The story is about a company president Zenzo Shinozaki who is successful in his business but has no friends or family to speak of. He ends up hiring hostess turned thief Saori Yamane to drive him to Tokyo to visit his daughter that he has not seen in 30 years. While both have their own reasons to isolate themselves from the rest of the world, they find a connection which helps bring them in touch with each other and themselves.

Zenzo Shinozaki made a fortune in his lifetime working as a company president. Due to his bad temper, he has been isolated from people. Saori Yamane works as a hostess at a bar. In her past... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karsh D (kr) wrote: a Virgin murdering countess is a school counsellor but suspicions soon arise amongst some of the students.

Uday B (jp) wrote: movie is awesome have seen it 3 times :)

Adrian B (ca) wrote: Two very good actors in Al Pacino and Christopher Walken let down in horrible script and subsequently very poor movie

Cynthia S (kr) wrote: I put this movie off for a long time, because it was supposed to suck. Well, it didn't. Not at all. This was a rather enjoyable, rather well done little movie. Alex Frost (Calvin) reminded me ALOT of a young John Cusack. Nice movie...

Vince N (ru) wrote: From gawking to soirees to a round at the Resort; kept me laughing for the most part.

Andrew R (ca) wrote: Good old fashioned fun.

Anna B (nl) wrote: How to turn one of the greatest pieces of 20th century literature into a boring, stupid TV drama about boring, stupid people.

Douglas L (br) wrote: Mojave Moon has a good cast, and I will go on record that Angelina Jolie USED to be the hottest woman ever, this movie should be watched just because of her topless scene in the shower. I think this film didn't really know what it was trying to be, serious, or dark comedy. I didnt find myself laughing much, as well as I didnt find myself taking it serious. I think thats where the major flaw of this movie comes in, but its not all bad, remember its got vintage angelina :)

CG C (de) wrote: nothing of what i expected

Marvin C (gb) wrote: Incredible movie. Peter O'Toole doing what he does best and Mariel Hemmingway pert and pretty. Besides regrowing your dead wife could be all the rage.

Andr D (au) wrote: Carl Theodor Dryer realiza un elegante testamento a su carrera narrando la historia de Gertrud, una mujer que cree que el amor lo es todo y sin embargo se emancipa de los cuatro hombres que la amaron. Un film existencial y a la vez supremamente femenino acerca de las relaciones, la edad y la vida en si.

Lee B (ca) wrote: Very intense movie...tension is throughout the whole playtime... bale once again shines...its another great movie in the trilogy...