A Filipino movie directed by Jun Lana.

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Gigil torrent reviews

Caleb C (ru) wrote: nothing more then a bunch of 13 year-olds trying to make "edgy" jokes...

Chris W (mx) wrote: Disney sequels often has either No big baddies at all or some lame villains stealing the show. But this is likely the best sequel of Disney animation history, where it is original, some sort of movies where the previous villain comes back to destroy it all. Pretty Badass, got to say.

David S (jp) wrote: A slow movie that mirrors the rhythms of the day-to-day existence of these people while exploring the tension between a young dreamer's ambitions and the harsh realities of the dream he envisions. Amid the rough, barren environment, the emotions are familiar and richly portrayed.

Jeronimo V (us) wrote: entertaining little stories of everyday life of some little villagers ;-)

Kayla C (us) wrote: ALL TIME FAV MOVIE!!!!! Now i just need to own it on DVD lmmfao! LOVE THIS FUCKIN MOVIE TO THE GRAVE N BACK!

Jaime R (br) wrote: Just. Awful. Awful awful awful awful awful awful awful. Godawful. Awful.

Rolf S (es) wrote: Underfundig liten sak. Tankevekkende. Fantastisk slutt!

Jake P (jp) wrote: Awful acting awful story but thats the point. Zanny 80's comedy stating Elvira which is do cheesy and badly acted but it's fun to watch.

Kim B (nl) wrote: More like lifeless. I really hate this style of film. Reminded me of another terrible french movie-Last Tango in Paris yuck! I couldn't even tell at first if he had really shot a cop or what. Only cool parts was shots of Paris and her hair. Pretty aimless movie with nonsense dialogue and lead characters. Boring, mostly them just talking in circles going from place to place with not much going on. They both seemed fool of themselves, immature, and pretty emotionless. The whole thing was a waste of time and I really couldn't give a crap about ending. Such a silly film trying to hard to be avant-garde and cool. I guess I would've had to be around during the time to understand it's uniqueness, but today its just dated bad.

Zack M (mx) wrote: With a couple good laughs throughout this is anything but a boring film to watch. It was fun and had energy, but it had zero substance. There was hardly any story here. It boiled down to a well written fun parody, and nothing past that. Which is ok but don't expect much from it.

Aj V (fr) wrote: The title tells you the entire movie, giant leeches attack some people, the end, there's nothing more to the movie. I don't recommend seeing this movie.

Juho K (au) wrote: This one's just pure gold. The train just keeps rolling along with the murder mystery. Great soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith, it really sticks to your head.

Tyler E (kr) wrote: not as bad as everyone says, theres still sweet motorcycle action in it

Jamie C (gb) wrote: After all the negative comments I was expecting a disaster but I was pleasantly suprised, The story kicks in right away and was kind of different, The effects were pretty good, I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version, Ok the aliens looked like something from PS1's Doom and the acting wasn't the best but on the whole a not bad alien invasion film that just needed a kick up arse to get it going in the action parts.

Kory P (gb) wrote: One of the most unrealistic and ridiculous movies I've ever seen. I'm ashamed of myself for having watched the entire movie.

Dannielle F (ca) wrote: Im ashamed to say i own this,but its a guilty pleasure. Low budget Rambo Rip off with Ted Prior and William Zipp caught up in a sick for-real manhunt. It really is exploitation gone mad,muscles,gore,cheesy soundtrack,tits,guns,rape and old fashioned murder. The ending is the best and while im not one for revealing the end...almost everyone dies and ther's a great/cheesy sequence where Prior chops off the main bad muscle's arm off, then beats him to death with it(!). Directed by Ted Prior's brother, David. It IS awful but hilarious when intoxicated or just home from the pub.