting as how he does in almost every single action film throwing punch lines and comedic balance to the movie but it doesn't make you love him that much as the nasty taste that his past action flicks left stick to you unlike Surya whose had a great career and adds in quite an amount of charisma to his films. The action scenes are actually pretty impressive as they have some "hollywood" influenced fights, and the whole assassins creed ripoff suit actually added to it's depth. Although you could see they had a HARD time filming the train fight scene as it had some REAL choppy editing. None the less, I could see the hard work M.Raja put to making this film. I really liked his approached to the superhero genre as it was cliched as FUCK but still it wasn't anything as horrible as Vikrams "Kanthaswamy" (ugh). Now, the major flaws of this movie were the editing and the tone. I have seen MANY badly edited films but this one had some major problems mostly near the ending as it was VERY fast paced. The tone was rather weird as it seemed to struggle to know if it's an action film, a metaphor for all the past action films in tamil ,or if it's a political thriller. It ends up being a bit all of them. Overall, Velayudham doesn't SOAR to great heights but it definitely is the best tamil superhero film and adds a bit of credibility to Vijays career, despite some heavy flaws that plague A LOT of tamil films. It was fun :) 7/10

James C (kr) wrote: A powerhouse of a movie. The film is reminiscent of Spielberg's Jaws, the same tension and although it lacks Milius's scene the acting is oscar-worthy, especially from Masden, who steals every scene he in, even from the Thai actors (who themselves deserve some Thai award for incredible acting...) bang on the buck. Every scene involving the crocodile is nerve wrenching, and the cgi is hardly noticeable when it attacks. The scenes without the eponymous croc would test most actors but the cast handle it with aplomb. Special credit should go to the special effect team, who seamlessly merge real life crocodile footage with cgi - it is un-noticeable and surely they must be disputing the fact they never got an award. All in all a great script, great effects and an outstanding performance from one of hollywood's most underrated actors Masden.Actually, watching it again it's SHIT.

Jally J (ca) wrote: i really don't know.. is this a horror or a comedy, it seemed both

Steve B (nl) wrote: Amazing! For most of canadians this is purely sci-fi but in Mexico, it is the everyday life: being rich or poor, you can't count on anybody. This is a riveting story and the cinematography is beautiful.

Lyndon G (br) wrote: My favorite of the French movies shown at the Lyric last year, Comme une image has a very moving performance from the lead, an overweight girl who wants to be taken seriously as a singer.

Jack L (ag) wrote: Not at all what I was expecting...and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. Some laughs to be had for sure, and it gets an extra half star for being a Michigan production. Its origins as a play, however, are painfully obvious.

Andrew J (it) wrote: Jesus' Son is written in a very interesting way. It makes weak, ordinary ideas into intelligent commentary.

Karen H (de) wrote: 2015-05-26 watched for 2nd time

Ryan C (kr) wrote: It's got a few good effects and a number of decent scares, but it's not the franchise's best effort nor one of the more rememberable lost-footage films.

Riccardo R (au) wrote: L'ho trovato estremamente divertente, ed in certi punti davvero impossibile non ridere.Anche The Phantom, l'antagonista di Zohan interpretato da John Turturro, spassosissimo.Disco, Disco!

Dann M (kr) wrote: The supernatural thriller Pay the Ghost is a creepy and atmospheric horror film. After a year of searching for his abducted son, college professor Mike Lawford begins to see his son's spirit reaching out for him and learns that he was taken to a netherworld by a witch. Nicolas Cage and Sarah Wayne Callies lead the cast and give fairly good performances. And the mystery is built up rather well; delivering an interesting backstory for the witch and the legend that surrounds her. Still, the pacing can be kind of slow and the directing is pretty bland. While it's a little formulaic and the low-budget quality shows through, Pay the Ghost manages to scare up a few chills.