• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Gigante 2011 full movies, Gigante torrents movie

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Gigante torrent reviews

Maciej M (ru) wrote: Nie polecam nikomu:-(

Monty W (jp) wrote: Predictable as hell. But if you enjoy stupidly cheesy scenes and over the top acting, sure, go ahead. Actually, that's a bit cruel. It's not to bad, just go for the ride and cry and laugh at the right moments. The rest of the audience did in my viewing.

HungYa L (jp) wrote: Although I imagine the book could be better, Steven Spielberg' s Minority Report with Tom Cruise as the main character actually works so well. I have to say I am never a big fan of Tom Cruise but this deserves to be one of his personal best works. There are so many layers of this movie one can peel off and to think over all the moral issues brought up in the story.It then reminds me of Blade Runner.

Jesse F (nl) wrote: A nice blend of comedy and action. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker couldn't have been more perfectly cast.

Joseph S (fr) wrote: Hal Hartley's mini-epic about friendship and inspiration, is an impressive more toward a more genuinely dramatic cinema. His stilted dialog and deadpan are still used here, but some of the more surreal and unpredictable elements of his style have been toned down. I'm not sure if this is some kind of response to "Good Will Hunting" but it does have a similar vibe, but ignore's some of it's sentimental pitfalls. Henry Fool is probably the best entry point for those interested in the "serious cinema". Personally I still prefer his early brief comedies "Trust" and "Surviving Desire", but appreciation of those does rely heavily on enjoyment of the more experimental aspects of Hartley's style and tone, while "Henry Fool's" strength is it's narrative and classically Romanticist plot (by which I don't mean relationships and love). The story is of a strange drifter who shows up and encourages an otherwise aimless young man to write poetry and "be true to himself", and the fall out, the life of ideals has on his mundane day to day, life living with his ailing mother and loose sister. It is bitter-sweet and serio-comic as nearly all of Hartley's work is, but it's also genuinely affecting, inviting, and accessible.

Jacob S (mx) wrote: With dedicated performances from the actors, memorable plot, memorable characters, hysterical jokes, and VERY memorable scenes, "Police Academy" is a film that never takes itself too seriously and is highly recommended from me.

Kelly K (jp) wrote: Great music. Why don't men wear crop tops anymore? Goes great with a box of bota redvolution.

Party Pete C (br) wrote: This was good but it was late fell asleep near end lol, it was good tho Very sexy sexy sexy lol

Michael A (kr) wrote: Pretty Boring movie takes forever to get anywhere,but has a great ending.

Justin O (fr) wrote: Other than all the nudity, this movie's plot was only slightly better than Showgirls.