Gilberte is a sixteen year old girl raised by her aunt and grandmother to be a demimondaine. But she's not ready for that yet, and spends her days in lessons and in teasing Mamita's old friend, the rich playboy Gaston LaChaille, and following his affairs from afar. But when Gaston throws off his latest mistress, it looks as if Gigi just might be ready to begin her destined career.

Gilberte is a sixteen year old girl raised by her aunt and grandmother to be a demimondaine. But she's not ready for that yet, and spends her days in lessons and in teasing Mamita's old ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex M (br) wrote: More graphic and detailed than it should be at times but otherwise its a great film that actually made real change in Korea.

David M (us) wrote: Beautifully shot and with great audio this film weaves together the stories of the various people who work in Chile's Atacama desert from the astronomers in their high tech labs to the mothers and wives searching in the dust for the bones of their disappeared loved ones.

Gil K (mx) wrote: a bit of Operation Grandma, a bit of APC.

Nathan A (fr) wrote: Expertly crafted and hauntingly beautiful, but falls apart in the second half.

rocknblues 8 (us) wrote: Pretty bad Die Hard knockoff. Even by B movie standards the script is underwritten and the characters are terrible. The dialogue is lazy and cliche. The only good things here are a few good one liners that Wesley spits out, but that is IT. Bruce Payne is also dull (and clearly bored) as the main villein. The ending is terrible with no tension or excitement whatsoever. Don't blame Wesley... Nobody could make this movie good.

E L (es) wrote: A gorgeous period piece. May be a bit slow for some.

Luis S (es) wrote: Un poco lenta al principio pero se va complicando la vaina, genial

Mr B (au) wrote: One of the best pulp homages I've seen.

James M (ca) wrote: A feelgood coming-of-age tale disguised as a cycling movie. Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern & Jackie Earle Haley are a group of friends in-between high school and further education in an Indiana college town populated mostly by students who dub the townsfolk 'cutters'.Dennis Christopher is obsessed with cycling, living and breathing it, and his heroes are the Italian cycling team. He makes enemies of the college's cycling team when he starts to date one of their girlfriends and the movie culminates in a race between the college team and the 'cutters'.The movie is a little stuck in it's own time and takes a little while to get going, but the screenplay has some good subtle humour and well-natured characters. Winner of the 1979 Oscar for Original Screenplay.

Kevin H (gb) wrote: "Hurt people hurt people"Ben Stiller plays one of strangest and most unlikable protagonists ever put on screen. On one hand it's commendable; movies have a way of softening characters that would otherwise be wretched if we met them in real life. Watching Greenberg I realized how so many so-called anti heroes, antagonists, even villains are often seen through some filmic screen that makes them somehow more attractive, sensible, and well, likable then they reasonable should be. It's refreshing how completely straight faced the movie is in this regard.The film's honest to a certain type of real-to-life person. However, that same quality is also its main detractor. At times it felt like an endurance test in sympathy. As tough as a watch as it is, I'm ultimately kind of thankful that a film like this exist. It's interesting and without cheating, had a way of understanding Roger Greenberg, perhaps more than he does himself. In certain scenes, and by the end, I almost felt something like empathy for him. Almost. At one point Roger, more than a little sauced, calls Greta Gerwig's character up and slips in the phrase "hurt people hurt people." Rarely has a movie shown that so clearly and completely.

Mike N (gb) wrote: what a random back story...a really disappointing movie...i loved all the other movies that had to do with hannibal tho..ill just pretend this does not exist..ha.

Dan H (br) wrote: An amazing film from beginning to end. Dominic Cooper dazzles as both the innocent man forced into servitude and the insane sociopath he doubles for (probably his best performances to date). It's extremely graphic and brutal. A fantastic, dark, and sometimes hard to watch film but I'll be damned if it doesn't keep you completely captivated from its opening scene to its great ending. A modern masterpiece.

Ron L (de) wrote: Dull. As another reviewer said, this is exactly like a Lifetime TV movie.

Miguel R (fr) wrote: Annoying at its finest, it's hard to believe a movie such as The Smurfs could even trigger a single laugh with the horrible story it has