Gideon's Trumpet

Gideon's Trumpet

True story of Clarence Gideon's fight to be appointed counsel at the expense of the state. This landmark case led to the Supreme Court's decision which extended this right to all criminal defendants.

The story of Clarence Earl Gideon and his fight for the right to have publicly funded legal counsel for the needy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (de) wrote: Turns out there's a big difference between a good found footage movie and a bad one. Utterly inept attempt to cash in the genre's success only using the ambiguous shaky cam technique to cover up the fact that they had no budget. Laughable makeup, irritating and inconsistent characters and completely botched attempts at suspense.

Laurel N (nl) wrote: Not one of my top Nora Roberts books made into film! But I do love me some Jason Lewis!!

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Brett H (mx) wrote: Sixteen years after the franchise completely petered out (and twenty one since he fought in a ring) Sylvester Stallone came back with one last film to properly close out the series, and leave us with a far more satisfying resolution for the character. The film opens with Adrian having passed away and Rocky now spending most of his time visiting her grave with Paulie, running a restaurant he opened in her name, and visiting his old stomping grounds; still living in the past. After a computer-generated fight pits Balboa against the current heavyweight champ, Mason Dixon, and Rocky comes out on top, he gets inspired to return to the ring, accepting a charity bout against Dixon and immediately proceeds to get back into fighting shape. First of all, Stallone is fantastic as always; writing, directing, and portraying the iconic character with ease, but also recognizes his age and pokes fun at it throughout because he knows the audience is thinking the same thing. Many people wrote this movie off simply because they couldn't believe that sixty year-old, Stallone could still deliver, but once you see that training montage, you'll never doubt him again. The film primarily focuses on Rocky getting prepared for the fight, but a key subplot involves his son, now played by Milo Ventimiglia, who is constantly living in the shadow of his much-respected father and it adds some great depth to the film. Rocky's opponent, Mason Dixon is in my opinion, one of the weaker "villains" of the series as he's far more low-key and has almost no personality, which is more believable, but I can't deny that I missed the over-the-top antagonists from the other films. One positive to Dixon being played by a real heavyweight champion is that during the climactic fight, Stallone wanted it to be as real as possible and thus; both men are really hitting each other and for that reason, it's one of the best fights in the entire series. Without spoiling the ending, it definitively wraps up the Rocky story-line in a satisfying way and leaves you with a smile on your face knowing you've seen one of the best comeback movies of all time and the character has been given a proper conclusion.

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Van R (it) wrote: THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER director Henry Hathaway made just about every kind of movie during his long career that spanned from the 1932 western WHEN THE WEST WAS YOUNG to the 1974 blaxploitation thriller SUPER DUDE. This above-average 1960 casino crime caper came out several months before the Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin epic OCEANS ELEVEN. The Hathaway takes place in France instead of Las Vegas and concerns an elderly ex-con, Professor Theo Wilkins (Edward G. Robinson of LITTLE CAESAR), who wants to make the world gasp for one last time. He has orchestrated a highly complex robbery at a Monte Carlo casino that will net his accomplices and he some 4 million dollars in French money. He entices an old and dear friend, Paul Mason (Rod Steiger of DUCK YOU SUCKER), as the man who ramrods the operation. Paul straightens out everybody on the crew that he has the final word in everything. He also checks them out and tests them so he can be sure that they are reliable in a tight spot. One of the conspirators is a gorgeous stripper, Melanie (Joan Collins of LAND OF THE PHARAOHS), who strings along a timid, uptight casino secretary Raymond Le May (Alexander Scourby of THE BIG HEAT) to help them obtain invitations to an exclusive party the same night they plan to pull the robbery. Paul falls in love with Melanie while they are working out the precise plans. They also enlist the aid of a safer cracker, Louis Antonizzi (Michael Dante of RAINTREE COUNTY), and a friend of Melanie, Poncho (Eli Wallach of BABY DOLL) who is supposed to impersonate a wealthy baron confined to a wheelchair with a terrible temper. The night of the heist, Poncho is supposed to fake a heart attack so they can have an ambulance arrive. The ambulance is being driven by another conspirator Hugo Baumer (Berry Kroeger of HITLER) who handles the automobiles that they use for the robbery. Meantime, Paul and Louis have to do a little ledge walking to reach the casino vault. The actual robbery does not generate any thrills and SEVEN THIEVES suffers from a shortage of suspense. Remember, back in 1960 when this movie was produced, the Production Code Administration still had enough clout to censor movies and they were not about to let these talented thieves get away with their crime. The way that Hathaway and scenarist Sydney Boehm work things out is not entirely satisfactory but it does make for a better ending that all of them being nabbed by French authorities.

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